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Low-key, stable, cost-effective mechanical keyboard, Black Canyon E4 Midnight Blue

Some hobbies are out of control. When the computer at home is replaced with a mechanical keyboard, I start to dislike the keyboard in the office. I was thinking that the office keyboard should not be too fancy, and the color should be restrained. Just at this time, I saw the Black Canyon E4. The midnight blue color is very suitable for my needs, and it is easy to use and unobtrusive. Black Canyon E4 adopts 99 key configurations, and the price of the card is less than 500, and the current price is 499.

The one I chose is midnight blue, that is, grayish blue, a rare keyboard color, and a non-transparent keyboard. With snap-on hand rest. What needs to be said here is the shaft puller and key puller, which are the best I have ever seen. They look very delicate and have a logo printed on them.

Black Canyon E4 adopts a better gloss painting process, which has a similar metal painting effect and is very textured.

The buckle-type hand rest is made of plastic material, the same color as the main body of the keyboard. The large hand rest and just the right angle of inclination are conducive to relieving the support pressure on the wrist during use and greatly improving the user experience.

However, there is a problem that it is easy to absorb fingerprints, palm prints and the like.

On the left side of the keyboard is the power switch, which is very convenient.

On the right side of the keyboard is the storage location of the 2.4g receiver. It adopts magnetic suction type, which is very easy to store, and you don’t have to worry about missing it.

Since many laptops now use type-c interfaces, Black Canyon uses a double-head interface in this regard, which maximizes the convenience of users and improves the user experience.

Three-mode wireless keyboard, in addition to Bluetooth, 2.4g mode, and limited mode, the type-c interface is on the back of the keyboard, which also has a charging function.

The back is also midnight blue, with 4 non-slip pads to ensure that the keyboard will not move randomly. Different from other keyboards I have used to adjust the angle, the Black Canyon E4 uses 2 magnetic feet to ensure a certain tilt angle.

If you think it is too high, you can just remove the magnetic foot support, but here is a reminder that it needs to be kept well to avoid loss.

Next to the ESC keyboard are three iconic smiley face indicators, which are highly recognizable and adopt a compact button design. All kinds of combined key functions are marked on the keycaps, which can basically get rid of the shackles of the manual. It has a wealth of FN+ combination buttons, including RGB lighting effect control, mode selection, and functional button settings.

The combination of different keys can actually realize the function of the mouse. No situation.

The previous part introduced the appearance of the keyboard, and here we mainly talk about the feeling of using it. The keyboard adopts a dark color scheme, which gives the overall feeling of being heavy and stable.

Then improve the SA height PBT keycap, use for a long time without worrying about character wear, oiling, etc., and the durability is high. White and blue two-color, slightly recessed keys conform to ergonomic design. The positioning function of the traditional F and J buttons is adhered to. The keyboard keycap has a certain matte design, and the workmanship and materials are in place. It has a solid feeling and feels very good.

Three-mode hot-swappable keyboard, relatively speaking, our playability is higher, and the switch can be changed according to your needs. The Black Canyon E series is equipped with Kaihua’s custom-made BOX scenery series shafts. There are three types of shafts, Cangling, Danxia, ​​and Yanmo. I chose the smoke desert axis.

The trigger point of the Yanmo switch has been advanced to 2.3mm. As an advanced switch, its overall feel is more comprehensive, and at the same time it is more tenacious, and the rebound follows the hand. With the Gasket structure of the keyboard, the sound is very low. I use it in the office, and I won't be stunned by my colleagues.

The E series keyboard adopts a customized Gasket structure, and the inner tank part is composed of a non-slotted semi-permeable PC material positioning plate and a multi-layer silicone structure, with a soft fixed structure around the inner tank. The multi-layer silicone structure also brings good sound absorption performance, which can filter out most of the noise and cavity sound generated during knocking.

The E series keyboard adopts a customized Gasket structure, and the inner tank part is composed of a non-slotted semi-permeable PC material positioning plate and a multi-layer silicone structure, with a soft fixed structure around the inner tank

I chose Black Canyon E4 because the midnight blue is low-key enough to be unobtrusive in the office. However, as a mechanical keyboard, you can not use RGB lighting effect, but it is necessary to have it, so that you can enjoy it better when working overtime. Through the FN key combination adjustment, you can realize the adjustment of the brightness, color and speed of the dynamic lighting effect. There are many ways to play, according to your own needs. When I have colleagues, I just turn off the light effect, but the midnight blue light effect, the brightness is dimmed, it’s okay to turn it on, it’s not very eye-catching.

The convenience of the wireless keyboard is that it is wireless and avoids the shackles of cables. If the built-in battery is not big enough, it will be a bit tasteless to charge it frequently. The Black Canyon E4 comes with a 4600 mAh battery. I have been using it for a week now, and the battery has not yet lost power. signs.

Three connection modes basically meet our current application environment.

It can switch Windows/Mac OS/IOS/Android multi-platform operation, and has excellent compatibility.

During the use of Bluetooth, there is no disconnection or no signal.


Gather the essential elements of the current mechanical keyboard, what are you waiting for, buy it buy it.

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