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Maybe they are the best solution for your "difficulty in choosing"——Black Canyon E2/E4 mechanical keyboard evaluation experience

Hello everyone, I am Taotie

Recently, Double 11 is approaching again, and various peripheral manufacturers have begun to gear up during this time period, preparing to seize the commanding heights in market share.

Indeed, compared with the past, the current mechanical keyboard market is extra lively. Both traditional manufacturers and emerging brands have plunged into this red sea, and competition is inevitable. Also benefiting from such a big environment, many manufacturers have to continue to innovate and make continuous progress. Once they lie flat, they will be eliminated by the times. (The picture above is from the Internet)

As a new brand in the field of peripherals, Black Canyon will naturally not sit still. Not long ago, it launched two very fresh new products, the Black Canyon E2/E4 mechanical keyboard.

Let's take a look at the actual performance of these two new products.

Both Black Canyon E2/E4 adopt the color printing style of black background, and the keyboard codes of E4 and E2 are printed on the edge.

When you open the keyboard, you can see the relevant accessories, which include dust cover, data cable, key puller, shaft puller, warranty card, and hand rest.

Let's take a look at the appearance of this Black Canyon E2.

This time, the Black Canyon E2 in my hand adopts the starlight white color scheme. The white shell is matched with the white keycap, which looks very pure and simple at first glance.

Different from the past, this time it adopts a high-gloss piano-like paint treatment on the shell, and the texture is very good.

Under the irradiation of light, the refracted light has a ceramic-like soft feeling.

In terms of configuration, the Black Canyon E2 adopts an 83-key layout, which retains the F area and some function keys. Compared with the 75% bloated feeling, its overall appearance will be more coordinated.

Next to the ESC key is Black Canyon's very classic smiley face light design.

Compared with the purity of this Black Canyon E2, the midnight blue of this Black Canyon E4 is more stable, low-key, with a hint of mystery.

Similarly, the dark blue keycaps are matched with the frame of the same color, which maintains unity in consistency, and the process treatment similar to piano paint also improves its overall texture.

In terms of configuration, this Black Canyon E4 adopts a 99-key layout, that is, the functional area in the middle is cut off, and the direction keys and number area are retained, which minimizes the size of the keyboard.

On the side is the power switch key and the storage compartment of the wireless receiver. Since it is the same color as the bottom case, it has good privacy.

In order to facilitate the left and right outlets, the power cords of the two keyboards are all in the middle.

Similarly, the foot supports at the bottom position are also fixed by magnetic suction. After trying it, it is quite firm.

In terms of switches, the two keyboards in my hand use two switches, Danxia Red and Cangling Green, customized by Kaihua.

In fact, I have experienced it many times before. As the latest version of Kaihua BOX series shaft body, its overall performance is quite stable, especially the improved extended spring makes the hand feel more compact, which reduces the lag of the previous generation.

In addition, the unique crisp "click, click, click" sound of BOX switches has also been retained. For those who like the feel of green switches, Cangling Green is definitely not to be missed.

In order to improve playability and reduce the difficulty of maintenance, the keyboard also supports hot swapping, and the shaft body can be replaced directly.

The position of the big key is still the classic steel plate satellite shaft, and grease is added inside the dummy shaft.

And a rubber strip is added under the space area to improve the problem of the cavity sound of large keys.

Now the popular Gasket structure can’t be absent either. This time, the two Black Canyon E2/E4 adopt this liner suspension structure. At the same time, cushion pads and sound-absorbing cotton are added inside to improve the comfort when knocking.

Here is also a mention of the attached magnetic hand rest, which is quite comfortable to use, gently close to the edge of the keyboard, directly adsorbed, firm and strong, and the surface of the hand rest is also treated with a baking varnish, which is consistent with the shell process.

In terms of keycaps, Black Canyon still uses the improved SA height PBT ball cap this time. Compared with the OEM and original height, the high ball cap has a different performance in terms of feel and visual experience.

In addition, in order to reduce the cut feel of the large keys, this time the corners of the space bar are rounded with a large angle, and the details are in place.

In terms of wireless connection, the Black Canyon E2/E4 all use wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G three-mode connections this time, which can meet the needs of different scenarios.

And this time the 2.4g receiver that comes with the keyboard also has USB-A and Type-C bidirectional plugs, which can be directly connected to mobile phones or tablet devices.

After trying it, there is no problem with delay and stability, and the wake-up speed is quite good.

In terms of battery life, there is a large 4600mAh battery hidden inside the keycap, which is enough to meet the needs of daily use.

Cool lighting is also very necessary. This time Black Canyon E2/E4 has added RGB lighting effects, but the white version of the keycap can be read through, and the midnight blue keycap is not transparent, here you need to pay attention .

Through the use of these days, I found that these two keyboards are indeed very good.

Exquisite layout, Kaihua scenery series BOX shaft body, excellent appearance design, three-mode connection, Gasket structure, five-pin hot-swappable, SA height PBT keycap, 4600mAh large battery, magnetic hand rest, it can be said For the functions that a mechanical keyboard should have, they are almost the same and lack. So as the opening title said, if you are a patient with "difficulty in choosing", the Black Canyon E2/E4 mechanical keyboard is definitely your best solution in the near future.

Well, the above is the whole content of this article, thank you for reading!

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