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People who like digital who don't like to have a cool, stylish and easy-to-use mechanical keyboard on their desktop.

In fact, I was planted by Dareu’s A98 mechanical keyboard a long time ago. Dareu A98 series is the earliest mass-produced and customized mechanical keyboard. It not only has beautiful keycaps and high appearance, but also is very easy to use. comfortable. More importantly, Dareu A98 has a wealth of SKUs to choose from. There is always a keyboard you like. This time I chose the latest Dareu A98 water-permeable three-mode mechanical keyboard.

Let me briefly explain why I chose this mechanical keyboard.

The first is good looks

Although it is not a party of beauty, but after meeting the Dareu A98 water-permeable version, I was indeed attracted by it. The first is that its keycap is transparent like water, and the overall look is very fresh and fashionable. However, in order to make the feel and the RGB lighting less dazzling, the keycaps have been frosted. The advantage of this design is that it can also keep the keyboard away from oil and fingerprint pollution.

The keyboard has a variety of lighting effect modes built in, supports brightness, dynamic speed, and color adjustment, and has high playability, meeting the needs of many device parties.

The second one is comfortable to use and has a good experience

In fact, as a tool, what we should value most is whether its functions meet our usage needs and whether it can improve our work efficiency. As a mechanical keyboard, the Dareu A98 water-permeable version has brought its performance to the extreme. The specially adjusted satellite shaft and balance bar are used to avoid the problem of unstable shaking of the large key. The sky axis V3 axis body is used. The straight up and down linear feel is matched with the brand-new fence-type axis structure, which makes the axis body as stable as Mount Tai; the high-density gold-plated spring greatly improves the smoothness of the feel.

There is double filling of EPDM rubber and high-toughness silicone between the keyboard positioning plate and the bottom plate. The advantage of this material is that it is soft and resilient. It also fills in the gaps between the keyboards, eliminating some noise and making it more comfortable for you to use.

The third is to use rich scenarios

Dareu A98 water-permeable version has more usage scenarios, multi-scenario 2.4G+Bluetooth 5.1+wired three-mode connection channel, which is convenient for you to use. However, for you to have a better experience, it is recommended to use 2.4G or wired for gaming, and 2.4G or Bluetooth for office use.

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