Maozhaichat Peripherals Chapter 26: Crisp and neat, refreshing feel - Kaihua BOX Zhidong switch hands-on experience

From winter to spring! The peach blossoms in the yard are also in full bloom. I didn’t use the Kaihua BOX Zhidong axis until this time; although I usually like to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season, I still use the Zhidong axis in spring this time. It may be that it is not until spring that we know what last year's winter was like. For a long time, the mechanical axis can be roughly divided into segmental axis and linear axis. However, as the user's demand for the axis becomes more and more abundant, the advanced segmental axis and light pressure linear axis are derived... Zhidong axis Choose everything, adopt the design of light pressure combined with advanced paragraphs, and at the same time continue the BOX structure.

Kaihua BOX Zhidong axis adopts a light blue color scheme, giving people a fresh and natural feeling.

When I heard the name, I thought it would be the kind of high-transparent icy feeling, but the light blue color scheme made my eyes shine, and the matching was very successful. The matching of the shaft cover, shaft seat, and shaft center, which are also light blue but have different textures, is like a box of jelly just opened, which makes people want to stop.

In terms of materials, the Kaihua BOX Zhidong switch uses nylon upper cover, POM shaft and shaft seat. These materials provide excellent smoothness and longer service life.

The shaft body adopts the common big buckle shaft cover and five-pin shaft seat scheme in the BOX structure. Although it is not compatible with the three-pin PCB keyboard, the current mainstream keyboard still has more five-pin shaft seats. In addition, Kaihua BOX Zhidong axis is also equipped with an independent light guide column structure, which is compatible with mainstream SMD lamp beads, making the light more concentrated and making up for the opacity of the upper cover.

Having said so much, let's take apart the shaft body to find out.

Because of the independent light guide column design, there is one more light guide column component compared to the general shaft body.

The Kaihua BOX Zhidong switch has a subtle light-transmitting effect, but the base is not a light-transmitting material, so it loses light transmission.

The shaft center design of Zhidong shaft has a dust-proof wall, which can effectively prevent dust and debris from entering the shaft body, thereby prolonging the service life of the shaft body. There is also a certain amount of lubrication treatment inside the shaft body, including the bottom of the shaft seat, the spring, and the side wall of the shaft center. These lubrication treatments can further improve the pressing feel of the shaft body and make the hand feel smoother and more comfortable.

The unique sub-compartment structure and sealed trigger structure can be seen on the base, so that the shaft body can better prevent dust, improve the service life, and maintain a more durable feel.

In addition, the Kaihua BOX Zhidong axis adds small feet to achieve the feeling of the first paragraph. The single-segment long spring also makes the pressure after the paragraph more linear and uniform, and the hand feedback is better. With a lighter trigger force, the hand feedback is very wonderful. The specific parameters are as follows, the trigger force is 38gf, the total stroke is 3.6mm, the trigger stroke is 2.0mm, the initial pressure is 40gf, the bottoming pressure is 52gf, and the service life is about 80 million times.

The light guide column of the Zhidong axis is relatively small in design and has high permeability. There are circular buckles on both sides, which can just be fixed on the upper cover of the axis body.

In short, the Kaihua BOX Zhidong switch is a mechanical switch with excellent design and good materials. Whether it is in daily use or in game competitions, it can bring users excellent response speed and feel feedback. Excellent dust resistance, durable performance and comfortable tactile feedback, it is very suitable for users who need high-quality mechanical keyboards.

Next, install the kit to experience it in practice. There are no pictures to appreciate:

Lighting Tour:

Semi-transparent keycap map tour:

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