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Luofei theme keyboard cap, "cute cat" is really hard to put it down!

In 24 hours a day, besides the bed I sleep at night, the closest thing is the keyboard and mouse. Due to work reasons, I basically spend 7 or 8 hours a day typing on the computer, so I still have a deep affection for the keyboard.

However, because the keyboard has been used many times, the letters and numbers on it have been wiped off, and sometimes it is not convenient to use. So in order to give myself a good keyboard experience, I bought two sets of Luofei keyboard caps again, and the experience is really nice.

Because my girlfriend likes cats, I put on this cute cat keyboard cap as my first choice. Not to mention other things, it is really hard not to like the pink and tender appearance, and this cute cat keyboard has its own The theme is called cats taming human life, and various patterns of cats are printed on many keycaps. For those who like cats, such a keycap is still very attractive.

Of course, if you don’t like cats, you can also choose keyboard caps with other themes. There are more than 20 theme series, and there is always one that suits you. You must know that Luo Fei's aesthetic vision is closely following the trend of young fashion. If it can't meet your needs, then basically you don't need to consider other brands.

In addition to the high value of this keyboard cap, its material is also different from that used in ordinary keyboard caps. It uses imported PBT material with a content of more than 90%, and the surface will have a matte texture. Moreover, compared with ABS material, this material is more wear-resistant and not easy to fade. Even if it is used by people like me who often sweat palms, the keyboard cap will not be oiled and it is more comfortable to use.

In addition, this keyboard cap is suitable for most mainstream keyboards on the market, from 61 to 108 keys. I use a 68-key keyboard myself, and it’s very easy to replace. With the equipped key puller, you can quickly remove the keyboard cap, and then replace the corresponding key cap. If you are not familiar with the keyboard, you can also Take photos in advance and record the position of the keycaps for easy installation.

In general, changing to this Luofei theme keyboard cap is like changing to a new keyboard, and the whole person feels much happier. Friends who need to change the keyboard cap can go and have a look, it really won't let you down.

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