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Modifying Logitech's Unified Technology Keyboard to Create a Mechanical Feel

Logitech's Unified Technology is renowned for its exceptional performance in terms of low latency and low power consumption. However, for enthusiasts who prefer the tactile experience of mechanical keyboards, Logitech's membrane keyboards may not suffice. In such cases, individuals often resort to purchasing a mechanical keyboard and customizing it by disassembling the main control and buying a suite to assemble it.

Personally, I have been using the Logitech K375s at the office, and its seamless connection with the computer allows for quick switching to my mobile phone when necessary. The responsiveness of the keyboard has been impressive, making it a reliable choice for my typing needs.

Allow me to briefly describe the steps involved in this process. The price of the K375s has remained consistent since I purchased it in January 2020, priced at 149. However, after using the keyboard for a while, oil deposits may accumulate, making it justifiable to install a mechanical kit for an improved experience.

Modifying Logitech's Unified Technology Keyboard to Create a Mechanical Feel 1

After conducting thorough research, I became intrigued by the 98 configuration. I came across a seller in the marketplace who possessed the necessary equipment, such as a lathe, to craft a customized shell. He also provided a printed PCB and a carbon fiber positioning board. Additionally, I purchased a hundred Kaihua switches and opted for the visually appealing PBT keycaps, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the keyboard.

Let's get started! (Interestingly, I formed the group in 2021, but only decided to write about it now.) I dismantled the K375s and removed the main control unit, replacing it with the mechanical kit. To ensure compatibility and versatility, I tested a few gold powder switches by inserting them into the hot-swappable slots. This feature allows for effortless customization and switch changes as needed.

Once the kit was in place, I added the positioning plate, followed by the switches and keycaps. The assembly process was straightforward, and I was pleased with the end result. However, it's worth noting that the dimensional accuracy of the positioning board provided by the seller was slightly lacking, resulting in difficulties fitting certain keys. But with some diligent file work for several days, I managed to install them satisfactorily.

In terms of aesthetics, I encountered some issues with the shell. Scratches and dirt were visible, and there was a noticeable color difference between the upper and lower covers. To address this, I purchased a paint that matched the original shade and applied it to the shell. It has been a few days since the application, and the overall appearance has significantly improved.

Furthermore, I found the shell to be thicker than desired, so I made the decision to add a walnut hand rest and extra foot pads for better ergonomics and stability.

Modifying Logitech's Unified Technology Keyboard to Create a Mechanical Feel 2

Lastly, I would like to highlight a noteworthy addition in the form of a gift I received for writing manuscripts. Placed in the upper left corner of the keyboard, it adds a charming touch to the overall aesthetic. Personally, I am quite pleased with the final outcome and proud of my accomplishment in creating a personalized mechanical keyboard that suits my preferences and needs.

In conclusion, Logitech's Unified Technology may excel in various aspects, but for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, seeking a customized experience is essential. Through a process of disassembling the original keyboard and assembling a mechanical kit, one can create a personalized and highly responsive keyboard. The steps involved may require some careful attention to detail, but the end result is undoubtedly worth the effort.

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