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Little fun for men Chapter 160: Before Double 11, I want to buy this graffiti from the aluminum factory!

Hello everyone, I am Teacher Lin, and we meet again.

As every adult who came from childhood, there is probably a child living in my heart, so I can’t forget the things I did when I was a child, and this has become a trouble for us growing up. Everyone has a thing in their hearts that they can’t let go of people.

In fact, many things have become the best memories on the road of life. We pass on our precepts and deeds to our children. As parents, we work hard to guide every process of our children's growth, and graffiti has changed from the "scribbling" of our era to It has become a rather foreign graffiti.

Baidu's explanation for graffiti is: "Graffiti" is "GRAFFITI" in English, which is a visual font design art. The content of graffiti includes many: mainly deformed English fonts, followed by 3D realism, character realism, various scene realism, Cartoon characters, etc., coupled with bright colors, can produce strong visual and publicity effects.

Not long ago, as a well-known domestic peripheral brand, IQUNIX Aluminum Factory released the F97 series keyboard based on graffiti colors. I have to say that this color matching keyboard really won my heart. Although there are not many highlights in the configuration, it is basically similar to the previous F97 series. , but the color is pleasing, don't say anything, just enter it!

The F97 camping still uses the aluminum metal material of the aluminum factory, and the all-aluminum material design continues the excellent feel of the F97 series.

There is basically no change in the hardware configuration. The TYPEC connection is still used, and the separation of the key and wire is still the standard configuration. At the same time, it supports full-key without punching. None of these mainstream configurations are left behind. In addition, F97 camping still supports three-mode design, which are wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth connections. It can solve the daily use problems of students with multiple devices.

F97 camping adopts a non-mainstream arrangement, 96% layout, and maintains the traditional small number keypad. However, although the arrangement of F97 is relatively late and complete, the length and width of the entire keyboard are similar to the ordinary A87 arrangement, which can save the desktop. occupied area.

In terms of backlight, IQUNIX adopts a 1600W color fantasy backlight, and the backlight of the aluminum factory supports multiple light effect modes. It is especially good-looking when used at night, and it is indeed very beautiful when used with graffiti colors at night. It is definitely deceiving to say that the configuration is not based on the appearance. Who doesn't like their keyboard to be a little prettier.

In the past few years, I have chosen TTC Kuaiyin switches for keyboard selection. The main reason is that the quality control is stable and the hand feel is versatile. F97 Tuya uses TTC’s two star switches, TTC Quick Silver and TTC Gold Powder. In addition to the switches, you can choose In addition, F97 camping also supports the choice of light or no backlight, and students who are not sensitive to RGB can choose the non-light version.

F97 Tuya is equipped with opaque PBT material keycaps, which feel good to the touch, and the Tuya design has three color versions of the frame, but the main keyboard is similar, just pick the one you like. This time Tuya’s factory design is a Windows keycap, random The device manufacturer presents the keycaps used by MAC, and MAC users can directly replace them.

Using this graffiti at night, changing the color and matching this theme keycap also makes my desktop shine and become different, which is still very pleasing.

In fact, the graffiti is not much different from the previous F97 series in terms of configuration, but it has improved a lot in terms of appearance and color matching. The feature of this set of keycaps is the use of graffiti colors, which are rich and not lacking in childishness. , is more suitable for unconstrained ideas, who doesn't like a different feeling.

The F97 Tuya supported by TTC Kuaiyin maintains a good feel, but because the F97 series does not support height adjustment, the F97 Tuya still adopts the design of fixed feet, which puts more restrictions on the keyboard and less flexibility. After using it is not a big problem.

96% of the layouts adopted by IQUNIX can adapt to the usage habits of most people, but now besides the hardware configuration, more people like the color of the keyboard, so art is also a kind of productivity.

It has been a while since IQUNIX’s F97 series keyboards were released. This series already has many color schemes. The colors are so rich that you can choose them softly. From the recent skiing, to the very popular roamer, and then to the unknown, the battery life of 4000mAh and It supports hot-swappable shafts. At the same time, it has a three-mode design and an all-alloy frame. Although the price is not cheap, it is really enough to have one.

As for my favorite color, it is undeniable that I am also a fan of appearance, but if it is used in the office, I like camping. If it is used in the office, I like IQUNIX's black warrior, which is low-key and restrained. Low-key in the office is the eternal theme. But this graffiti is also my favorite, after all, I really like the color and cartoon text style very much.

In addition to TTC's rave reviews, no matter how you look at it, the F97 is a very worthwhile keyboard. The most important product of the aluminum factory must have one to truly count as a keyboard powder.

As for how to choose the IQUNIX F97 series, it depends on your own preferences. I love this graffiti very much, and my daughter also likes it very much. It proves that my love is the same as that of young people, and I am also young.

If you like appearance, the F97 series, in addition to Le Ski, Roaming Guide, and unknowns, and this graffiti, are more suitable for you to personalize, if you like small arrangements. You can choose the very popular 0G80, the transparent wormhole is really nice to see.

I'm Teacher Lin, see you next time!

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