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Mechanical keyboard recommendation Part 6: Retro style? Tech geek? Heartwarming man? Office workers? FR4 positioning board? GasKet Pro? 399? Cheap ass RS2 experience report

The previous design of the cheap donkey has always been a sports car and a cool style. Unexpectedly, the style of the RS2 has changed drastically. At first glance, it looks like a typewriter from the past. The strong retro style makes people love it. Appearance is only one of its many distinctive features. What hard-core killer does it have?

1. GasKet Pro based on FR4 material positioning board

The hot trend of GasKet structure has come, and the cheap donkey RS2 is not immune. The positioning boards used in mass-produced GasKet structure keyboards are almost all made of PC and metal, but in order to pursue a more extreme soft bounce, the cheap donkey RS2 actually uses FR4 (glass fiber) positioning boards. FR4 positioning boards are popular in the customization circle. It is quite popular, and it is the first time I have seen it in mass-produced keyboards. The GasKet structure based on the FR4 positioning board and the cotton sliver of supercritical foam support and cushioning material brings a large variable size that is visible to the naked eye. There is a soft bomb.

The FR4 positioning board also intimately prints the corresponding characters at each key position, which is very friendly for novice Xiaobai and users with average memory to replace the keycaps. The warm and considerate design is worthy of praise.

2. Arrangements and keycaps

The current popular large arrangement is undoubtedly 98, but the 0 in the 1U length of the digital area of ​​the 98 arrangement is difficult for many people who used the 104 and 108 arrangement before, especially for some digital workers, the 0 in 2U is Just need. The cheap donkey RS2 adopts a unique 99+1 layout similar to 98 arrays, retains the 2U length of 0, and also adds a calculator button, which can open the calculator with one key. This design is ideal for users who often need to use calculators. That being said, it is undoubtedly a big plus. There is also a popular volume knob in the PAD area. It has a clear sense of scale and is stable without shaking. Rotate left and right to adjust the volume, and press a button to mute. It is also very convenient to use when office workers occasionally fish.

The keycaps are PBT two-color keycaps, the same retro color as the kit, with a more delicate touch, and the Fn level functions of some keys have been laser-engraved for easy operation.

3. Typing experience

The finished product of the cheap donkey RS2 uses the Jiadalong G Pro series shaft body, and mine is the G Red Pro. In terms of noise reduction, it is equipped with EVA material under the shaft pad and sandwich cotton. Thanks to the GasKet structure added by the FR4 positioning board, the input experience is very good, and the consistency of sound and feel is very good. The rebound of the satellite shaft of the big key is crisp and neat, without any space travel.

4. Lighting

Judging from the exterior design and arrangement of the RS2, this is a keyboard for office workers, so the RGB lamp beads are not equipped, and the warm white lamp beads are replaced, which is more suitable for the retro design.

5. Some areas that can be improved

1. There is no bottom cotton. Although the cavity sound of this keyboard is not obvious, adding bottom cotton can make the sound of this keyboard better.

2. The 2.4G receiver has a magnetic design, which should be praised, but it would be even better if the LOGO of the cheap donkey can be added.

To sum up, as a keyboard with a finished product of only 399 yuan, the cheap donkey RS2 has a retro-style design, three-mode hot-swappable basic operation, GasKet structure based on FR4 positioning board, excellent reputation of Jiadalong G Pro series shaft, The extremely convenient arrangement and knobs are extremely cost-effective, and it is a highly recommended office mechanical keyboard.

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