Magic Geek M1's first round of tossing, sound package - I want to say that I am tossing lonely?

I didn’t go out with the crowd during the May Day holiday. I stayed at home and bought a finished aluminum Tuotuo Mogeek M1. After using it, there are a few problems. You can read my previous article. The main reason is that the satellite axis feels relatively poor. The sound sounds poor, the knobs will rub, the gasket structure is not soft enough, and the built-in black switch feels poor and not smooth enough. After inspecting station B, I came to the conclusion that the sound package needs to be installed, and the satellite switch needs to be replaced. , the shaft needs to be replaced, so I bought a four-piece keyboard workshop M1 sound pack, anti-friction Teflon tape, satellite shaft for fried shrimp, and Ashwood V3. I received the sound pack first, so I have this In this article, in order to save time, let me start with the conclusion:

1. The original satellite shaft has been moistened by the original factory, but the material is really too bad, and it still maintains a bad review, but the after-sales service is still very good. After talking about the problem and sending a video, the satellite shaft will be reissued (I won’t do it if I send it) Use it...);

2. Compared with Station B, the Mogeek M1 finished kit I bought at the Taobao Mogeek flagship store on May 1, 2023 has been greatly improved (1. The problem of insufficient support on both sides, the finished kit has been strengthened 2. The golden metal trim on both sides, the finished kit has been sat to enhance shock absorption; 3. The official sound pack should have been revised in response to the questions raised by the video bloggers at station B, weakening the initial kit Targeted issues; 4. The black switch that comes with the original factory has been moisturized, but I still feel that the feel is still bad;)

3. After replacing the sound pack, there is not much difference in the sound. The original sound pack should be great, or the sound pack I bought is not good enough;

4. If you buy a finished kit, it is recommended to change the shaft or the satellite shaft. I think there is not much difference between the modification or not;

5. The PET film contained in the original sound pack is directly placed inside. It is recommended to open it and paste it (originally with adhesive backing, I see that Bilibili bought it specially to paste this), I personally changed the sound pack The Poron bottom surface (PS: I didn’t hear the difference in the sound, but I feel a little softer psychologically);

This is the PET film of the original sound pack

The PET sheet is not glued to the bottom plate

The metal strip on the side should be a PET transparent film. I haven't heard the sound of the metal strip on the side since I took it back.

The bottom cotton of the original factory is foamed. I don’t know what material it is, and the official didn’t explain it. Compared with the bottom surface I bought, there is a difference in color, and other softness and hardness. I don’t think there is a difference.

This is what the bottom cotton and the circuit board look like together

The support on both sides of the PCB is strengthened, and the bottom cotton also has holes, as shown in the previous picture

Look at it from another angle, just below the knob there's a

The under-shaft cushion of the sound bag I bought is made of IXPE material, with an 8-fold foaming rate

This is the original axle pad. It looks similar to the material of the sound pack I bought (I haven’t seen it in the world, but it’s just my personal feeling), but the surface is a little rough.

This is the original sandwich cotton, which is similar to the poron sandwich cotton of the sound bag (I have never seen it in the world, it is just a personal feeling), but I feel that the sound bag is softer, and the original factory is a little harder, and the difference is very small.

The original satellite axis is confirmed to be moistened, but it still makes the sound of Dajian very strange (compared to my own Q1 Pro)

According to the tutorial of station B, install the shaft body on several corners of the positioning plate to assist the positioning of the sandwich cotton and the pad under the shaft

Looking at the lubricating grease left on the PCB, the official lubrication provided by Mogeek is quite sufficient.

Install all in reverse, test the buttons to confirm that there is no problem, and test the sound to find out. . . Uh, I can't hear the difference at all, only a little psychological effect of changing the bottom cotton to make it softer. . . Do I want to say it feels like a failure?

Immediately asked customer service and I wanted to say I was hit hard. . . After tossing for a long time, I found that there was no difference. . . But I insist that this black switch really doesn't feel good, and the satellite switch is rubbish. .

This is because I found that there was a problem with the satellite axis of the enter key on the day I got it. I found the customer service, and after confirming the problem, I will reissue the accessories.

Can I say that I am a big wronged species? It can obviously save money for a sound pack (the sound pack is not cheap, okay), heartbreak. . .

Stream saving:

Satellite axis: obviously different after replacement

The satellite shaft of the fried shrimp has already been lubricated. I feel that the grease is a little less, and I added some more to the bending part of the steel wire.

Fried prawns are sent with Teflon stickers, and Teflon stickers are added under the satellite shaft

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