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Little Joys for Men Chapter 138: Simplify the complexity, IQUNIX F97 Black Samurai hands-on experience

Hello everyone, I am Teacher Lin, and we meet again. For a keyboard player, IQUNIX has to choose. Whether it is the first all-aluminum alloy keyboard released by IQUNIX in the early days, "aluminum factory" has become synonymous with IQUNIX. When it comes to aluminum factory keyboards, Everyone's first impression is the representative of high-end quality, synonymous with the superb use of aluminum alloy materials.

As for the name of IQUNIX, it is not as famous as the name of the aluminum factory. The products of the current aluminum factory have also gradually covered various configurations such as OG80, L80, A80, F97, and keyboards from the early single keyboard products. The colors and themes are also getting better and better. Faced with so many themes to choose from, consumers are naturally willing to pay.

Not long ago, the aluminum factory uncharacteristically launched a product based on the F97 series, the F97 Black Warrior, and except for the plain color scheme, its performance is exactly the same as the F97 series. I don’t know if this is a return to basics, or to take care of us old guys, and I just got this F97 Black Samurai recently. Let’s see how this back-to-basics plain product really performs. Is it worth buying?

F97 Black Samurai still adopts the visible material of the aluminum factory. The all-aluminum alloy material design is full of texture. I have to say that students who like heavy should not pick it up and hit people. The aluminum alloy made of all-aluminum alloy is really heavy.

In terms of hardware configuration, the F97 Black Warrior supports TYPEC connection, and the separation of keys and wires is still a standard configuration. At the same time, it supports full keys without punching. None of these mainstream configurations are left behind.

In terms of connection mode, F97 Black Warrior supports three-mode connection, with limited USB TYPEC connection, wireless 2., 4G, wireless Bluetooth 5.0, three connections are, F97 Black Warrior can easily connect up to 5 devices, basically can handle your desktop All wireless devices. At the same time, the three modes can be switched separately through shortcut keys.

The F97 Black Warrior adopts a non-mainstream arrangement, 96% layout, and maintains the traditional small number keypad. At the same time, the length and width of the entire keyboard are similar to the ordinary A87 arrangement, which can save the area occupied by the desktop.

Although the wireless connection is adopted, the aluminum factory still retains the dreamy backlight of 1600W color for the F97 Black Warrior. The backlight of the aluminum factory supports multiple light effect modes. It is especially good-looking when used at night. With the all-black color, it is more colorful at night. Of course, if you don’t like the backlight, you can also choose the black warrior without light version.

Previously, the aluminum factory adopted the domestic TTC and cherry shaft design in the 0G80 arrangement. This time, the F97 Black Warrior did not use the cherry shaft body, but used TTC's two star shaft bodies, TTC Quick Silver and TTC Gold Powder. It is not surprising that these two switches are called stars. Many manufacturers choose these two switches as the configuration of their flagship keyboards. It can be seen how TTC gold powder and quick silver are welcomed by players.

This time, the F97 Black Warrior also supports hot-swapping. For players who like DIY, there is another choice. My personal favorite is TTC Kuaiyin. Both the feel and the noise of knocking are well controlled. Students who like to change shafts You can toss about a personalized keyboard that suits your feel.

The keyboards of the aluminum factory have always done a good job in supporting MAC. This time, the F97 Black Warrior is no exception. It comes with a few additional MAC keycaps. You can switch to the MAC keyboard working mode through shortcut keys. The only regret is that the keyboard of the Black Warrior this time does not support the light-transmitting design, which makes the Black Warrior inferior.

For PBT light-transmitting keycaps, because the production cost has always been high, it is also our consumers' hope that manufacturers can adopt them, but the wish is still unrealized at this stage due to cost constraints. A keyboard with a backlight and a light-transmitting keycap is the best. perfect match.

The F97 supported by TTC Kuaiyin has a good feel. Since the F97 Black Samurai does not support height-adjustable, fixed-foot design, there are some restrictions on the keyboard and less flexibility. However, the problem after getting used to it is not big.

After getting used to all kinds of colorful theme designs, seeing the pure black design of Black Samurai is indeed a bit too simple, but it has something to do with your habits. Some people like ostentatious personalities, and some people are used to monotonous colors. Yes, if you don't like it, you're obviously not the target audience for Darth Vader.

The F97 series keyboard is the main keyboard model of IQUNIX this year. The colors are so rich that you can choose them softly. From the recent skiing, to the very popular roamer, and then to the unknown, 4000mAh battery life and support for hot-swappable switches, and three-mode design , plus an all-alloy frame, the price of 999 is really impeccable.

In addition to TTC's rave reviews, no matter how you look at it, the F97 is a very worthwhile keyboard. The most important product of the aluminum factory must have one to truly count as a keyboard fan.

In addition to the RGB color lights that can be set, it is used at night. This is not a black samurai, but a dancing girl. I feel that even the black color value cannot suppress my own RGB backlight.

As for my own favorite, it is undeniable that I am also a beauty lover, but if it is used in the office, I actually prefer to use this F97 Darth Vader, after all, keeping a low profile in the office is the eternal theme. No, I mean not being asked around. I don't like doing science.

If you like appearance, you can choose your favorite from F97’s skiing, roaming guide, and unknown, or if you like other configurations, you can choose the very popular 0G80. The transparent wormhole is really good to see. . However, I plan to write a keyboard recommendation worth buying from "Aluminum Factory" recently. Students who like it can pay attention to it.

I'm Teacher Lin, see you next time!

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