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Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao, from Lofree's 9° smile

In the past two years, Lofree Luofei has been advocating to create its own happiness within 2 square meters. From the original Xiaolang mechanical keyboard and doll Longli to the current Luofei Xiaoqiao, Lofree Luofei has been working hard with users to create a desktop It's more interesting and refined, and it has become a favorite brand for many people.

Customized keyboards are a relatively niche circle, and lightweight customization has become more popular in recent years. Hot-swappable switches and various keycaps allow us to enjoy DIY fun while reducing the difficulty. Today's protagonist is the Lofree Xiaoqiao mechanical keyboard-the optional version of the axis keyboard.

既然是轴体键盘自选版,那我是如何选择的呢?怎么样在入手前就能见到自己喜欢的成品呢?很简单,打开『洛斐拼多多』小程序, 选择小翘 轴体&键帽 自选版,然后可以看到这里有两个选项:键帽自选和轴体自选,其中键帽自选是可以选择机身(已搭配好轴体)+键盘;轴体自选,则可以自行搭配机身、轴体和键帽,自由度更高一些。二者均有68键和100键可选择。

During the selection process, Xiaoqiao will gradually become fuller with your choice. First, it will be an empty fuselage, then a fuselage with a shaft body, and finally a complete Luofei Xiaoqiao. The whole process is very ceremonial. It is recommended Come here to choose. After struggling for a long time, I finally chose the combination of Xiaoqiao 67 cement gray + Jiadalong G yellow shaft body + summer invasion plan IP keycap.

After the arrival of Luofei Xiaoqiao, the packaging box used three boxes for the fuselage, shaft body, and keycaps. Among them, the keycaps are uniformly packed in the bag, the keycaps are neatly arranged, and the body stays quietly in the cardboard box. There is also a small battery, a power cord and a key puller in the box where the fuselage is placed.

Choosing the optional version of Luofei small tilt switch keyboard is naturally for the joy of DIY. You can choose the keycap, switch body and even the fuselage by yourself. Take the keycaps as an example, if you are tired of looking at the [Summer Invasion Plan] in your hand, you can also go to "Luofei Build" to choose other keycaps. Bananas, Alice, street graffiti, cute cats and more.

The material of the small warped keycaps is PBT, which is not easy to oil, and the edge of each keycap is treated with radians to ensure the comfort during use. The difference from other keyboards is that the keycaps of Xiaoqiao have a special matte texture, which is a boon for people like me who don't like greasy feeling.

As for the switch body, because there are a lot of typing in daily life, I chose Jiadalong G yellow, which is lighter in hand than the red switch. The 1.2mm key travel and 45G trigger pressure make it quieter to use.

In fact, I still have green switches, cherry red, and TT gold powder in my hand. In the future, I can replace the Enter key/SPACE key with a green switch to create a small warp that mixes and matches the switch body.

In the past, DIYing a keyboard often started from the fuselage, such as welding the base and welding the shaft. Xiaoqiao does not need to be so troublesome. It adopts a hot-swappable design. You can see that there are two metal tentacles at the bottom of each shaft.

The relevant metal base can also be seen at the corresponding position on the PCB board of the keyboard body. The benefits of this design are obvious, and it is more convenient for future shaft replacement and maintenance.

After installing the shaft body, remember to test whether each key of the keyboard is in normal use, and check for leaks and make up for gaps in time.

The shape of Lofree is as its name suggests, even if you look at it from the front, you can feel its curvature. It is especially obvious when viewed from the side. This is exactly the angle that Luofei strives to find the most suitable for typing. The entire body with five rows of keycaps is upturned by 9°.

There are four silicone pads on the back of the keyboard. The obvious function is to prevent slipping and wear and protect the desktop. There is also a Type-C interface for power supply on the rear side. In addition to Bluetooth/2.4G wireless connection, it can also be used as a wired keyboard.

Xiaoqiao uses three AA batteries for power supply in wireless mode, and a set of batteries is included in the box. Remove the back cover of the battery and you can also see the small 2.4G receiver storage compartment. You can put the receiver here when you travel or store the keyboard. I have to say that this design is quite considerate.

Three Bluetooth logos and one 2.4G logo can be found on the four QWER buttons of Xiaoqiao, which means that Xiaoqiao can switch back and forth between four devices, and tablets/mobile phones/notebooks can be connected to Xiaoqiao.

Because I personally used red switches before, I didn't feel much difference after switching to G yellow, but I can clearly feel that the small upturned keycaps feel really good. Judging from the exquisite patterns on the keycaps, Luo Fei is serious about making keyboards and creating 2 square meters of happiness with heart.

It’s been a while since I’ve been using Lofree, and I’ve been using it in wireless 2.4G mode, and the three AAA batteries are also very durable. Everyone knows that the self-media industry has a lot of typing every day, so the keycaps can be said to be tortured. Fortunately, the keycaps of Lofree are good enough, and they are still as clean as new.

Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao can meet the needs in terms of appearance and DIY playability. If you like to collect beautiful keycaps, then Xiaoqiao is perfect; if you want to use it comfortably, the small 9° slightly tilted can just give you a comfortable typing feel; if you like the joy of DIY, Xiaoqiao is also It provides a variety of fuselages, switches and keycaps to meet all your needs. If you feel that the switch options provided by Xiaoqiao are not enough, you can also match them yourself. It can be said that Luofei fully entrusts the right of creation to users, and creates 2 square meters of happiness together with users. What do you think of Luo Fei Xiaoqiao? If you are interested, you may wish to go to "Luofei Pinduoduo" to have a look.

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