Mengli cures, enjoys tapping, Daryou Cinnamon Dog Custard Sugar mechanical keyboard experience

Recently, due to work needs, my lover has to do a lot of coding. The original membrane keyboard was tiring to use, so I decided to replace it with a new one. She only needs two things for the keyboard, which are good-looking and good feel. There are many keyboards on the market that meet this need. In the end, I chose the newly-launched Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard from Dareu.

Dareu Yugui Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard adopts a compact layout of 82 keys, and the key surface is arranged neatly and orderly; the external dimensions of 330*140*40mm are small in size, which can give peripherals such as the mouse more room for movement and collaboration The operation is more efficient; this keyboard is a joint model of Dareu and Sanrio, which adopts the theme of cinnamon dog. In addition to the white and blue color matching design, the shell and space bar are also decorated with cinnamon dog patterns and logos. Petting the cute big-eared dog brings a sense of cuteness and healing. Putting it on the desktop improves the visual sense of the desktop, and hits the lover's heart in terms of appearance.

The shell of the Dahlyu Cinnamon Dog Custard Sugar mechanical keyboard is frosted, with rounded corners and double-stage feet, which can raise the keyboard from a flat position to a comfortable angle, making typing easier and not tiring after long-term use.

Dareu Yugui Dog Custard Sugar mechanical keyboard adopts three connection methods: Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and USB wired, which can be switched by one key through the physical switch, wireless and free, and realize multi-tasking and efficient operation, which can well meet the needs of various scenarios. Usage requirements. It is worth mentioning that the 2.4G receiver storage compartment is set up, which effectively avoids the embarrassment of being lost or difficult to find.

The Daryou Cinnamon Dog Custard Sugar Mechanical Keyboard also adds a multimedia shortcut key in the upper right corner. You can adjust the volume by rotating this button, and press the button to realize the play/pause function. Such a convenient and easy-to-use design just meets the adjustment needs of the lover when listening to music and watching movies, which is worthy of praise.

Dareu Yugui dog cube sugar mechanical keyboard adopts Kaihua silent mechanical axis body, trigger stroke 1.9±0.4mm, trigger pressure 40±10gf, linear axis trigger feeling, smooth and sensitive straight up and down. At the same time, this keyboard has a built-in high-toughness custom-made noise-absorbing silicone pad, which makes the sound very small and no noise when used.

The mechanical keyboard of Daeryu Yugui Dog Custard Sugar uses skin-like PBT keycaps, which are delicate in touch, non-slip and wear-resistant, and there is no oily phenomenon when used. At the same time, the overall design of the keycap has a stepped arc. The single keycap has a round shape and a central arc design that fits the fingertips, making it comfortable to use, labor-saving and ergonomic.

The Dalyou Cinnamon Dog Custard Sugar Mechanical Keyboard has a built-in 2000mAh battery. Under normal use, it can be used for 15 days with the lights off, and it can be charged twice a month. This is much higher than the battery life of ordinary keyboards on the market, eliminating the need for frequent charging. trouble.

As the first set of characters co-branded by Dareu and Sanrio, in addition to this mechanical keyboard, there are also wireless mice and wireless handles. The soft and cute performance of Yugui Dog is absolutely attractive to girls and is an irresistible existence.

After some experience, I think the mechanical keyboard of Daeryou Yugui Dog Custard Sugar is cute, labor-saving, comfortable to touch, and handy for lovers to use. This keyboard is undoubtedly a good choice for ladies who have beauty and coding needs.

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