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Little fun for men Chapter 139: This time it finally happened, Heijue released the new AK966 Gasket keyboard

Hello everyone, I am Teacher Lin, and we meet again.

▲For those students who are familiar with me, they all know that Mr. Lin has an unparalleled hobby for keyboards, and he has the main keyboard models of various companies on hand. Although there are many keyboards on hand, I still remember the first keyboard I bought New, that’s right, that’s Mr. Lin’s first public test keyboard worth buying, Heijue’s AK535. This is also the first intimate contact with Heijue.

▲ Later, even though Mr. Lin had countless keyboards, he still missed Heijue. Judging from the product development of Heijue in the past few years, it has gradually become the sweet pastry in the minds of many keyboard lovers. From the first Customized aluminum bumps to today's AK966.

▲From the first Altuotuo AC064 of the Light Krypton series to the later AC081, Heijue seems to have begun to take the road of customization, and the AK996 three-mode mechanical keyboard released by Heijue this time is also full of configurations, 98% of the configuration, 96 keys with metal buttons, also incorporates the recently very popular Gasket structure, is to create the rhythm of the flagship version.

▲AK966 adopts the mainstream three-mode configuration, supports Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G, and wired connection; the transmission frequency of wireless 2.4G is 1000Hz, and the stability and feedback speed are not bad; Bluetooth mode supports 3 device switching, which can meet The needs of desktop multi-device users.

▲When using the wireless receiver, I always worry about losing it. This time, the Heijue AK966 has designed a small groove for the 2.4G receiver on the right side of the keyboard for storage, which reduces the trouble of difficult configuration after loss.

▲This time the AK966 did not use the ordinary OEM height keycaps, but the MDA height sublimation ball cap design made of PBT material, which looks rounder, and the contact surface between the top of the keycap and the fingertips is larger. Students need to get used to it, but the touch is quite delicate.

In addition, AK996 also supports MAC system, and comes with 4 Apple supplementary keys, including Control 2, Option 1, and Common 1, which is very friendly to Apple users.

▲The AK966 released this time uses 3 color schemes, namely Xingwan, Senyu, and Mengxia. My personal favorite color is the color scheme of Senyu.

▲ In terms of the shaft body, AK966 uses Kaihua’s MX Cream ice cream shaft. Mr. Lin checked the price of this shaft, and it is about 4 yuan per piece. This cost is not bad! !

In addition, this keyboard also supports hot plugging, and is compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin shafts. In other words, you can use the shaft puller that comes with the keyboard to pull out the original shaft and replace it. Go to any shaft on the market to experience it, and it is a proper DIY artifact.

▲In addition to the switches on the keyboard, what is more interesting is that this time the AK996 also sent four new switch testers from Kaihua. Take them out to try the feel when you are free. In fact, as far as my personal habits are concerned, Kaihua Hua's shaft is relatively balanced in all aspects, and now the cherry shaft has been basically defeated by domestic manufacturers.

▲ When looking at the bottom of the keyboard, there are two details that make me happy.

That is, the AK966 uses a two-stage foot support and a three-way outlet design. Although these two designs are very old, who knows the convenience of the two-stage foot support? The simplicity of the desktop brought by the three-phase outlet is naturally unnecessary. More to say, but it is a pity that many manufacturers have given up these practical designs.

▲AK966 supports three-mode connection, abandons the traditional switch button, and adopts a dial-type toggle switch. The switch is designed at the left-hand position of the keyboard, which is very convenient to use.

▲As for other accessories of the Heijue AK966 keyboard, such as: keyboard dust cover, key puller, USB braided cable, there are not many of them, and the configuration can be said to be very complete.

▲Finally, I would like to talk about the design of the volume knob of AK966. This knob can be rotated to adjust the volume and can be muted by pressing a button. It is very practical for those who usually have the habit of listening to music.

▲For a keyboard at this price, the configuration of the AK966 is “full of material” this time. It is equipped with RGB backlight as standard, and supports up to 18 lighting effects. It can be used to change the color of a single key, music rhythm, etc. through the driver.

▲Through the “FN+|” combination button, you can switch out your favorite RGB lighting effect, play games or code words at home at night, the atmosphere is full and beautiful.

▲Some students may worry that the RGB light will affect the battery life of the keyboard, don’t worry this time!

The AK966 is stuffed with a 10000mAh lithium battery, which is equivalent to a big power bank for the keyboard, so that you don’t have to worry about the battery life of the keyboard when using the three-mode and lighting in daily use.

▲The last is the blessing of Gasket. Many students may not know what Gasket is, but it is actually very simple. Gasket is a very popular keyboard structure. Multiple small gaskets are set on the upper and lower covers to support the positioning plate, which can effectively reduce the impact of the keyboard inner liner on the outer shell when the key is pressed down, and the overall feel will be more consistent.

The interior of AK966 adjusts the feel and typing sound of the keyboard well by adding PORON sandwich cotton + shaft pad + bottom cotton, effectively reducing the cavity sound during use. The above is the feel advantage of the Gasket structure.

▲As a mainstream keyboard manufacturer, Heijue has been making a fuss on Altuotuo during this time. However, in view of the long-term cooperation between Heijue and Kaihua, Heijue’s products are basically keyboard products based on Kaihua switches. For the first time, 98% of the mainstream configurations have been added, and I am willing to take out Kaihua's housekeeping axis, the MX Cream ice cream axis.

▲AK966 is the first mass-produced keyboard of Kaihua MX CREAM shaft body in the country. The shaft body is made of POM material and has self-lubricating properties. The more you use it, the smoother it feels.

▲It has to be said that the PC positioning board, PORON material sandwich cotton, bottom cotton, shaft pad, plus the customized satellite shaft with high lubrication precision at the factory, AK996 does have a good feel, not only for codewords but also for games. Had this nice experience.

▲MDA's keycaps are rare as mass-produced keycaps. They are more common in small series. In particular, Heijue's AK996 Senyu keycap adopts a newly designed font, which is slender and simple, and is quite attractive. .

▲The small tester provided as a gift, I think it is a favorite of many DIY players. After all...which keyboard is not a toy for a big boy? Seriously, I played with a shaft tester for a day.

▲Finally, let’s take a look at my daily work desktop. Because the desk is relatively large, there is enough space. I usually use more small keyboards. The previous few keyboards were a little noisy when used at night. Now I use the Heijue AK966 and it is indeed quiet. Not a lot.

▲For a user who has been in contact with Heijue keyboards for a long time, the price of Heijue keyboards has been relatively affordable in recent years, but its high-end products are also constantly introducing new products. This AK996 three-mode hot-swappable gasket The structural mechanical keyboard can be regarded as a work of Heijue's impact on high-end products, whether it is configuration or appearance design, it is a good choice.

▲If you are also a fan of Gasket wireless three-mode keyboard and have a persistent pursuit of full keyboard configuration, you can try this Heijue AK966, which is currently available on JD.com, Tmall and other platforms.

▲I am Teacher Lin, a small black fan, see you next time.

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