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Low-key cement gray, full-key hot-swappable, Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100 mechanical keyboard

Hello everyone, I am a dream and a pig, and today I will bring you the experience of using a mechanical keyboard.

As a keyboard lover, I found myself going further and further on the road of collecting keyboards. Last year, Luo Fei released a very interesting small keyboard with a compact design of 69 keys, and it can be freely matched with various official keyboards. It can also open the blind box of Longli dolls. At that time, I bought one at the first time, and opened seven different styles of Longli dolls in one go.

Some time ago, Luofei's Xiaoqiao series added new members, including the 100-key Xiaoqiao cement gray that I got recently. To my surprise, this keyboard also uses a full keyboard The keys are hot-swappable, so I can easily configure my favorite combination.

The color scheme of cement gray with splashed ink style is indeed very low-key from the appearance, and it is a low-key with a little tooling style. From my personal aesthetic preference, I like this color scheme very much.

Especially the splashed ink imprint patterns on the space bar that seem to be splashed randomly add a little rough feeling to this keyboard, so I joked before that Luo Fei's keyboard is very suitable for those of us who work on the construction site It is used by people who move bricks up.

The 100-key compact design takes up less space on the desktop than a full-size keyboard, but retains the completed number keypad, which is more practical for daily office work, although the compact design needs to be used at the beginning. It's an adaptation period, but as long as you make a little adjustment, you will get used to it soon.

The reason why the Luofei Xiaoqiao series is called Xiaoqiao is because it adopts this overall 9° slightly tilted design. Viewed from the side, it will form a very elegant arc. Such a tilted arc can It can improve the hand feeling of typing on the keyboard very well, and make the wrist in a more natural and relaxed state.

The cylindrical shape on the bottom side of the keyboard is not only the battery compartment of the keyboard, but also the support frame of the keyboard, and a mechanical knob is also designed here, through which the power can be turned on/off and switched to the wireless connection mode. The Type-C interface on the top of the keyboard can be used as a wired keyboard after plugging in the data cable.

Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray adopts the same retro keycap design as the previous 69-key keypad. This Luofei exclusive SA ball cap is made of PBT material. This keycap not only has a retro style, but also because it uses 0.65mm The chamfering can well eliminate the cut feeling of the keycap, and has a 90% touch area. The force on the keycap is very balanced when the finger is struck, which is very suitable for our Asian hands.

The sublimation technology keyboard is relatively fine in workmanship, and the characters are also very clear. The high-content PBT material has very good wear resistance. It brings a very delicate touch to the fingertips, and the comfort is very good. However, the individual keycaps of the keyboard I rolled have defects, and there are subtle black marks on the side of the keycaps. I hope the processing technology can be improved.

Luofei Xiaoqiao cement ash is currently standard equipped with Jiadalong yellow shaft Pro. This shaft body is optimized on the mold of Jiadalong red shaft Pro. The shaft structure is more stable and can be further improved. In order to improve the pressing performance, this shaft body has been lubricated before leaving the factory, and the hand feel is very smooth without any sense of resistance.

The total stroke of Jiadalong Yellow Switch Pro is 4MM, the trigger stroke is 2MM, and the button trigger pressure is 50gf. It adopts a new anti-oxidation gold contact, which has a certain improvement in anti-oxidation and anti-sulfurization performance, and further improves the axis The service life of the body makes this shaft body have a trigger life of about 80 million times.

This keyboard adopts a full-key hot-swappable design, so we can freely customize a keyboard that is more suitable for our usage habits according to our own preferences. In addition, Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray adopts an enhanced structural design, adding a silicone buffer sandwich pad under the keyboard positioning plate, which can make the touch of the key shaft softer and more delicate.

The Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray is the same as the Xiaoqiao 69-key keypad. It is equipped with a metal bracket as standard. This bracket is used to place the Longli minifigure. The bracket can be directly hung on the front frame of the keyboard.

With Longli minifigures, after work every day, you can have different minifigures squatting on the keyboard to accompany you in your work, which is also an interesting thing. Of course, we can also match some small dolls with other shapes. As long as the size is right, everything is possible, but it is recommended to match the dolls with magnets at the bottom, so that they can squat more stably.

Different from most of the current three-mode keyboard designs, the Luofei Xiaoqiao series are all powered by AAA batteries. This design can save the trouble of charging the keyboard, and since I used Xiaoqiao before According to the experience of the 69-key small keyboard, the power consumption of this keyboard is relatively small, and the three AAA batteries can be used for about 40 days in the Bluetooth connection mode.

Luofei Xiaoqiao cement ash can connect three Bluetooth devices at the same time through Bluetooth connection, which is especially convenient for people like me who need to switch between desktops, notebooks and tablets, and quickly switch devices by combining buttons , can achieve seamless connection.

Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray is a very individual keyboard. The color of cement gray + splash-ink style is low-key and slightly rough, which is in line with my aesthetics. In terms of feel, the overall 9° slightly tilted design of this keyboard is matched with the SA ball cap made of PBT material, and the feel of the switch body of Jiadalong Yellow Switch Pro is very smooth, which can indeed bring very comfortable use. experience. In addition, the full-key hot-swappable design and the standard metal bracket further enhance the DIY playability and joy of use of this keyboard.

In general, Luofei Xiaoqiao cement gray should be a keyboard that is well-balanced in all aspects in the price range of 500 yuan, suitable for friends who pursue individual experience.

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