Looking to upgrade your keyboard? Cherry classic MX2.0 wireless three-mode keyboard is here

Recently, I found that many colleagues around me have given up the antique keyboards provided by the company. Most of them choose mechanical keyboards with high-value design and better feel. Once you get busy, you can hear the continuous clicking sound in the office. Very atmospheric. On the one hand, I personally feel that the office environment is really getting more and more complicated. On the other hand, I also think that it may be my learning direction. After all, better tools can improve office efficiency. Do you want to change your keyboard?

What I bought this time is the wireless three-mode version of the famous German Cherry MX2.0 keyboard. The specific model is G80-3824LYAEU-0, also commonly known as MX2.0S. This keyboard uses an all-white color scheme, a wireless three-mode connection method, a built-in 2800 mAh large battery, can work for 200 hours in wireless mode, and supports side-to-side use. There is no built-in steel plate in the keyboard structure, two-color injection-molded frosted keycaps, all keys have no impact, and the wireless delay has reached the top <1ms, which can be easily handled whether it is gaming or office work. The shaft is equipped with the original Cherry MX shaft, which can be freely selected. This time, because I prefer to use it for work, I bought the tea shaft. It also belongs to the universal oil shaft, but it has a sense of paragraph, and it has a more rhythmic feel when tapped.

The packaging of the keyboard adopts CHERRY's consistent low-key design style, and only the CHERRY and cherry logo can be seen on the front of the all-black box.

Open the package, in addition to the main body of the MX2.0S keyboard, a white data cable, manual and product introduction card are also provided.

Classic MX2.0S wireless three-mode

The appearance of this CHERRY MX2.0S is extremely simple, with a three-sided narrow frame design and a slightly wider forehead at the top. The specific size is 430*143*38mm, the lines of the overall body are tough, and the visual effect is very atmospheric.

The three-dimensional CHERRY logo can be seen on the top of the keyboard.

The keyboard adopts a classic 108+1 key layout, and the full-size keys are very suitable for work.

A 7-shaped reinforced structure is added to both sides of the side frame of the keyboard, which is very convenient to take. The keyboard body has its own environmental angle, and from the side, you can find that all the keys have a stepped structure design, which is more ergonomic and more comfortable when used in normal times.

A TYPE-C data interface is set on the top of the keyboard, which can take into account both wired mode and charging needs.

On the right side of the top, you can see CHERRY's LOGO and the declaration of DESIGNED FOR WINNERS.

On the top left is a power button.

The bottom of the keyboard is designed with a five-point non-slip foot pad, and the nameplate of the keyboard is in the middle. There are no screws visible on the entire bottom, and it fits perfectly.

Above the bottom, there is a 2.4G receiver hidden, and the magnetic storage design is very convenient to access.

The supporting feet are hidden on both sides, allowing the keyboard to be set in two different heights and inclination angles. The bottom of the supporting feet also has anti-slip rubber strips, and the details are quite satisfactory.

The keyboard is equipped with two-color injection-molded frosted keycaps, the fonts are clear and thick, and the percussion feel is quite advanced.

Above the number keys on the keyboard, you can see the wired, bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless three-mode switching mode, and you can see the corresponding status indicators above the direction keys.

The design of CHERRY MX2.0S is very simple, which can be adapted to build various desktops. The pure white color scheme is also very pleasing. If you are tired of the traditional black and black table, this white keyboard can make your eyes shine.

The physical power button on the top of the keyboard is very user-friendly, and can be operated quickly with one hand, and the concave structure will not worry about finding the position. And the independent power switch can also increase the battery life of the keyboard.

The keyboard comes standard with the original MX shaft body, which has the electric shock characteristics of 99.99% pure gold. The triggering feel has a weak paragraph feeling and a weak bottoming feeling. The trigger force is 55cN. It is not easy to fatigue after long-term use, and it has a clicky paragraph feeling. The sound can create a good sense of immersion in work, and the service life has been increased to 100 million times.

In terms of large keys, this MX2.0S adopts the design of main shaft + satellite shaft.

At the position of the longest space bar, in addition to the satellite shaft, you can also see the existence of the metal balance bar. Here you can see that the grease on the satellite shaft is very full, even a little overflowing, which can ensure a light and smooth feel.

When actually tapping, there is indeed a fast feedback, and the mute is very crisp.

The keyboard adopts a steel-free design, and the feedback vibration will be clearer when typing.

Open the support feet, and then cooperate with the stepped keycap height, it is very refreshing for daily tapping.

In terms of keycaps, it is equipped with two-color injection-molded matte keycaps, two-color injection molding process, high-quality manufacturers, and there is nothing to be picky about in terms of workmanship.

My matte version, the full key also provides 3 switches with backlight, so that you can intuitively distinguish the status of upper and lower case, the status of number keys, etc.

All the keycaps actually support rear projection, and the small details are excellent.

As a keyboard with 108+1 layout, this MX2.0S has an additional special cherry key at this position. By long pressing it, you can call out the CHERRY driver.

In the driver, you can customize buttons, set macros, text and other operations, and you can also see the working mode and battery life of the keyboard in real time.

The connection mode of the keyboard is located above the small number pad, and there is also an independent calculator call button. It is very practical whether it is calculating reports or reimbursement expenses in daily life. It can be seen that CHERRY also focuses on office use in the definition of this keyboard.

When switching between the three different connection methods of the keyboard, the status indicator light above the direction keys will light up at the same time. When using it while charging, the USB/charging mode will light up in red, which will not affect the use of wireless connection mode.

The appearance of this keyboard is very satisfactory. When playing games, the wireless delay speed of <1ms has already made him stand at the first echelon level. The 109-key layout and the combination of wireless three modes are also very suitable for the office environment.

At present, the price of CHERRY MX2.0S wireless three-mode keyboard is also good, because this time just caught up with the 38th promotion, I started with 549, which is very worthwhile. If you want to upgrade the keyboard, this keyboard is worth recommending.

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