Magic Keyboard is the best external keyboard for macbook

Everyone should know what Apple owns.

I think the most convenient thing about this keyboard is that the connection is very fast. The automatic connection is really super convenient, and the operation is basically zero delay. You can rest assured!

Also, don't look at it's thinness, but its material is quite enough, even if you break it by hand, you can't see the obvious deformation feeling. If it is so thin from other brands, it may be a little Break it and it's over.

The skill that surprised me the most was its battery life. I bought it and used it for more than a week. I didn’t charge it. When it was powered off, it only lost about 5% of the battery. This really surprised me. This is definitely a terrifying existence in digital products.

When I bought this keyboard, what I valued was its shortcut key, which can work well with mac OS. There is no need to remember the conversion of WINDOWS anymore, and you are no longer afraid of pressing the wrong button.

Finally, is this keyboard worth buying? From my personal point of view, it is highly recommended to buy, except that the key travel is really short, everything else is impeccable. As a loyal user of Apple, if you want to find a wireless keyboard, I think you can do it without thinking! ! 

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