Low axis slim 75% new layout + support open source key change! Keychron K3 Pro mechanical keyboard review

Personalized tables, light pollution, and customization of peripherals have become more and more popular among different groups of people in recent years. Compared with work needs, designing such a personalized scene can allow you to gain a more comfortable and personalized atmosphere feel.

Let’s take the keyboard as an example. In the past two years, I have personally bought a number of mechanical keyboards one after another, and played with customized data cables. Among them, the customized mechanical keyboard is more deeply loved by me. . Among them, the "Keychron K3 Pro customized mechanical keyboard", which supports QMK/VIA open source key change and is equipped with a low axis to achieve a slimmer body, is the most popular in my heart.

I bought this Keychron K3 Pro under the recommendation of a friend. The first glance is amazing and the memory is deep. It adopts the low shaft of Jiadalong, which makes the body small, thin and light as 500 grams, which is compatible with most of the customization. The thick body of a mechanical keyboard is out of place.

Keychron K3 Pro uses a 75% layout, which is really rare compared to the common mechanical keyboard layouts of 104 keys, 87 keys, and 68 keys. Kechuang Technology has its own exclusive customized design style for this set of mechanical keyboards.

At that time, I considered that I hadn’t played the step of DIYing the switch body when I started, so I chose the RGB fixed switch body model with a tea switch, which is more suitable for multi-scenario use. In addition, the package is also equipped with a keycap DIY clip, and a set of Win keycaps that come as a standard package, which can replace the default Mac module keys.

RGB lighting effects have 22 kinds of lighting effects, which can realize brightness adjustment, saturation adjustment, static monochrome/dynamic speed adjustment through the original default shortcut combination keys such as Fn+W/S, E/D, R/F, T/G, etc. Realize more than 22+ kinds of light effects. When performing different work needs or entertainment modes, it is really good to choose the appropriate auxiliary light and atmosphere light effects.

Keychron K3 Pro supports Mac/Win/Android three systems and Bluetooth wireless*3/wired dual-mode, supports 4 devices to connect and switch at the same time, and is different from the cutting method of most keyboards using keyboard combination keys, Keychron K3 Pro It adopts more convenient and precise independent buttons. Through the two buttons, it is more convenient to switch between system mode and device connection mode.

In addition, for the use status of Bluetooth wireless mode, considering the battery life monitoring, Keychron K3 Pro also added a battery dynamic light effect, through Fn+B to call up the mode, let the number keys 1 to 0 from left to right realize dynamic, The color distinguishes the power ratio, and clarifies the battery life and timely charging of the keyboard.

The design of the two-stage foot support provides 3 heights for usage habits, and the slim body is more ergonomic, allowing users to keep their hands comfortable when typing on the keyboard for a long time.

For the compatibility of multiple systems, I have to say that it is really friendly. Whether it is a PC, a notebook or even an Android platform, it can be seamlessly switched among various devices through wired or Bluetooth*3 group modes, and the delayed connection is kept within 1 second. very good.

In particular, the shortcut screen capture key in the upper right corner of the keyboard, the independent light control key, and the F1-F12 multi-function keys on the top row are a perfect match for Win/Mac, which can quickly call different functions during use. Dual system keycaps, perfect replacement for the type of system used.

And the percussion feel has to be said to be really good, it’s ridiculous, 75% layout, short shaft design + brown shaft feel + flat keycap made of PBT material, compared with the standard shaft body, the key range is moderate, the feedback is sensitive, and the code can be greatly improved. The efficiency of writing and the relief of fatigue are really suitable for long-term use by people with different application needs and those who don't want to fiddle too much.

For users who have special needs for daily work/game entertainment, the QMK/VIA open source key change/macro customization of this keyboard is definitely a great help. This is also one of the big things that attracted me when my friend recommended it. factor.

By connecting to the computer with a cable and logging in to the official website, the keyboard can be edited with open-source key change macros, realizing more level modification of key combinations and custom functions of keys, which has raised the playability of this mechanical keyboard to another level. For users The strong demand for productivity brings more comprehensive assistance.


The keyboard is one of the important tools for daily work, study, and entertainment, and the effects of different types of keyboards are also different. Keychron K3 Pro is a customized mechanical keyboard, among all the mechanical keyboards I have used, it is a very attractive one for me, for the compatibility and feel of multiple systems, as well as personalized functions and open source key change macros Editing can be regarded as a very comprehensive and good keyboard. In addition, the price range from 400 yuan for the standard configuration to 500 yuan for the high configuration will not cause a budgetary burden for users, so it is worth buying!

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