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Mechanical keyboard evaluation Part 7: TTC axis mechanical keyboard with the highest value under 1,000 yuan, IQUNIX/Aluminum Factory OG80 evaluation

Hello everyone, I am Tank, and today I will bring you an unboxing evaluation of a mechanical keyboard with a transparent case.

Before buying this keyboard, I had an L80 matte version from the aluminum factory, which was equipped with TTC gold powder. It was my main keyboard, and it was quite cool to use.

Recently, I saw some bloggers evaluating this OG 80. The transparent shell with RGB effect is very cool. Out of trust in the aluminum factory, I bought another OG80 for evaluation.

The RGB version I bought this time is already a transparent case after all, it would be a blood loss not to buy RGB! The switch body is TTC Kuaiyin, and I want to try the Top 1 switch body for playing games.

If you are interested in the keyboard of the aluminum factory (IQUNIX), the TTC switch body, and whether to buy the L80 or the OG80, you may wish to read this review, which will help you.

Reference price: 749 yuan shaft body

Optional: cherry red shaft/brown shaft/green shaft/silver shaft TTC gold powder/quick silver/moon white

Keycap: PBT sublimation OEM height

Connection method: wired connection, wireless Bluetooth 5.1, wireless 2.4G sublimation

Arrangement and backlight: 75% arrangement and 83 keys,

RGB backlight Others: transparent shell, no feet, support hot swap

Although both cherry switches and TTC switches are optional, I personally suggest that TTC switches are more worthwhile at this price. If you type a lot, you won’t be afraid of touching gold powder by mistake, and if you play games, you can use Kuaiyin. white.

The packaging box is a relatively simple black box. The difference from the L80 box is that the L80 box has a matte surface, while the OG80 box is glossy.

On the left is the brand logo, on the right is the product model, and in the middle there is a girdle printed with a keyboard thumbnail and the name of the wormhole color scheme, which can slide left and right.

The dust cover has an opening at the left keyboard interface, which is convenient to cover the dust cover to charge the keyboard

The box of OG80 is a little more careful than that of L80, at least there is a sponge pad, unlike the box of L80, which is just an empty box.

The accessories inside are: 4 Mac key supplementary keycaps, 4 graphic supplementary keycaps, 1 dual-purpose key puller, 1 keyboard brush, 1 adapter, 1 solid color space replacement keycap, 1 data cable .

Like L80, OG80 is 80% tightly arranged, with 83 key positions. The space in the pre-installed keycaps is wormhole style. Unlike other keycaps, it is not a solid color. If you mind, replace it with a supplementary keycap.

Unlike other keyboards, the F area of ​​this OG80 is tilted up. Compared with the general keyboard, the function keys in the F area are closer to the hand, and it is more convenient to press.

At the inclined angle of the F area, the green opening in the upper left corner is a storage compartment for a wireless 2.4g receiver. This is not available in the A80 and L80. It is a unique design of the OG80, so that the receiver is not afraid of being lost easily.

The difference between this and L80 is that the light position is between Esc and F1, L80 is just a plastic decoration here, and the light of L80 is between G and H.

On the far right side of the F area is the logo of IQUNIX and the nameplate of the keyboard model OG80. This metal nameplate is a bit of a customized keyboard.

The top left top is the type-C interface. It is more convenient to separate the key wires for plugging and unplugging. Overall, the transparent case is frosted rather than glossy. I guess it is because I am afraid that the glossy surface will easily leave scratches.

The bottom shell is also semi-frosted and translucent, you can vaguely see the PCB board behind it, and the effect is better when the light is turned on, and it has a hazy and beautiful feeling.

You can see two black ones at the top of the bottom, which are built-in 4000mAh mAh lithium battery, which can bring a longer battery life. Below is the nameplate of the keyboard with detailed parameters, and the bottom is the wireless and wired switch, which is also transparent. button.

There are only four anti-skid pads on the bottom, because the function keys in the F area are designed with a slant, there is no foot support on the bottom, you need to pay attention!

The keycaps are made of PBT material, and the characters are relatively clear by dye-sublimation printing. However, it is slightly different from the dye-sublimation printing of the L80. It is thicker than the characters of the L80. My personal guess is that it is because there are similar ESC keys. This kind of graphic keycap, if the printing is too thin, the style of the graphic keycap and the character keycap will not match, and there will be a split.

As mentioned at the very beginning, the OG80 chooses Kuaiyin, and the L80 chooses gold powder. If you are typing a lot and you are not afraid of accidental touches, choose gold powder, which is lighter in hand. If you play a lot of games, buy Kuaiyin. Better, the trigger is faster and the initial pressure is higher, and it is not easy to accidentally touch.

On the whole, the bottoming sound of gold powder and quick silver is not small. If you really mind the sound, you should think about it.

The keyboard supports hot-swappable full-key shafts, flip-mounted shafts support triangular shafts and pentapod shafts, the upper light position is patch backlit, and has a variety of built-in lighting effects. The lighting effect switching is FN + HOME key, FN + PGUP and PGDN are Increase/decrease RGB brightness.

Between the positioning board and the PCB, I saw that there is a sandwich sound-absorbing pad, which can eliminate the cavity sound caused by the bottoming of the shaft body to a certain extent, but the bottoming sound is good for Kuaiyin, after all, the key stroke is so short. .

The large key is the same as L80 and A80. The large key of OG80 is also a balance bar, which is relatively rare at this price. I mentioned it when I was evaluating L80, because it is equipped with a gold powder enter key, which is a bit fleshy. There is no problem with the Enter key of the OG80 Kuaiyin, it is very easy to use, and the large keys are well balanced.

Let’s briefly talk about the balance bar and satellite shaft here. The balance bar is troublesome for beginners to remove the keycaps, but it’s okay after getting familiar with it. Overall, the feel of the balance bar is better adjusted.

The satellite switch is very convenient for beginners to disassemble and change the keycap, but it is easy to seesaw after using it for a long time, and the precision parameters of the satellite switch are different in different scenarios, so the satellite switch has good and bad, which is why there are so many customized The reason why I am willing to buy Fuling satellite switches when upgrading the keyboard.

When there is no power, the light will be red, and it takes about 2 hours to charge

After it is fully charged, the indicator light will turn green. The official said that it can be used for 3000 hours without light. I have used wireless 2.4G for more than a week and have not charged it. I will know that it is on when the indicator light turns red next time. About how long RGB can be used.

Briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this OG80


Transparent shell + cool RGB effect, the overall keyboard looks very good

Equipped with a TTC shaft, quick silver and gold powder are good choices

The large key balance bar of the aluminum factory is well tuned and feels first-class

The large 4000mAh battery makes the battery life stronger in wireless mode

Compared with A80 and L80, the storage compartment of the wireless receiver has been added, so you don’t have to worry about losing the receiver


The transparent case has been put on, but the lighting effect at the bottom is not very obvious. If you can add a few bottom lights at the bottom, the RGB effect of this keyboard will be even cooler

The 80% tight arrangement may not be suitable for all players. Users who are not used to it will have a cost to get started, because I have used the L80 for a while, and I can get started without any pressure, but it is not necessarily true for friends who are used to 108 keys or 87 keys.

Because the function keys in the F area are inclined, there is no foot support at the bottom, which may not be suitable for players who are used to having foot supports

The type-C cable of OG80 is plastic, not as durable as the nylon data cable of L80

Overall, I like this OG80 very much, and now it has replaced the L80 as my main keyboard at home. As for purchasing suggestions, if you like RGB, you should go for the OG80. The transparent case and RGB look better together.

If you don’t really need RGB, it depends on which type of keycap you like and whether you need a foot support. If you are not used to the inclined function keys in the F area, you can buy the L80. If you can accept the inclined function keys in the F area and there is no foot support at the bottom, you can buy it. A matte version of the OG80.

This is the end of the review of IQUNIX OG80. If you think it is helpful to you, you may wish to like it, follow it and support it. Thank you very much!

I am Tank, a product manager who loves to toss mechanical keyboards, and I will bring you more keyboard reviews in the future. See you next time!

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