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Mechanical keyboard upgrade what to buy? How much does it cost?

I have used this 200 yuan keyboard for half a year, and it is still very convenient for daily use.

But there are also some problems:

Battery: This CIY68 is a dry battery version. Although it does not need to be charged, the battery is basically replaced every two months.

No caps light: Because it is a non-light version, sometimes you will not find out whether the caps are turned on. Although you can solder the SMD lamp yourself.

But I don't have a soldering iron. .

Satellite shaft: does have some wobble, so still needs to be replaced. Reduce the looseness of large key strokes.

Keycaps: The set keycaps are really not very good, and the white keycaps are also easy to hide. Later, I bought 2 sets of keycaps. Colleagues sent 2 sets of keycaps

So I plan to upgrade this 68 keyboard, and then buy another keyboard.

The actual value of the keyboard has been upgraded in two parts, the satellite shaft and the keycap.

The satellite shaft generally recommends the rescuer matcha, but considering the cost and actual use, I bought some satellite shaft shells at a cost of 5 yuan

Mix the ciy satellite shaft, steel wire and the newly purchased satellite shaft shell, and paste the Teflon tape on the positioning plate buckle to remove the shaking of the satellite shaft

Finally replace all keycaps.

The keycaps are not connected, a certain group of thickened [plastic] themed pbt keycaps

Replacing keycaps can be a difficult process, so get a good one that works. .

separate shaft puller

Replace satellite shaft

I want to buy a new keyboard because I want to buy a three-mode 75 array, so that the knob, direction keys and the main key area are somewhat separated. Lights are also available.

At that time, CIY released a 75 aluminum tuotuo design.

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During this period, I didn't pay attention to the kit any more. It's okay to look at the shaft body and try it on the point shaft body.

I bought some shafts one after another, and after I had more than a hundred idle shafts,

In fact, I just want to try if this structure is really good? ? ? ?

To assemble the keyboard, I bought several tools

After I got the GAS67, I started the long process of lubricating the satellite switch, adjusting the satellite switch, rebuilding the kit, the upper switch body, and the upper keycap.

For such a long time, I mainly spent on what kind of shaft to use, and it is said that the shaft seat is lost, so the upper shaft is very slow and careful.

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