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"Lofay Mist" is really nice! If possible, I would like to buy ten

Are you the kind of person who sees something beautiful and can't help but want to place an order.

I am such a person, I especially like beautiful things, rather than paying attention to parameters and configurations, I prefer things with good-looking shapes and more distinctive appearances.

What I am sharing this time is a nice-looking keyboard, and its price is close to 1100 yuan. very expensive, right? Indeed, its cost is not low, but its appearance is really high. I think friends who have saved enough money can really consider buying this keyboard.

Dual-mode connection, multi-system switching, Bluetooth 5.1... I won't say much about these functions, and the common functions that dual-mode keyboards will have.

What no other keyboard has, is its most unique design. The Luofei 1% foggy keyboard realizes the Mx wall jellyfish switch, the switch body and keycap with a full sense of fog, and has a strong matte texture.

It is very similar to the good-looking and simple keyboard in my mind, with a looming sense of mystery and a very advanced aesthetic.

Light looks good, but typing is not good, it is just a vase. Let's put it this way, there are actually many sister models of Luofei Mist, including 1% pure transparent and 1% transparent orange, and this looming style is actually a continuation of the Mx transparent jellyfish shaft. It is a continuation of the quiet typing and no punch design. scheme.

The frosted keycaps have no shortcomings, and there is no sweat left when typing with sweaty hands. But there are also disadvantages. The transparency of the frosted surface is not as good as that of the bright surface, so the characters may not be seen clearly when typing at night.

To be honest, typing on this keyboard is really brisk, and with the use of silent cotton, typing is relatively quiet.

It is said that the keycap of this keyboard is custom-made, and it is a structure developed by Luo Fei, so it is really impossible to buy this kind of keyboard with flat concave sides and inconspicuous protrusion. With this type, typing will be much lighter, and other types of keyboards really cannot replicate it.

There is another design that I like very much, that is, the frosted fog-through bottom shell, which is consistent with the style of the keycap. The fog of the bottom case will be a little lower and grayer, so the keycaps appear to be "arched". When you glance at it from time to time when typing, you will feel that the keyboard is floating on the bottom case.

It is very good to do it carefully, and there is also the iconic 1% series on the edge, and the shaft body can be hot-swapped, these are somewhat good designs. Of course, the 68-key layout saves space on the desktop, but the disadvantage is that there is no numeric keypad, and it takes a while to get used to it.

I like Luofei's keyboards for many reasons, including the packaging and instructions. An out-and-out luxury in the keyboard world, right?

Looking at the packaging, it is almost an integrated design in the style of fog. A small window can see the vision of "fog", which gives people the feeling of "looming" visual sense mentioned above.

I really like its packaging, and the introduction of a foggy keyboard.

I think its wording is more lofty, such as "the mystery of the point to the end", this sentence is really well said, it is the actual feeling when I use the keyboard and see the keyboard.

Other products are all excessive piles of materials and colors, and a keyboard is well-made. This is where I dislike ordinary keyboards. If this keyboard can have 104 keys, it will be perfect. Of course, 98 keys save space, which is a real benefit.

I actually met the boss of this brand once. Knowing that the boss is a designer from Guangzhou, he created this brand by himself, and he will invite employees and colleagues to vote for the unanimously acclaimed scheme frequently, which makes me feel good about this brand.

The reason is very simple, a boss who is a designer must have better aesthetics and design than many companies. Moreover, it can also allow employees to deeply participate in the design process, which is a unique brand atmosphere of Luofei brand.

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