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Luankan Peripherals Chapter 67: Gasket Structure Meets Exploration Edition Body——A Brief Review of Upstart GM780 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard

If we say what is the hottest concept of the key ring at the moment, it must be the Gasket structure. Since last year, the Gasket structure has become popular in the customization of key ring kits, which naturally attracts many mass production manufacturers to join in. Therefore, the vigorous Gasket structure trend combined with the current popular hot-swappable and wireless features has become the mainstream of this year's key ring. The upstart domestic manufacturer integrates features such as Gasket structure, hot-swappable, wireless, and color-through casing into 75% of the keyboard, and brings the GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard.

The upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard currently has three theme colors of Wushan, Scorching Sun and Stars. The outer packaging of the product is designed according to the theme color matching. The theme color of the outer packaging of the Wushan theme in the hand is pink. The basic tone of the outer packaging, accompanied by themed background illustrations, has an extremely strong product recognition.

In addition to the GM780 keyboard body, Upstart provides a 2-in-1 shaft puller, USB-A to USB-C cable, four additional keycaps, four replacement switches, and a dust cover. The four supplementary keycaps all use the five-sided sublimation process, which shows that the upstart still spent some thought on the keycaps.

As you can see, the upstart GM780 uses a colored transparent body shell, and transparency is the most popular element of the key ring at the moment. The theme of Wushan is that the main color is light purple, and the color of the transparent shell also follows this theme and chooses purple to achieve a consistent visual perception. Through the transparent casing, you can clearly see the inner structure and connecting cables of the GM780 keyboard, which is a taste of discovery. This may be one of the factors that have made digital products with transparent casings popular in recent years.

According to the name of the upstart GM780, it can be known that this is a mechanical keyboard with 78 keys, and it is no problem to assign it to 75% of the configuration. Compared with the common 75% arrangement that is thought-provoking on the 80% arrangement, GM780 took a different approach and made a subtraction on the 90% arrangement-the row of buttons in the F area was omitted, and the independent number keypad was reserved for the sacrifice of the F area. Whether it is desirable varies from person to person, at least I, a lover of 60% small-sized keyboards, still like this set.

Similar to the Duga Fusion I experienced before, the top of the upstart GM780 is slightly raised, and a decorative pattern strip with the same theme and color matching, as well as related buttons and interfaces are added, which looks a bit retro and customized when viewed from the front. The USB-C interface, power switch, and three-mode wireless switch are arranged on the right side of the top. The orange button on the top is the system switch button for Win and Mac. The layout of the buttons is more reasonable, and there is no obstacle to blind operation.

The bottom of the keyboard boldly introduces a design of staggered vertical and horizontal lines. On the one hand, the raised lines can cooperate with the anti-slip stickers to provide a stable anti-slip effect, and on the other hand, it can avoid the monotonous and boring feeling brought by the smooth surface. The two-stage support feet refer to the ergonomic design, so that users can find the most suitable input angle for their own use. The 2.4G wireless receiver is hidden under the metal nameplate, and the switch is realized by magnetic attraction, which not only improves the style of the keyboard but also avoids the convenience of storage.

The color of the keycap is matched with light purple in the main key area and cool white in the function key area. The combination of the two colors presents a relatively cool atmosphere as a whole, which complements the word Wushan in the theme of Wushan. This set of PBT two-color injection molding keycaps adopts the height of the original factory. The surface of the keycaps has a slightly frosted texture, and the touch of the fingers is relatively refreshing and delicate.

The four pink supplementary keycaps use the five-sided sublimation process, which allows the complete picture pattern to be displayed around the keycaps. Xingui chose aerospace-related materials for the four supplementary keycaps in the Wushan color scheme. material. The pink is more lively in visual presentation. After replacing the four supplementary keycaps, the coolness of the whole keyboard has faded a lot, and it has a little more sense of agility.

The addition of five-hole hot-swapping makes the upstart GM780 compatible with most of the current MX-like structural shafts (the TTC, Kaihua, and Jiadalong shafts in the hands of the actual measurement have no compatibility problems), and players can freely according to their personal preferences. Replace the switch body and customize your own feel on the entire keyboard. In terms of the handling of the large keys, the feel of the satellite axis is quite well adjusted, there is no noise or stagnation, and the overall feel can be regarded as an upper-middle level.

The keyboard provides three connection modes: wired, 2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth, and supports the connection of 3 Bluetooth devices and a USB port through a wireless receiver, which means that wireless connection can be realized on mobile phones, laptops and PCs. seam switching. Bluetooth 5.0 has lower power consumption, and in this state can achieve the long battery life required for office work, while 2.4G wireless connection has lower latency, which is enough to meet the low latency requirements of gamers in games.

Built-in lithium battery solution, 3000mAh lithium battery has a battery life of 100 hours in the dark state, and 10 hours in light mode. It may be based on the consideration of battery life in the light-on mode. The lighting design of the GM780 is slightly conservative-there are no lamp beads on the inner wall around the keyboard, and the brightness of the light is not very strong. Fortunately, its transparent shell improves the projection of the lamp light. It has a very warm visual perception in the dark light environment.

The Gasket structure is different from the hull structure that you have seen on mass-produced keyboards in the past. The PCB positioning plate is placed in the middle of the soft elastic gasket such as silicone and rubber, and then the gasket is fixed by the upper cover and the lower casing. The pressure thus fixes the PCB alignment plate. This makes the PCB positioning board of the Gasket structure sink slightly when pressed hard, which is reflected in the feeling of tapping, and there will be a little soft feedback, and at the same time, the cavity sound and bottoming sound of the keyboard are obtained In addition to weakening, it also has the characteristics of mute.

The most direct feeling brought by the Gasket structure adopted by the upstart GM780 is the keyboard sound. Since the PCB positioning board is made of metal, the soft elastic feeling of the Gasket structure is not obvious or the perception is not strong. Out of usage habits, after replacing the BOX white switch on the keyboard with the crystal silver switch customized by Dujia and Jiadalong, you will find that the tapping sound of the upstart GM780 is significantly smaller than that of other keyboards, and it has a good noise suppression effect.

How to choose the "Explorer Edition" transparent shell, Gasket structure, unique 75% arrangement, three-mode wireless connection, five-hole hot-swappable, RGB backlight? The upstart GM780 wants all of them directly, and all the selling points are integrated into one. This makes the upstart GM780 both good-looking and easy to use. At the same time, the activity price of 499 yuan has a very good price/performance ratio. Interested friends may wish to try something new.

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