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Men's Little Joys Chapter 159: How to choose 70% customization? Start with Keychron Q7.

Hello everyone, I am Teacher Lin, and we meet again.

For students who like customized products, shafts, casings, circuit boards, various supporting kits, etc. are all issues that we need to consider when starting to customize, and now major manufacturers have begun to customize. Modernized products, similar designs with minor differences, dazzle our consumers. So before we start, we still need to understand the characteristics of the product you want to buy.

In fact, it is not too difficult to choose a keyboard that is easy to use. In terms of the switch body, Jiadalong and TTC have a good reputation, and the current price is also rising. As for the shell, it is recommended to choose a metal CNC product, not to mention heavy. The main reason is that the hand feel is first-class, and for wireless or wired, whether it includes RGB, the choice of keycaps is a matter of different opinions. Since I am quite familiar with keyboard peripherals, I just bought a Q7 with customized keyboard not long ago. Just to show you how this 70% keyboard performs?

If you happen to be a mechanical keyboard user, then I believe you all know Keychron, a relatively well-known high-end keyboard peripheral manufacturer in the MAC circle. There are not many photos, but Keychron is a genuine domestic company. More domestic users only know that an e-commerce giant is an OEM, but they don’t know Keychron. In fact, the keyboards of an e-commerce giant in the early days were basically OEM Keychron.

Kechuang Keychron has recently released many new products, especially the recently released Q8 which adopts the design of Alice arrangement, which is very cool. I have written related articles about Kechuang Keychron’s Q2 and Q5 before. If you like or are interested, you can To find out, Kechuang Keychron has good products in various configurations, but one thing I am more concerned about is that Kechuang Keychron is relatively reserved in the wireless design of the product, and the product still retains some very "Kechuang Keychron" features.

For example, it supports QMK VIA switch to change key, supports Gasket central suspension design, CNC aluminum body, 1000HZ chip, Jiadalong hot-swappable axis body, south-facing RGB, supports MAC and Windows switching, independent satellite axis, Kechuang Keychron in The entire series basically covers these features.

In fact, QMK and VIA are not complicated. Keychron's keyboards basically support them. Keyboards that support QMK and VIA can easily program each key. Open-source firmware means that the keyboard layout, shortcut keys, and backlight effects can all be customized.

With VIA, you can customize each button, and even combine portable macro buttons for the buttons you want on your Q7. VIA not only supports Windows, but also supports MAC OS and Linux systems, but you need to pay attention to the use of open source modifications to the default system. Overwrite, it is not a big problem if it fails, you can flash back the official firmware. Playability is still very good.

▲Keychron Q7’s customized mechanical keyboard adopts a new color scheme, which are black and gray, and the most classic and my personal favorite Klein blue. Not surprisingly, the keychron still uses Jiadalong’s G-pro basic popular axis, after all, Keychron has been cooperating with Keychron for a long time.

▲Keychron Q7 customized mechanical keyboard belongs to the mainstream design in other configurations, such as support for open source system to change keys, double Gasket mid-hanging design, CNC aluminum body, tool kit for changing shafts, Jiadalong shaft, south direction 13 kinds of RGB lighting effects, noise-reducing cotton interlayer, support MAC and Windows one-key switching. Screw satellite shaft and so on.

The only regret is that it does not support wireless Bluetooth or 2.4G. However, this design is mainly due to the all-metal structure of the Q7. But having said that, many Altuotuo are now supporting wireless connections, and it is a bit unreasonable that Q7 does not support it.

▲Keychron Q7 customized mechanical keyboard is equipped with MAC keycap arrangement as standard. If you are a Windows user, you can replace it with Windows arrangement after unpacking. The only keyboard products with MAC keycaps I have used are Yuemi. There are Keychron products. And Keychron is standard for all series of products.

▲The Windows and MAC switching button on the side can directly switch between Windows and MAC with one key. This design is very convenient for the needs of dual system users.

▲Keychron Q7 customized mechanical keyboard is a 70% all-metal customized keyboard, so each switch body, keycap, and even the satellite switch of this keyboard can be customized for your own unique experience, except I want more playability besides typing needs. For example, you can DIY the shaft body, you can replace your favorite keycaps, etc., and even come with screws, screwdrivers and other tools at random.

▲In terms of casing, the overall casing of the Keychron Q7 customized mechanical keyboard adopts 6063 all-aluminum manufacturing design, adopts CNC integrated engraving technology, multi-channel polishing, anodizing, spraying treatment, and 24 processes in the whole process, making Keychron Q7 customized The shell performance of the mechanical keyboard is very good in terms of feel and texture.

▲Keychron Q2 customized mechanical keyboard, in order to have a better feel when using it, adopts the popular Gasket structure inside, and the design of the internal suspension design, but the same Gasket structure, the adjustment of each company is different, just the feel , Keychron Q7 customized mechanical keyboard can still be selected with confidence.

When using Q7, it gives a very good typing experience with Q bombs. The maximum bounce space is 2.5MM, and you won't feel tired when using your fingers for a long time. You can see that the fingers have some rebound. Effectively reduces the noise of the keyboard.

▲The red switch of Jiadalong has always been complained by people that it feels like the green switch, but this time Jiadalong has improved a lot, at least it will not be complained by me about the poor feel. This time, the G-Pro shaft developed by Jiadalong is lubricated before leaving the factory, and there will not be too much swing during use, giving users a more comfortable and stable feel.

The G-pro red switch, G-pro green switch and brown switch all support 5000W key life. The 4mm key stroke is matched with the trigger pressure of 45g and 60g. The red switch feels lighter. Among the three switches, the tea The trigger pressure of the axis is 55g, which is between the red axis and the blue axis. It depends on the user's choice.

▲Q7 adopts the mainstream hot-swappable design, supports 3-pin and 5-pin shafts to adapt to more positioning boards. The shaft also supports replacement, which supports more personalized user shaft replacement needs.

▲The LED lights used by Keychron Q7 are also different from other keyboards. The RGB lights we see every day are basically north-facing designs, but this time Keychron uses south-facing design patch RGB lights. The advantage of this design is that it is more suitable for keyboards. With some PBT light-transmitting keycaps, and some opaque customized keycaps and so on.

▲In addition to the above configurations, the Keychron Q7 customized mechanical keyboard also fully supports QMK and VIA, users can easily program each key of the keyboard, open source firmware means more personalized configurations, more Shortcut keys, backlight effects, wider playability.

▲Since the Keychron Q7 customized mechanical keyboard does not support wireless, it can only occupy my few USB ports. However, the Keychron Q7 customized mechanical keyboard does not come with a free aviation plug this time. It is a little regrettable, but it is included The cable used is the CTC interface, and an additional USBA interface is included, which is convenient for direct use on notebooks or desktops.

▲It’s been a long time since I’ve used a keyboard with a cable, and I’m not used to it. Keychron Q7’s customized mechanical keyboard comes with an ergonomic R angle. support.

▲As far as the habit of coding is concerned, the time to adapt is very fast. The two switches I usually use most are the red switch and the silver switch of Cherry. When I change my habit of using the red switch of Jiadalong, There is not much difference in the trigger feel, but the phantom switch of Jiadalong will be crisper.

▲KeychronQ7 supports a variety of lighting effects. It is very cool to turn on at night. Of course, it also supports to turn off, but it is a wired keyboard. Don’t worry about battery life, it can be turned on all the time.

▲ There is nothing to be picky about the design of Keychron Q7’s customized mechanical keyboard. Although it is a small design, if your desktop is not very spacious, you can consider this small and exquisite Q7, but the fly in the ointment is the lack of wireless. Looking forward to release more wireless products from Keychron.

▲ In terms of workmanship, Keychron's all-metal is indeed a lot of points. It is full of weight, and it will not be stained with fingerprints. There is really nothing to say in terms of hand feel. Students may still prefer the stability of wired connections, so will the future Q7 support tri-mode?

▲Such a customized product with obvious advantages and disadvantages, as a consumer, would you pay for it? I am looking forward to the three-mode version of Q7. This is a perfect customized product. What do you guys think? But if you don't care about wireless, Keychron's products are indeed worth buying. It is more suitable if you are a Mac user.

Finally, let me show you my desktop. I'm Teacher Lin, see you next time!

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