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Luofei Xiaoqiao 68 three-mode mechanical keyboard, manually assemble your own exclusive mechanical keyboard

In the peripheral circle, Luo Fei's keyboard has always been very popular with fans. Not only is the design stylish and stylish, but also the rich themed keycaps, so that people who are not fans will love it at a glance. This time I started with Luofei's newly launched Xiaoqiao series 68-key keyboard + the theme keycap of the summer invasion project.

In addition to the configuration I chose, it has 100 key positions to choose from. The themes of the keycaps include Social Animal Banana, Alice, Puppy Who Loves You Forever, Worker, Street Graffiti, Cute Cat, Sausage Roast Party, Sea Fantasy, Tiger Cub is Busy, UI Style Bright Color, UI Dark Color, Coffee, Pharaoh's gold parade, bone art, Mayan symbols, lucky peach blossom, pixel collision, mahjong, tea restaurant, etc., each theme is a work of art, which can make your desktop a place to show your personality.

Only those who have been in touch with Luofei keyboard know how to truly DIY. Through Luofei's small program, you can choose the keyboard, keycap, and switch body to give you the most independent space. What I chose this time is the theme of summer planning + Jiadalong yellow switch. After receiving the product, just looking at the keycap will give me a cool feeling in summer.

After receiving the product, I usually like to take some interesting pictures, how could I let go of this opportunity? If it weren't for the rush of time and the recent rain, I would still take some fun photos outdoors. However, my suggestion to everyone is that although it is more fun, it should be played moderately, otherwise it is easy to damage the shaft.

Well, after talking about playing, it is time to talk about the actual experience of this keyboard. As a keyboard, it looks good on the one hand, but what is more important is the feeling of using it.

Because Xiaoqiao uses a customized yellow switch, because it is also the first time I have come into contact with the yellow switch. After the actual experience, its response speed and trigger pressure are very in line with my requirements, and the noise is not very high. It is very suitable for use in the office, whether it is a daily office or casual games. The shaft body has been lubricated before leaving the factory, and the shaft center is relatively stable, so the hand feel is very comfortable.

Because I usually use the Apple notebook computer, it is very easy for me to adapt to the 68-inch keyboard, and the experience is more than a hundred times better than the keyboard that comes with the Apple notebook.

Anyone who has known Luofei products knows that the Xiaoqiao series of keyboards is called Xiaoqiao because it has a 9-degree tilt, which is very suitable for people to use. Even heavy keyboard users will not feel very uncomfortable. tired.

For the three connection methods of the small keyboard, I have always liked it. Although I usually don’t like to use wired connections, Bluetooth connection, wired connection and 2.4G wireless connection give you enough options for users. At the bottom of the keyboard It is very convenient to use the switch of Bluetooth and 2.4G connection.

Although Xiaoqiao uses battery life, because of the automatic energy-saving battery technology, the battery life of three batteries is quite satisfactory, and most of our scenes are used in the office or at home, so it is more convenient to use a wired connection. Can make battery life last longer.

In short, I am very satisfied with the summer invasion project-themed keyboard I bought myself. If you are interested, you can go to Luofei's own small program to design it yourself.

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