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Mechanical keyboards are truly addictive! Lofree Crayon Shin-chan Experience: Who doesn’t love this look?

It is said that playing with a mechanical keyboard is addictive. At first I didn’t understand it, and even thought it was a bit exaggerated. After all, how could a keyboard be addictive? It wasn't until recently that I bought the Crayon Shin-chan co-branded mechanical keyboard from Lofree that I suddenly understood why keyboards are so addictive.

There are so many keyboards on the market, why did you end up with the one from Lofree? The reason is very simple, because my last keyboard was also a mechanical keyboard from Lofree, which has been with me for a whole year. The new Crayon Shin-chan co-branded mechanical keyboard this time has not only obtained the genuine authorization of Crayon Shin-chan, but also a dot bluetooth mechanical keyboard.

I don't want to introduce product accessories, but this time, in addition to the regular data cable and manual, I also presented a keyboard, hand rest and mouse pad, which really made me a little unexpected. More importantly, the mouse pad is not only oversized, but also can be used on both sides, and one side is also printed with all kinds of Crayon Shin-chan.

It is worth mentioning that the gifted hand rest is not a common hard hand rest, but a rare soft hand rest, which is very soft to the touch. As for the specific material inside, it is not clear. However, when you put your wrist on it when typing, it feels really soft and comfortable, and it can also support your wrist.

Back to business. Let’s talk about the appearance of the product first. I have to say that the appearance of the Crayon Shin-chan co-branded mechanical keyboard should be the best among the keyboards I have used so far. The round-dot keyboard itself has a sense of roundness, which is more visually outstanding. Coupled with the pearl white color scheme, the appearance is simple and versatile.

Moreover, the row of function keys on the top of the keyboard was designed by Lofree as a variety of Crayon Shin-chan expressions, just like the finishing touch. When seeing these expressions, it immediately reminds people of the cheap and cute Crayon Shin-chan, and there is a sense of picture in their minds. This is undoubtedly an irresistible highlight for those who like Crayon Shin-chan.

Of course, the biggest function of the keyboard is not to look at it, but to use it. In order to achieve better use, the Lofree Crayon Shin-Chan co-branded mechanical keyboard uses a tea switch shaft, which exists like a "panacea" in the mechanical shaft body. The tea shaft shaft can be used for daily codewords and games. Bring a good feel experience.

However, I personally think that the tea switch is still biased towards typing, and it is not particularly suitable for playing games. After all, the shaft body of the tea shaft will have a tapping feeling when typing. When coding for a long time, this tapping feeling will bring a different coding experience. Moreover, the sound when the tea switch is tapped is relatively small, but it is a little louder than the red switch, which also makes the rebound feel more crisp and neat, and will not be as weak as the red switch.

Especially, after turning on the keyboard backlight, not only the appearance will be improved immediately, but also the coding experience will be blessed. Especially when coding at night, the atmosphere is directly full. Imagine sitting in front of the computer on a quiet night, using the Crayon Shin-chan co-branded mechanical keyboard that emits white light to code, accompanied by the sound of keyboard tapping. Isn't this feeling very comfortable?

At the same time, this mechanical keyboard of Lofree is also remarkable in terms of compatibility, and it can switch between wired and Bluetooth dual-mode. Moreover, it can be perfectly comparable to Windows, Mac, iOS and other systems. It can be connected to computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This is really helpful for me who is often exposed to various digital products. What's more, up to three devices can be connected, and multi-device switching can be performed through Fn+1/Fn+2/Fn+3.

As for the battery life, many people should value this. After all, the reason for buying a Bluetooth keyboard is that it is more concise and convenient without the constraints of wires. The Lofree Crayon Xiaoxin co-branded mechanical keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh battery, coupled with intelligent automatic sleep, it is still quite good in terms of battery life. According to my personal usage habits, it basically only charges once in half a month. Of course, everyone's usage habits and intensity are different, so there is no accurate answer, but there is no need to worry about such battery life performance.

Overall, I like the Lofree Crayon Shin-chan co-branded mechanical keyboard. It has a good appearance. In terms of code word experience, the "panacea oil" tea shaft is used as the basis, and the percussion feeling is flawless. If you also like this keyboard, maybe you can try to understand it, I believe it will give you a different experience.

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