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More stable, more precise, and smoother, TTC Quick Silver Switch V2 vs. V1 version experience sharing

I don’t know if you still remember the moment when you snatched the fast silver switch keyboards during 618 last year. As long as the keyboards equipped with TTC fast silver switches were sold out, they were basically sold out at the moment of sale, and almost none of them could be saved until the next day. . After a lapse of more than a year, the TTC Quick Silver Switch has also ushered in its own upgrade. The V2 version of the Quick Silver Switch has narrowed the conduction tolerance area and improved the conduction accuracy while keeping the structure and parameters basically unchanged. ; The metal terminal is upgraded with the "wearing gold and silver" process, which improves the oxidation resistance and durability of the shaft body; and there is also a significant improvement in the smoothness of the pressing feel. In this article, I will give you a simple sharing by comparing the V1 and V2 versions of Kuaiyin Switches.

The packaging method is a plastic box, which should be filled with a few foam blocks in consideration of the large space.

TTC Quick Silver Switch V2 still continues the appearance and color matching of the V1 version, with a silver-gray shaft, a transparent top cover and a blue base.

Among them, the upgrade that is invisible to the naked eye is that the fast silver axis V2 reduces the conduction stroke of the V1 version from 1.08+0.4/-0.2mm of the V1 version to 1.08+0.4/-0.08mm by optimizing the mold; the tolerance zone area is also It has been reduced from 0.6mm in the V1 version to 0.48mm, and the firing and conduction accuracy has increased by 20% compared with the V1 version, and increased by 40% compared with the ordinary silver shaft.

TTC's double-sided dust-proof wall patent technology structure can make the axis run more stably, and can also effectively prevent dust from entering the inside of the axis.

The two versions of Kuaiyin switch use the same convex lens cover, which is compatible with mainstream SMD lamp solutions.

The internal metal shrapnel uses the same "gold and silver" process as the heart shaft, and the silver plating process with better oxidation resistance is added to the surface of the metal shrapnel.

The gap between the shaft foot and the bottom shell has been treated with glue, which can better prevent foreign matter (especially the steam formed by rosin heating when welding the keyboard through wave soldering) from entering the interior of the shaft body, affecting the feel and service life of the shaft body.

The gold-plated two-stage long spring is basically unchanged, and the spring has been lubricated before leaving the factory.

The difference between the two versions of metal shrapnel is mainly visible to the naked eye.

The lengthened axis of the Quicksilver V2 version has been slightly changed, and the length of the slender part of the front end has been increased a little.

Significant signs of lubrication on the small feet and side walls.

In addition to the upgrades mentioned above, TTC Quick Silver Switch V2 can obviously feel better smoothness during pressing. Perhaps it is because of the increase in smoothness that the static friction force is slightly reduced. I always feel that the initial pressure of the V2 version seems to be a little bit lighter, but according to the official parameters, it should not change. In short, the overall feel of the Quick Silver Switch V2 version is significantly improved compared to the V1 version, which is more comfortable and more pleasing to me.

The display effect of the transparent shaft cover on the light is also quite good.

TTC Quick Silver Switch V2 still inherits the basic features of the V1 version: there is no noise when pressing, it is not easy to touch by mistake, the trigger is fast, and the rebound follows the hand; but the blue is better than the blue. smoother.

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