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Mechanical keyboard evaluation Part 4: Maybe it is the ceiling of the current mass-produced mechanical keyboard 98 arrangement? Keychron Q5 98 with Gasket Aluminum Tuo Tuo Unboxing Review

Hello everyone, I am @Tank, and I have shared Keychron Q3 with you before. In the past two months, I did not expect that the Keychron product iteration has been updated to Q5, which is very fast.

What I want to share with you today is the latest Q5, which I personally think is the king of mass-produced keyboards with 98 configurations.

Let's take a look at the experience of using the Keychron Q5~

1. Single-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, 98 keys with volume knob design, all keys support RGB;

2. PBT two-color injection-molded keycaps, available in black, gray, and blue, are the same as the Q3 color scheme, but there are not many blue ones at the time of release due to technical problems. You can look at the blue ones when you buy them. Is there any more.

3. The shaft body is Jiadalong G Pro shaft body, which can be selected from red, tea, and green, which is the same as the previous Q3.

I personally like the linear axis, so the Q5 in my hand is still the same as my Q3, which is still the Jiadalong G Red Pro.

The models released after Keychron Q3 are not on the Jingdong store, so currently Q5 can only be purchased at the Keychron Tmall flagship store.

This article was typed by Keychron Q5 Black Edition + Jiadalong G Red Pro

Keychron's keyboard packaging box is old-fashioned, with the keyboard model Keychron Q5 printed on the top, and the keyboard thumbnail below is colorful and reflective, full of design sense!

After opening the box, you can see that it is covered with a thick sponge, which has a good protection effect on the keyboard during transportation. Unlike the previous Q3, a round hole is made on the right side of the thick sponge. Can't lift the sponge.

After opening the sponge, you can see the keyboard*1, the supplementary keycap*3, the type-c data cable*1, the instruction card for plugging and unplugging the shaft body*1, the warranty card and manual*1, the poron gasket and screws, and the After the specific manual is opened, there are four things hidden under the keyboard, namely a screwdriver, hexagonal socket, key puller and shaft puller.

There are several gaskets that are not installed, so Keychron provides corresponding tools that need to be installed by the user to disassemble and install the patch.

Although there is no aviation plug-in cable for Q1 and Q2, the double-headed type-c data cable provided has a type-c to USB adapter on the front. This praise can satisfy both TYPE-C and USB users.

The one in my hand is the 98 series with knob version, the knob is designed in the upper right corner, so the del key of the keyboard needs to be moved to the left, the overall keyboard does not look so symmetrical, it does not have the symmetrical beauty of the general 98 series keyboard, but the F area There is no left shift, so you don't have to worry about affecting your muscle memory when playing moba games.

The keyboard has three colors of black, gray, and blue. Q3 has already used blue before, so this time Q5 uses black. Black gives people a high-cold feeling. Because of the old tradition of adapting to the Mac, Keychron’s factory keycaps are still Mac keys, but this time the supplementary keycap is one less than the previous Q3, because there are only three keys on the right side of the 98 column space, there is no The win key is gone, so the supplementary keycap is one less than the 87.

The type-c connection port is in the upper left corner, next to it is the toggle switch for Mac and Win systems.

Compared with the F97 of the aluminum factory, the Q5 is slightly lower than the F97.

Flip to the back, there are four non-slip pads and eight screw holes, there is no kick design, the surface is very easy to leave fingerprints! ! !

I weighed it as a whole, and the whole keyboard is about 2.3KG, which is heavier than Q3, and it is the heaviest mass-produced keyboard I have so far.

The knob in the upper right corner can be pulled out directly, but Keychron is not equipped with an additional knob, if necessary, you have to configure it yourself.

The left and right sides of the knob are used to control the volume, press down to mute the switch, press and hold the FN+ knob to change the brightness of RGB, press and hold FN and then press down to quickly turn off the RGB light.

The keycaps are the same PBT keycaps as Q3, OSA height ball caps, and the overall characters printed are relatively small. I randomly disassembled a few and assembled them into my own ID: Tank. The overall quality control of the keycaps is better than that of Q3. There is no problem with rotten chrysanthemums.

The large key still uses the Gadalon screw satellite shaft. The screw installation is much more stable than that of Q3. I press hard and there is no seesaw problem, but the right shift has a slight cavity sound, and the other large keys are fine. Students who don't mind can use it immediately.

The dummy shaft of the satellite shaft is lubricated before leaving the factory. Compared with Q3, it has been lubricated with more care. I don’t know if I read my previous evaluation and listened to my opinion. Unlike Q3, it is easy to stick a lot of lubricating oil to the keys. On the cap, the degree of lubrication this time is just right.

The switch body is still Jiadalong G Pro switch body, which can be selected from red, tea, and green. There is no G silver, yellow, and white of Jiadalong. You may consider the three switch bodies of red, tea and green, whether you play the keyboard or not, at least it is easy to know. , Ordinary users of the three models of silver, yellow, and white may not even know what axes are, and there is a learning cost when choosing.

I personally recommend choosing between G Red Pro or G Tea Pro, and G Red is more recommended, after all, the gasket structure supports the linear axis better.

Under the black positioning plate, there is a sound-absorbing gasket, but it is not covered with a full layer, probably to save costs (bushi)

Follow-up will send unboxing video to worth buying~

I forgot to record the RGB when I unpacked it. Here I would like to add that it is still the lower light position as before. The light transmission effect of the Jiadalong G red transparent upper cover is not bad, but because the keycap is dark, so the overall The RGB effect is quite satisfactory.

I personally think it is a keyboard with high playability in the current 98 configuration. I personally feel that it is better than Q3 in terms of completion, better consistency and basically no resonance problem. It is a 98 gasket that is worth buying. If you have a certain ability to do it yourself, it is recommended to just buy a kit~

Finally, briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this Keychron Q5


Aluminum Tuo Tuo looks very good, with knob and no knob design optional, to meet the different needs of different users

98 with a gasket structure, very comfortable to use code words

The ball cap made of PBT material feels good, the full-key RGB effect supports multiple effect switching

The Mac/Win key support is very good, and it is perfectly adapted to the F-zone function keys of the Mac

Support QMK open source key change


Aluminum Tuo Tuo is heavy and not particularly convenient to carry

There is only a wired single-mode version, wireless is currently not supported due to signal interference issues, Keychron may support wireless in the future

There is no indicator light, when you use it, you may not know whether you are uppercase or lowercase and whether the number area is turned on

Fingerprints are easy to leave on the surface of aluminum lumps

This is the end of the evaluation of Q5. If you feel that it is helpful to you, you may wish to like it, follow it and support it. Thank you very much~

I am Tank, a product manager who loves to toss mechanical keyboards, and I will bring you more keyboard reviews in the future. See you next time!

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