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Lofree small warped three-mode mechanical keyboard makes your creation more efficient

These days, the name Lofree is already synonymous with fashion. This trendy accessory design company, founded in 2013, has conquered a group of face-control users with various products, large and small. Of course, Ermao is already a fan of Lofree. Although the 1% transparent keyboard launched by Lofree recently has attracted countless fans, the transparent keyboard is too eye-catching for office use, so Ermao chose this Touch 100 for himself. Warped three-mode mechanical keyboard.

Although this small warped mechanical keyboard with cement gray color scheme doesn't look good enough at first glance, it is after all from the designers of these interesting souls of the Luofei family. After actually using it, you will find that it is really simple and unpretentious. interesting soul.

For office work, this Touch 100 small warp three-mode mechanical keyboard has a 100-key full keyboard design, no matter which position you use in the company, it can meet the needs of the keyboard. In addition, Xiao Qiao also adopts an ergonomic 11.5° gold elevation key body arc design, which is very suitable for long-time office workers. The slightly raised small arc reduces the consumption of fingers and wrists during eight-hour office work.

The switch body of the Touch 100 small warped three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts Jiadalong's G yellow axis Pro switch body. When tapping, the key body goes straight up and down, and the operation can be completed without excessive finger pressure. The trigger speed is fast and very handy. . At the same time, there is no loud knocking sound, which will affect the work of surrounding colleagues. It is a low-key mechanical keyboard with connotation.

In terms of details, Lofree polished the Touch 100 small warped three-mode mechanical keyboard very well. First of all, the keycaps are made of PBT sublimation keycaps. The advantage of this material is that it is very wear-resistant and non-greasy. The corners are all designed with arcs, and the arc on the keycap fits the belly of the finger. There is also a very careful and differentiated touch design on the FJ key, so that you can not make mistakes in blind typing.

The Touch 100 Xiaoqiao three-mode mechanical keyboard also adds a silicone cushion to the design structure to enhance the soft and delicate feel of the key shaft. The entire keyboard adopts a six-layer structure design, which is the keycap, shaft body, Positioning board, silicone sandwich pad, PCB board, keyboard main body.

The Touch 100 Xiaoqiao three-mode mechanical keyboard has three access modes: 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, and Type-c wired connection. It can realize the setting of a keyboard connected to three terminal devices at the same time. In addition to the mechanical rotary button switching, it also supports key combination to complete the quick switching between multiple devices.

For the operating systems of different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., the Touch 100 Xiaoqiao three-mode mechanical keyboard is also not picky. It can be perfectly compatible with Windows810, Mac, iOS, and Android, no matter what device the user uses. System, Xiao Qiao can perfectly cope with it.

In this Touch 100 small warped three-mode mechanical keyboard, we can also see a hidden design, that is, the power supply of this keyboard uses three AA batteries for power supply system, and the battery compartment is perfectly hidden in the support under the keyboard In the shaft, there is also a 2.4G signal receiver.

In short, this is another outstanding design product of the Lofree team for office aesthetics. The Touch 100 small warped three-mode mechanical keyboard not only takes into account the perfect needs of young enthusiasts for mechanical keyboards, but also the color of cement gray perfectly highlights all these. Covered under a low-key appearance, with Lofree, there is no need to look for it anymore.

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