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Mechanical keyboard recommendation Part 5: The only recommendation within 400 yuan for 68 configurations—the chief player MK680

Let me give a conclusion at the beginning, within 400, the current 68 configuration is the only one with the most balanced products on sale, the most advantages, and the most worth buying-the chief player MK680. Let's talk about why MK680 is so popular in my heart.

First up, the MDA Height Ball Cap in a heavy industry colorway. MDA height is my favorite height, the contact surface is large enough, looks beautiful, and is comfortable to use, and the MK680 set of keycaps has a very delicate touch, the font is also very beautiful, and the color matching of the heavy industry is simple and elegant.

Secondly, the RGB brightness is extremely good. The PCB lamp position is my favorite up-light position reverse-stick lamp. I always think that the design of the up-light position makes the light look more comfortable. The RGB effect of MK680 is extremely bright, and the transition effect is smooth and perfect.

Third, the shaft body. The MK680 is equipped with four types of switches of the Jiadalong G Pro series in red, yellow, white, and silver. The reputation of the Jiadalong G Pro series switches among players is very good. My favorites are the Light Pressure Linear G Pro White and the Silver-like G Pro Silver. The one in my hand is the G Pro Silver, which has a short key travel, quick trigger, smooth pressing, and quick rebound. It is a very good switch.

Fourth, the satellite axis. To be honest, before I got it, I watched other up videos on the Internet, and the evaluation was okay, but there was noise. After getting it, except for the backspace key with a little noise, the other big keys are perfect, with crisp bottoming, sharp rebound and crisp sound.

Fifth, silence. The sandwich and bottom cotton made of EVA material, the price of 369 yuan (g silver pro version), it is impossible to fill them all, there must be a trade-off. Although the EVA material is average, the noise reduction of the MK680 is indeed relatively good, and the cavity sound cannot be heard at all.

Sixth, the position of the three-mode switch and the power switch. At present, the switches of most new products are still at the bottom. When switching the connection mode frequently, flipping the keyboard back and forth is really a bit anti-human. The toggle switch of MK680 is placed on the left side, which is more ergonomic.

Seventh, dust cover. The thickness and texture of the dust cover are OK. The characteristic is that the side is relatively high, which can cover the entire keyboard, and the dustproof effect is perfect.

There are many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages.

First, the battery capacity is only 1900 mAh. I definitely have to keep it on with such an excellent RGB, but this battery capacity makes me anxious about battery life. If the chief player will release an upgraded version of MK680 in the later stage, I hope to increase the battery capacity. capacity.

Second, there is no 2.4G storage compartment. To be honest, this is a shortcoming for mass consumers, but for me, I only use Bluetooth mode, and switch to a wired connection for charging when the battery is running out. I really don’t use 2.4G.

To be honest, these two shortcomings are real shortcomings, but for me, they have no practical impact. But those seven advantages are really poking me at every point.

To sum up, during the period when manufacturers were rolling out 98 and 75 arrangements, the 68 arrangement was forgotten by many manufacturers. MK680 has a popular, beautiful and comfortable MDA ball cap, bright and smooth top-level RGB lighting effect, the well-known Giadalon G Pro switch body, hand-used satellite switch, excellent noise reduction, easy-to-operate switch, and enough size High dust cover. The price of the G silver (white) Pro shaft version is 369 yuan, which is my most recommended 68 series product within 400 yuan.

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