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Lofree 1% Fog - a dual-mode mechanical keyboard with a great sense of design and artistic temperament

Hello everyone, I am a dream and a pig, and today I will bring you the experience of using a Lofree 1% foggy mechanical keyboard.

1% is unwilling to be mediocre

1% is the proportion of inspiration

1% is unique

1% is the dividing line from good to great

This is Lofree's interpretation of the product concept of the 1% dual-mode mechanical keyboard. For this designer fashion life brand who likes to play tricks, it should be a fashion item to make computer peripheral products into a very modern style. It's a breeze, so we can see that series of interesting keyboard and mouse products, and 1% is a series with more design sense among these interesting keyboard and mouse products.

Lofree 1% series keyboards have launched three different designs so far. The 1% transparent adopts a transparent main body design. The combination of high-gloss plating bottom shell + high-transparency PC surface shell + transparent jellyfish shaft is very crystal clear. ; 1% Vitality Orange is based on the transparent body, combined with pure and enthusiastic summer blue + vigorous vitality orange, which brings us more blingbling feeling; and the latest fog, which uses frosted texture materials, It has the visual high-level sense of sagiri obsession.

It is rare to see this kind of keyboard made of white matte translucent texture material on the market. Compared with the transparent body, the 1% fog is a little less crystal clear and eye-catching, but it adds a little bit of indistinctness. of mystery.

1% Misty is round and small overall, with a cute and playful style. This keyboard adopts an exquisite 68-key layout, which not only retains the complete keyboard functions, but also frees up more desktop space. It is usually stuffed into a backpack and carried with you. It is also very convenient and can be used perfectly with a laptop.

In fact, for this kind of matte translucent material, what we are most worried about is the problem of yellowing after long-term use. To solve this problem fundamentally, we must choose materials with better stability. Therefore, the body and keycaps of 1% Mist are made of imported materials with stronger wear resistance and toughness, so as to ensure that it is not easy to yellow during use.

This time, the 1% Mist does not use the electroplated bottom shell like the other two keyboards in the 1% series, but uses the same matte texture as the top cover and keycaps. The overall style is more unified, and the visual effect is also obvious. better.

"TRANSPARENT LOST IN DESIRE" metal nameplate, transparent and lost in desire, a very literary sentence, I like it very much, and this metal nameplate is decorated with stainless steel hexagon socket screws on this keyboard, there will be no violation at all feel.

A Type-C port is provided on the back of the keyboard for wired connection and charging. At the same time, four stainless steel screws are dotted on the back of the keyboard.

1% Mist provides a very technological 90° elbow Type-C data cable.

Through the wave switch at the bottom, we can switch between wired and Bluetooth modes, and also switch between Win/Android and Mac/IOS. 1% Mist does not provide 2.4G connection, which is a small problem. sorry.

After using several Lofree keyboards, I am very satisfied with the design of their exclusive SA ball caps. This keycap not only has a retro style, but also because of the 0.65mm chamfer, it can be well eliminated. The keycap has a cut feel and has 90% of the touch area. The force of the finger on the keycap is very balanced, which is very suitable for our Asian hands.

The characters on the keycaps are very delicate and exquisite, and you can clearly feel that this keyboard adopts exquisite craftsmanship. For this frosted translucent style, as long as there is a little flaw, it will be easily enlarged and presented to us. in front of.

The 1% fog keycap adopts this ingenious double-layer hollow design, which looks like a small translucent box. This design not only solves the problems of hand feel and service life, but also does not affect the visual experience.

This keyboard is paired with the Kaihua MX structure wall jellyfish switch. Because of the popularity of transparent keyboards, the starting price of this switch has risen. The jellyfish switch feels silky, the key travel is short, and the touch is a little heavy. It is a linear switch without a sense of paragraph. When the key switch touches the bottom, it has a certain metallic sound. This feel should be very popular for girls.

1% Mist adopts a full-key hot-swappable design, which is a bit beyond my expectation, and for such a frosted translucent keyboard, there is no other more suitable switch except for the jellyfish switch. Body can match this style.

This time, a piece of PORON sound-absorbing cotton is added between the positioning board and the PCB of the keyboard. The addition of sound-absorbing cotton can further improve the sound and feel, and make us feel more comfortable when typing on the keyboard.

After the 1% misty white LED light penetrates the matte surface from the bottom of the keycap, it brings us a very soft feeling. Although there is only white light, it has designed 7 different light effects, through the Fn in the upper right corner The +Backspace key can switch between these 7 lighting effects, and the 4 levels of brightness can also adapt to different usage scenarios. In addition, it can also adjust the flickering frequency of the lighting effects. Overall, it is still very playable.

In general, Lofree 1% Mist is a very design and artistic keyboard, with an exquisite 68-key layout, which is very convenient to carry. It brings us a good tapping feel. I believe this keyboard will attract a wave of fans for Lofree. I am looking forward to what kind of surprises the 1% series will bring us.

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