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Long-lasting battery life and high playability, the Dujia K610w three-mode mechanical keyboard is really capable of playing

The author has been using Duga K330w Plus before, and the performance of this three-mode keyboard is quite satisfactory in all aspects, that is, it adopts a 61-key compact layout. When encountering scenes that require frequent input of numbers, I feel a little frustrated Influence. Just recently, Dujia launched a brand-new three-mode mechanical keyboard K610w and K620w. Among them, K610w uses a 104 full-key design. After getting started, I found that it is very suitable to use with K330w Plus. Usually, K330w Plus is enough for playing games. When working, replace it with the full-key K610w to improve typing efficiency.

In terms of product features, K610w, K620w and K330w Plus are quite similar. These two keyboards all adopt a three-mode wireless design, and the optional shafts are similar, and they all support full-key hot swapping. K610w and K620w adopt a brand-new appearance design style, and the battery life has also been improved.

At present, K610w has two color options, dark green island and fog blue echo. The island color looks very calm and heavy, which should be quite suitable for business people. The fog blue color design adopted by the Echo version looks relatively younger and more energetic, which is good for both home and office use.

The accessories of the K610w are similar to those of the K330w Plus, including charging cables, interface converters, key pullers, shaft pullers, and cable management belts. In addition, this keyboard also comes with a dust-proof protective cover, which can prevent the keyboard from falling when it is not in use. Ash. In addition, the accessories also include three additional keycaps, which are convenient for users of different systems.

The appearance design of K330w Plus pays more attention to youthfulness and fun, and each color scheme has a very obvious personality. In contrast, the appearance design of K610w is more elegant and simple. The borders around the keyboard are very narrow, and the sides of the lower border are also treated with corner cutting, which gives people a neat and capable feeling overall, even if it is the 104 full-key version. It doesn't take up too much desk space either.

There are three colors of keycaps: white, gray, and blue. If you combine the three colors together, you will have a foggy blue feeling. Like the K330w Plus, the K610w also uses the original height PBT two-color keycaps, which are wear-resistant and non-greasy. The shell of the K610w adopts a black and white two-color design, which enhances the visual layering of the keyboard after matching with the three-color keycaps.

The charging port and the power switch are located on the left side of the top of the keyboard. Different from the large switch design of the K330w Plus, the power switch of the K610w is very small and slightly protruded for easy operation. The battery capacity of the K610w should be larger than that of the K330w Plus. Officials say that the battery life in Bluetooth mode can reach about 360 days, and the battery life in 2.4G wireless mode can reach about 200 days. In other words, charging once every six months is enough.

The bottom of the keyboard is divided into upper and lower parts, and the upper part is slightly higher than the lower part, so that a certain tilt angle can be provided even if the feet are not opened. The K610w also adopts the classic large and small double foot support design, providing users with three use heights in total. The storage compartment of the 2.4G wireless receiver is next to the support frame on the right side, which is more convenient to take and store. The cover of the storage compartment is also quite firm, so you don’t have to worry about losing the 2.4G wireless receiver when you go out.

At present, the K610w provides a total of four types of switches: red switch, silent red switch, brown switch and silver switch. Since there are a lot of typing, I chose the silver switch version that is more suitable for fast hands. Like the K330w Plus, the K610w also adopts the customized crystal axis co-operated by Dujia and Jiadalong. The axis body has been upgraded and optimized on the basis of the CAP axis. , At the same time, the rebound strength is also quite strong, which is very suitable for those who like fast hands and fast hands. You can see the silicone pad in the space bar area, and there is a layer of sound-absorbing cotton inside, which effectively reduces the sound of the keys, and it will not feel very noisy even if you use it at night.

The life of the shaft has reached 80 million times, and it supports hot-swapping. If there is a problem with the shaft in the later stage or you want to change the feel, you can just replace it with another shaft. The playability is still quite high. In addition, the adjustment of the K610w satellite axis is also quite good, and the large keys feel very stable.

There are five indicator lights in the upper right corner of the keyboard, from left to right are the number key area indicator, upper and lower case status/Bluetooth device 1 indicator, left WIN key lock/Bluetooth device 2 indicator, 2.4G wireless connection/onboard Custom button configuration recall indicator and pairing status/battery indicator.

Although the K610w supports wired connections, it is estimated that most people usually use Bluetooth connections and 2.4G wireless connections. After all, the significance of buying a three-mode keyboard is to get rid of the shackles of wires. However, when uploading the custom configuration to the keyboard, you must use the wired connection mode. If your computer is placed far away, you can use the interface converter to achieve the effect of extending the cable.

Through the DURGOD Zeus Engine driver, functions such as customization of any button except the FN key, customization of FN combination keys, and macro recording can be realized. After saving the setting file to the keyboard’s built-in onboard memory, it can be connected to a MacOS device. Go ahead and use these settings.

Coupled with the help of features such as 1000Hz high return rate and full-key no-click, do you think the Dujia K610w three-mode mechanical keyboard meets your needs?

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