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Meizu and iQUNIX released a super-alloy full-key mechanical keyboard, hot-swappable TTC switches, three-mode, 96-arrangement compatible with Mac

After talking about the headset, the next step is the keyboard. Meizu Pandaer and iQUNIX, a new domestic customized keyboard manufacturer, jointly created the "Pandaer x iQUNIX Super Alloy Full-Key Mechanical Keyboard", which belongs to the Free Universe series.

The color scheme is very eye-catching. The fuselage adopts the Danqing blue on the Meizu mobile phone, and it looks more vibrant after being brightened. Some keycaps are yellow, red and white, and there are patterns on them. They are Pandaer Bear Palm 2.0 keycaps, which feel skin-friendly and delicate.

The fuselage is made of all-aluminum material, the surface is anodized and sandblasted, and it is built through 18 processes, which is durable and wear-resistant. At the same time, it is colder in summer. In addition, Pandaer's LOGO and other game elements are also printed on the side.

This keyboard is 96% arranged, with a total of 100 keys. The traditional function keypad is moved to the upper right corner or replaced by other key switches, but the numeric keypad and standard direction keys are retained. Therefore, the keyboard becomes Narrower and takes up less desk space.

It is also compatible with Mac devices, and has special function adaptation buttons, which can be used on both Win and Mac platforms.

In other respects, all buttons support hot-swapping, and there are options for two-week shafts of speed silver and gold powder TTC. It supports Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G wireless and wired three-mode, and has a built-in 4000mAh battery. The specific battery life has not been disclosed.

In addition, there is a huge cone foot support at the bottom, the USB-C key line separation design at the rear, and a 1000Hz return rate in 2.4G mode.

This is all about this keyboard. The original price is 1299 yuan, and crowdfunding is 1099 yuan. The price/performance ratio is not bad. Interested friends can pay attention.

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