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Mao Zhai Chat Peripherals Chapter 17: CHERRY, who has thick eyebrows and big eyes, also has office suits!

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, the first thing most people think of is "Cherry". Even if the budget is limited and Cherry keyboards cannot be afforded, when they first came into contact with mechanical keyboards, most brands also use Cherry mechanical switches. However, everyone should have seen a lot of Cherry's high-end products. Recently, I got started with a different set of peripheral products, which is Cherry's thin-film wireless keyboard and mouse office set.

The packaging of several products is relatively simple, so I won’t show them here, let’s just look at the products directly; this time I started with a DW 9100 SLIM wireless keyboard and mouse set, an HC2.2 gaming headset, and an oversized table mat (keyboard/mouse can be placed on it).

The keyboard is designed with a silver top cover and a white keycap. The appearance is somewhat similar to the simple design of the Apple Magic Keyboard, but the arrangement of the keys is looser.

The design of the keycaps is also simple, and the gray characters are clearly visible. Even the larger keys such as Shift and Enter are represented by simple symbols, making the overall style more concise.

The key is designed with Cherry SX scissor foot structure. Although it can’t compare with the feel of the mechanical switch body, in the ultra-thin design of the membrane keyboard, the feel of this keyboard is also at the upper-middle level; the top of the keycap is high on both sides and low in the middle. The total of the curved screen can bring obvious tactile prevention and control, and can also prevent a certain degree of false touch.

It should be because the keyboard is too thin, Cherry's nameplate is designed above the arrow keys, but it should be more concise if this nameplate can be removed.

The F functional area on the top of the keyboard is relatively compact in design. After putting down twelve function keys, it can also accommodate a browser and a lock screen button.

The design of the bottom of the keyboard is also very simple, except for a little line depiction, there are non-slip foot pads around; the height of the feet cannot be adjusted, but a detachable magnetic foot is still included to increase the comfort of use .

The effect of the magnetic suction feet is shown in the figure below. After installation, the height of the top is almost twice the original. In addition, the keyboard’s third-speed mode switch and Type-C socket are located on the upper right of the middle frame; the switch is turned to BT for Bluetooth mode. , while RF is 2.4G mode, a receiver can connect keyboard and mouse.

The mouse that is paired with the keyboard is also a wireless version. The size of the mouse is small, and it should be able to adapt to most users. When the battery is low, the red light will flash.

The mouse has a total of six buttons and supports three-speed (1000, 1600, 2400) DPI adjustment. As an office mouse, it naturally does not have those DPI parameters that are against the sky, but it is more than enough for daily office work, and the three-speed DPI adjustment is mainly to adapt to different size resolution display.

There are two function buttons on the left side of the mouse, so there is no need to say more about the functions. There are also gray non-slip pads on the other two, which greatly increase the feel and comfort.

There is a mode switch, a Bluetooth pairing button, and a storage slot for a wireless adapter at the bottom of the mouse, and the foot pads on both sides almost wrap around it.

The mouse and keyboard share a wireless adapter, which can reduce the occupation of the USB-A port of the computer for ordinary office computers, and if it is a notebook, it is more convenient to use the Bluetooth mode.

The size of the table mat is 950x400x4mm, and the middle part is a darker gear pattern, so I thought it was a mechanical punk design.

But after seeing the dragon head patterns on both sides, it gave me a completely different feeling, adding a kind of domineering feeling inexplicably.

There is also a small Cherry label pad on the upper right corner of the table mat, and the surrounding edges are also covered. The table mat is very flat when it is opened for the first time, and the rubber material at the bottom has no obvious odor.

The model of the earphone is HC2.2, and the overall style is relatively plain. The beige shell is matched with light gray earmuffs and head beams, and the design is as simple as a keyboard.

The head beam is designed to be stretched and adjusted, and the earmuffs can also be used for this, which is convenient for storage and carrying when going out; and the attached Mic is also detachable, which is more convenient for storage.

There is a big Cherry LOGO on the earmuffs. After the earphones work, the red light will light up. The area around the LOGO is made of skin-like material, which is more comfortable to the touch, while the other plastic parts have a matte feel.

The headset uses a 50mm audio unit and supports virtual 7.1 channels, which is suitable for playing games or watching movies. The earmuffs and headband pads made of leather are very soft and comfortable. It is good to use when the temperature is low. Of course, it is not recommended to wear them for a long time in summer.

The Cherry LOGOs of the previous products are all small, but there is an oversized LOGO on the earphones.

In fact, CHERRY’s thin-film office keyboard is not a new product, but it has not been working in this field for a long time. Some traditional office suites are mainly low-priced. Rest assured, anyway, the company's original keyboard and mouse always break down; but Cherry is not going this way. The design, materials, and workmanship of this set of products are very good, and it also supports Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connection. becomes more succinct,

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