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Maozhaichat Peripherals Chapter 15: Lofree Lofe Dot Crayon Shin-Chan Keyboard, the Source of Your Happiness

The design of Lofree products has always been very innovative. The first time I got started was a red potato chip mouse, and the left and right buttons really looked like two wavy potato chips. Later, I got started with the little yellow duck cooperation kit, with bright colors Designing the cute little yellow duck pattern made me unable to open my hands, because I was afraid of getting dirty and kept it in my collection. Recently, Lofree launched the Crayon Shin-chan co-branded kit. After seeing the official pictures, I decided to play it. The home page is because "Crayon Shin-chan" really gave me a lot of happiness, and the simple and elegant design is also my favorite style.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic on the express delivery, my parcel arrived in Shanghai in almost a month. However, when it was about to arrive, the community was closed. .

But when I saw Xiaoxin’s big head portrait, I felt a little better. I opened the package and saw that the three-piece set was well preserved, so I felt relieved, except for the Luofei Dot X Crayon Shinxin joint keyboard. , there is also an oversized co-branded mouse pad and co-branded hand pillow, and the keyboard is also equipped with a power/data cable.

The mouse pad is a double-sided design, one side is a variety of patterns of Xiaoxin, Xiaokui, and Xiaobai, and the other is a solid color milk gray similar to the keyboard and hand pillow; the surface is made of slightly rough fabric material, which feels more comfortable to the touch. The top slides relatively smoothly, and the overall thickness exceeds 3mm.

Although the colors of the three-piece set are relatively similar, there are still some differences. For example, the color of the hand pillow is closer to the keycap, but it is not the same as the keyboard shell; the outer side is made of soft PU material. This soft hand pillow is filled with The soft and slow-rebound sponge is very comfortable to put on the wrist, and it is not easy to get tired when coding for a long time.

The Lofree dot keyboard is still the original layout. Although the exterior design has not changed significantly in the past few days, it has always been popular because of its innovative design, especially the round keycap design, and its recognition is also very high. .

The "Crayon Shin-chan" elements of the keyboard are mainly concentrated in the function key area at the top, and there are also space bar and enter key with customized elements.

The switch and charging port of the keyboard are on the right side of the keyboard. From top to bottom are the Micro USB interface, power switch, and mode switch. The keyboard supports Bluetooth and wired dual-mode connection, the power is turned off to the wired mode, and it can be used by connecting to the computer through a data cable; the Bluetooth mode supports the adaptation of three devices, which can be switched by FN + 1, 2, and 3. In addition, the keyboard also supports the key layout of Windows and MAC platforms, and it is very convenient to use a special switch.

There is an indicator light next to the TAB button on the left side of the keyboard, which is used to display the working status, such as fast flashing to indicate waiting for Bluetooth matching.

The inclination angle of the Lofree dot dot keyboard is fixed, and there are four round rubber feet at the bottom, which not only increase the slip resistance, but also support the keyboard.

The shaft body is convenient. This time I chose Jiadalong’s G Tea Pro. This is a tripod shaft body with a trigger stroke of 2.0mm, a total stroke of 4.0mm, and a trigger pressure of 55g. It feels slightly heavier and has a lifespan of 80 million times. .

Lofree Lofree dots use the upper light position design, thanks to the transparent upper cover design of G Tea Pro, the light can be fully diffused, bringing better visual effects. In addition, this keyboard also has lights in wireless mode. Fortunately, it has a sleep mode and a built-in 4000mAh large battery, which can last for about a week.

Because the keyboard is designed in a circular shape, the internal structure is also very different from the one we met the day before yesterday, as shown in the figure below.

The keycaps in the top F function area are different from other keycaps, because there are no familiar letters and numbers on the top of them, but a dynamic Superman portrait and 13 Xiaoxin portraits with various expressions, each of which is very special. vivid.

These keycaps have a slightly different design on the inside because of the metal parts on top, as shown in the picture below.

Because of the design of the keycaps, the keys in the F function area are all printed on the side. Because the Luofei dot keyboard can be adapted to the macOS platform, the function keys on the top are in one-to-one correspondence with the keyboard on the Mac. The specific functions can be Press the pattern behind the text. This is really a good point. My MBP is usually connected to the monitor, which is much more convenient, and the brightness of the backlight of the keyboard can also be adjusted here.

I didn’t expect that the mechanical keyboard has healing properties besides the refreshing coding experience. Every time after high-intensity coding and heavy work, people will become very irritable, but when seeing Xiaoxin’s various expressions, Feeling a lot easier all of a sudden. In addition, the soft hand pillow is also very comfortable, which reduces the discomfort of the wrist, and supports Win/Mac dual platforms, making it more convenient to use

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