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Low-cost mechanical keyboard entry to fever reduction

I have been using cherry's MX1.0 87 red axis mechanical keyboard for about 2 years.


The once classic cherry red

I always thought there was no problem. Until the last time, I tried the mechanical keyboard of a colleague who loves to play games. The feel is much better than the cherry red switch. I asked my colleague that it is a G yellow pro switch. I searched the Internet and said. Cherry is about to decline, and some domestic shafts have risen. I asked about the price of 300 yuan for my own DIY keyboard, so I planted grass in my heart. Before 618, I bought a 68-key dual-mode (Bluetooth and 2.4G) from a third-party seller on JD.

Wolf Pie CIY68

G yellow pro

After I bought it, I got it. The typing feel is really good. The model is Langpai CIY68, and it comes with 68 G yellow pros, but some workmanship and details are not very good. The key has no punch, but the typing feel is better than Cherry's MX1.0, which is CIY68. It is really just a tester, there is no wired mode, and the rate of return is only 125. If you type fast, there will indeed be a little delay. If you type For games, then this CIY68 is definitely not enough. So there is a second keyboard.

The second keyboard is the FL980 of Viper and the BOX red switch of Kaihua, which was purchased from Xiaohuangyu for 450 yuan;

While chatting with a local seller on Xianyu, I learned that if I was typing, there was a recommendation for TTC gold powder switches, so I bought 68 disassembled gold powder switches from my brother for 130 yuan, and I also gave a few G Bai Zhuo, my brother told me that the people in the key circle are very friendly and kind, and also told me a lot about customizing keyboards and keycaps. When I mentioned it, I saw that my brother was really nice. Since the people in the key circle are very friendly and kind, I bought a set of XDA keycaps from the local Xianyu 45. The seller is a student with good credit. I handed them over from the school fence at night when I picked them up. I didn’t look carefully, but when I came back, I found that the keycap pattern was different from the picture on Xianyu, with Japanese characters on it (really annoying). I contacted the seller, and the seller said that it was not impossible to use, and it was patriotic or not. Sure enough, good credit is not reliable. If you buy it, it will be idle, and if it is blocked, it will be a lesson to buy.

130 a pack of 68 gold powder shafts

After I bought the gold powder switch, I was short of a kit. I bought the RK87 mechanical keyboard for 199 at the RK flagship store in JD. After buying it, I removed the tea switch that came with it. Replaced with gold powder shaft

199 yuan RGB RK R87

factory tea shaft

Replaced 68 gold powders, if not enough, use other ones

experience feelings

4 keyboard Mx1.0 red switches, Langpai CIY68+G yellow pro, Fuling FL980+Box red, RK R87+TTC gold powder, what is the difference in personal experience?

TTC axis:

TTC shaft

Cherry axis

Four well-received shafts:

The gold powder shaft is very comfortable and light to type on. The R87 I bought has double-layer sound insulation cotton, and there is no noise as mentioned on the Internet. The shaft of the G yellow pro is a bit stuffy, and its strength is slightly stronger than that of the gold powder shaft. Fortunately, the price is cheap and the cost performance is outstanding. Kaihua's box red is also good, between gold powder and yellow pro. The summary suggestion is that these shafts will not have any problems if you buy them with your eyes closed.

So here comes the problem, Fuling is used for the company’s office, the home computer is used for the gold powder R87, and the Huawei tablet is connected to the CIY68G yellow pro. What should I do if there is an extra MX1.0? collect? not suitable

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