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Mechanical keyboard evaluation Part 11: 4 yuan a full POM material switch body, Heijue AK966 ice cream switch mechanical keyboard out of the box

Hello everyone, this is Tank.

The AK966 released by Heijue this time can be described as a keyboard delivery switch. It is equipped with Kaihua’s latest Cream switch body. It is a full POM material switch body that costs 4 yuan each. In addition to the switch body, a large 1W mAh battery , The three-mode gasket structure 98 is equipped with a knob design, which can be said to be full of blocking materials. Next, let's take a look at how this keyboard performs~

Reference price: 749 yuan

Arrangement: 98 arrangement with knob

Color: Senyu, Mengxia, Xingwan

Keycaps: MDA height PBT dye-sublimation keycaps

Shaft: Kaihua's latest Cream shaft

Connection mode: Three-mode hot-swappable Other: RGB

This article was typed by Heijue AK966 Senyu color + Kaihua Cream shaft

After opening the box, you can see a dust cover with the Heijue logo printed on it. It can be said to be full of details. There are many accessories given below, a metal supplementary knob with the same theme color.

The tester sent Kaihua's Yelan switch and Deep Sea Mute switch, why are there four? Because Yelan and Deep Sea Mute switches have two versions of linear switch and segment switch, next to them are four Mac system supplementary keycaps, on the right Double-headed shaft puller and data cable in the small box.

AK966 is designed with 98 on the right knob. There are three different colors of Senyu, Mengxia and Xingwan. The one I have is Senyu color. The color scheme is mainly composed of three colors: yellow, white and green. It is spliced ​​together. I think the two colors may be spliced ​​together to look better.

There is also a theme-colored metal cover printed on the top cover of the three keys and the knob in the upper right corner. I twisted it a few times and felt that the metal knob was a little wobbly.

On the left is the physical switch for wireless 2.4G, wired, and Bluetooth

The right side is the storage compartment of the wireless 2.4g receiver, and the indicator light is between the letter area and the number area

The back is similar to the previous mold of Heijue. The outlet supports three-stage outlets in the middle. Note that the outlet is relatively narrow, and some data cables may not be able to be inserted.

The keycaps are MDA keycaps made of PBT material, which adopts the sublimation process. The MDA keycaps have a larger finger contact area and make typing more comfortable.

The overall characters are very clear. The letter area is printed very large. The overall collocation includes three colors of white, yellow and aluminum. There are not too many colors and it will not look messy.

The MDA keycap feels very comfortable, and the area where the finger touches the keycap is larger, which is very comfortable when fast coding.

The water outlet of the keycap is on the top, and the keycap basically has no flaws. Turn it over and see that there is only one rib on the chrysanthemum of the keycap, and the larger keycap has no rib. After a long time of use, the keycap may not be stable.

The big key is a satellite shaft. After shaking the fake shaft for a few times, it is relatively stable. There is no major problem. You can also see traces of lubricating oil on the fake shaft from the picture. Meat.

The sandwich cotton made of Poron material under the space has a better sound attenuation effect than silicone and higher stability.

After unplugging the shaft body, it is found that it supports three-pin and five-pin hot-swap at the same time, which means that the common shafts on the market basically support it. The keycap is not transparent, so the design of the lower light position is used. During the day, the overall The RGB effect will not be particularly bright.

Pull out the shaft body and clamp it with tweezers. The pad and bottom cotton under the shaft are also made of Poron material. This keyboard of Heijue has everything it should have.

The overall feel of the large keys is still ok, but the PC positioning board is not as soft as expected. The switch body is the only mass-produced keyboard on the market that uses Kaihua’s new ice cream switch. Take it apart and see, the ice cream switch The spring is relatively short, the rebound is not as good as imagined, and the shaft core is smooth when it leaves the factory.

However, the full POM material will become smoother the more you use it. I feel that the pressure is a bit heavy when I use it myself. In terms of rebound, it may be better to change to a slightly longer spring. I can look forward to the performance after I use it for a year.

If you want to experience the Kaihua ice cream switch that costs 4 yuan each, you can start with this Heijue AK966 now. It is the only mass-produced keyboard with a large 1W mAh battery on the market, and it comes with a lot of accessories.


Sublimation MDA keycaps, the overall appearance is very high,

Support full-key five-pin and three-pin hot-swappable, Poron shaft underpad, sandwich cotton, bottom cotton, Gasket structure makes the code word sound more pure, very suitable for code words

1W mAh large battery is very durable

Equipped with wireless 2.4G receiver storage compartment

Arc treatment around the keycap, anti-cut hands


The metal knob is slightly wobbly

The PC positioning board is not as soft as expected

Character printing is relatively thin, it may not be obvious at night

The above is all the evaluation content of the Heijue AK966 brought to you this time, I hope you can like it~

I am @Tank, and I will bring you more keyboard content in the future. If it is helpful to you, please like and support it. Your three links are the greatest encouragement to me!

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