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Mass-produced TOP87 with excellent hand feel and full texture, shared by Darmoshark K6 Arhat

The "Gasket" structure of the key ring, which has been popular for more than a year, is a structure that makes the sound more consistent. Of course, I am not saying that the structure of Gasket is not good, and the pursuit of sound is wrong. After all, green vegetables and radishes have their own preferences, but from the point of view that I am more concerned about the feel, Gasket structure is not my first choice. For players who are looking for consistent feel, there is a better choice - "Top Structure". The keyboard I’m sharing with you today comes from Darmoshark’s K6 Arhat. It is a very popular 87-arranged three-mode mechanical keyboard recently.

The outer packaging is the color printing style of the Darmoshark family. The opening and closing of the top and bottom cover, the paper box is thick, and there is not much other content except the brand and the rendering of the keyboard.

Happy to hear and see a family portrait: K6 Luohan keyboard, transparent dust cover, Type-C data cable, steel wire key puller, shaft puller, interface adapter, shaft replacement reminder card and manual.

Darmoshark K6 Luohan is a three-mode mechanical keyboard with 87 configurations. When various companies are scrambling to launch various types of 98 configurations and 75 configurations, there are really not many brands that still insist on innovatively launching 87/104 configuration keyboards. The tonality of the Darmoshark brand is very special and interesting.

The TOP structure is a structure that directly locks the positioning plate (inner liner) on the upper cover through screws. The biggest advantage of this structure is that it can obtain better hand feeling consistency, so that the keys at different positions of the keyboard can get the greatest unity. . Compared with the Gasket structure, the keyboard of the Top structure may not sound so good, but the feel is definitely better. And the K6 is also fully equipped with sound packs: silicone sandwich pads, under-shaft pads and silicone bottom pads, all of which are missing.

The design language of K6 is completely different from the style of Darmoshark’s previous products. The metal nameplate in the upper right corner is the most recognizable point from the front.

When I first saw the three personalized keycaps in the upper right corner, I thought this should be the theme of killing werewolves in space.

After seeing the personalized patterns of the TAB and SHIFT keys, I went back and looked again, only to find that these are actually cartoon images of Marvel characters.

The keyboard shell is milky white, the frame thickness is moderate, and it has a design similar to cascading and extending downwards. The waistline is slightly raised, which looks rich in layers.

The second half of the keyboard has a color matching design that exposes the bottom case, which further enriches the layering.

The metal nameplate in the upper right corner has the logo of "Darmoshark" and the English word "arhat" on both sides. You can also use the officially provided nameplate drawings for personalization and replace them with your own ID or other patterns.

The keyboard has a default tilt angle. After equipped with MDA height keycaps, the overall height is not too high, and it will not feel too tiring to use without a hand rest.

The indicator light in the upper left corner follows Darmoshark's family-style design style.

The TYPE-C socket and the three-mode switching switch are located on the left rear side of the keyboard. The switch is relatively small and a little tight, and it is a little difficult to toggle.

The characters on the keycaps in the letter area are larger, and those in other areas are a little smaller.

On the ESC, enter and space keys, there are Darmoshark or shark fin logos.

The keycaps are made using a sublimation process, and the keycaps with personalized patterns use a five-sided sublimation process. There are some burrs on the sides of some keycaps, which can be cleaned up by scraping with a hard card. This set of keycaps manufactured by Hamaguang has indeed lowered the overall level of K6. At present, because Darmoshark has improved the quality control standard of keycaps, the shipment of K6 has been affected. It is said that it may be sold in the form of kits later.

The large key adopts the mainstream satellite shaft solution. The satellite shaft is self-lubricated at the factory, and the consistency of the feel is very good, and the sound is quite "HiFi". The gaps on both sides of the space positioning board are also filled, and the configuration of the sandwich pad and the bottom pad eliminates most of the cavity sound and noise.

The switch body of this keyboard is Jiadalong wallaby switch, which is a large paragraph switch in advance. The paragraph process is not too round, and the paragraph feeling is quite obvious. The shaft body adopts a combination of a transparent upper cover and a light green shaft core. The shaft center does not use a fence structure. It has a small and fresh style, and its appearance is not bad.

The PCB board is compatible with tripod shafts and five-pod shafts. Through the black pad under the shaft, you can faintly see a touch of purple on the PCB board.

The bottom shell of the keyboard is decorated with simple lines, and the whole is relatively simple. There is a non-slip foot pad at each of the four corners, and there is no foot support. If you feel that the front side of the keyboard is too high, you can use it with a hand rest.

There is a hidden 2.4G receiver storage compartment in the middle of the top of the bottom case.

The driver program is the same as before, button customization, lighting effect setting (supporting music rhythm), the interface is very simple, and the operation is also very simple, so I won’t go into details.

The keycaps are opaque, and the RGB backlight mainly serves as an ambient light effect. However, the light brightness of K6 is relatively high. Compared with its own K7, K6 is obviously much brighter. Coupled with the reflection effect of the white positioning board, the overall lighting effect is very good.

The keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which can be used continuously for about 24 hours when the light is turned on, and 266 hours when the light is turned off. This battery life can be regarded as excellent.

I don't know when it started, "good sound" has become the main factor in judging the quality of a keyboard. In fact, when many people use computers, they basically listen to music or wear headphones; it is even more impossible to focus on the sound of the keyboard when playing games. On the contrary, there is a greater need for mute in many cases. As for the mechanical keyboard as an input tool, I still think that the original intention is to have a good hand feel. On the premise of achieving excellent hand feel, better sound should be a bonus item, not the main factor.

At present, most of the mechanical keyboards on the market are ship hulls, and many manufacturers are pushing the Gasket structure. There are not many mass-produced TOP structures. For the time being, Darmoshark should be the only one that makes the conventional 87 arrangement. Whether it is the design style, materials and workmanship of the K6 Arhat keyboard, or the final feel adjustment, it is striving to move forward with the goal of creating a high-quality product. Of course, K6 also has shortcomings. First of all, there is no foot support, which is not very friendly to users who are used to opening the foot support; secondly, the keycap quality control on the first batch of products hinders the keyboard as a whole. Fortunately, Darmoshark The after-sales processing is in place, and you can basically get a relatively perfect appearance through the exchange. It is hoped that the probability of similar problems will be reduced by improving the quality control standards in the later stage, or the K6 kit will be released as soon as possible, allowing players to match different switches and keycaps by themselves. In the end, I hope to see more domestic peripheral brands like Darmoshark who insist on making products seriously and making good products, and bring us more excellent peripheral products.

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