Miscellaneous good things to liberate desktop space, mini wireless keyboard and mouse

When there are more and more interesting digital things, except for the keyboard and mouse, there is not much desktop space left, not to mention the need to flip through books to find information, and open unfinished snacks. . . .

Is there a way to save desktop space? And then there is this.

I think the most wonderful design is to put the mouse and keyboard together. At least it saves the space of a mouse pad. Using the touchpad can avoid the problem that the mouse can only be used flat and the cable is pulled. Clicking on the touchpad enables mouse clicks, two-finger swipes for scrolling, and three-finger clicks for right-clicking. In addition, there are independent right mouse button and left button functions on both sides, and the drag and drop and long press functions can be realized well with the touchpad.

Except for the number key area, this mini mouse has full button functions. It is completely comparable to the function of the 87-key keyboard.

For example: Fn+Enter is to open the function of Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the task manager, Fn+Pgup is the Home button, etc. The keys are made of soft rubber, and the pressing force is moderate. There is sound when pressing and it cannot be completely muted, but it is much less than the sound made by tapping the keyboard. The pressing is crisp and has a good confirmation feeling.

The other is the function of the multimedia key, which can mute the sound with one key, open the system default player with one key, and pause and continue with one key. This is a function that many general mechanical keyboards do not have. On the left side of the keyboard, you can see the upper and lower mouse click buttons, which are the second set of mouse click buttons for this mini keyboard and mouse, making it very convenient to input and adjust the cursor.

The back is designed like a gamepad, which fits the finger holding posture.

The wireless receiver is also stored in the keyboard, which can be powered by batteries or two AAA batteries. When there is no operation for five minutes, the power will automatically shut down and sleep.

In the palm-sized area, with less than the weight of a mouse, it fully has the functions of a mouse and a keyboard. It can be operated remotely, whether it is an Android system or a window system, whether it is a mini host, Htpc or it can be operated very conveniently. Whether you are lying down, sitting or standing, it does not affect the normal input. It saves more than half of the space on the desktop, and it will not generate noise to affect others in daily use. You no longer have to crawl around when watching movies and watching episodes at night.

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