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More than tossing Article 126: Lightweight and compact, the game feels good: Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard

Now that mobile office has become a norm, notebooks are an indispensable office tool during business trips, which are convenient for handling some daily work anytime, anywhere. However, many people are not used to the notebook keyboard, which feels bad and stiff, and occasionally wants to play games, and the experience is also very poor. The recently launched Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard is small, light and easy to carry, which can meet mobile needs. For office use requirements, let's take a look at what kind of experience it has.

The outer packaging of the Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard is still in the same design style, simple and beautiful, and very recognizable. The surface is printed with information such as the name, model, functional characteristics and main selling points of this mechanical keyboard. The accessories in the box include mechanical keyboard, data cable, receiver, key puller and manual.

The appearance and color matching of this mechanical keyboard are different from the classic black or white. It uses three different colors to mix and match. By splicing white, beige and gray, it is more in line with the personality of young people. In addition to this no man's land, there are also lone brave and mecha purple styles, you can choose the one that suits your style.

Compared with the traditional standard keyboard, the Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard cancels the number keys on the right and adopts an 84-key layout design, which not only reduces the volume, but only 310*120*35.5mm, and occupies a small space. It also saves a lot of weight and is convenient to carry on business trips. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and has been treated with frosted oxidation process, which makes it feel comfortable and delicate.

The keys are compactly designed, 75% arranged, and the keycaps adopt a suspension design, which is convenient to remove impurities between the keys and keep the keyboard clean every day. It also adopts the ABS two-color injection molding process, which has good light transmission and is not easy to oil. The matte surface feels delicate, even if you code for a long time or play games, it is very comfortable.

There is a Type-C interface on the top, and the key line separation design can make the keyboard more beautiful as a whole, and it is also convenient to use in wireless connection mode. The material of the Type-C cable is soft and moderate, and the cable length is relatively sufficient to meet the needs of daily use. The power button is located at the bottom.

The four corners of the bottom are equipped with silicone non-slip foot pads, which are convenient for stable placement on desktops of different materials. There is also a one-piece foot support, which can adjust the suitable inclination angle through the foot support, reduce the bending of the wrist joint when using the keyboard, and improve the comfort when typing or playing games.

The Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard provides four connection methods: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4G and wired, and can connect to 5 devices at the same time. Just press Fn + number 1-5 keys to switch between different devices. Quickly switch between desktops, laptops, and tablets without the need for an extra keyboard.

In the wireless connection mode, the battery life of this mechanical keyboard is also very long. It has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery. When the keyboard backlight is turned off, the battery life can reach about 225 hours. Such a long battery life is enough for daily use. .

In order to meet the needs of more people, the Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard is customized with an exclusive driver, and the lighting mode and brightness of the mechanical keyboard can be set through the driver program. It can also perform custom settings such as key mapping and macro command triggering for any key on the mechanical keyboard, enabling one-key continuous operation in the game.

The Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard is equipped with a mechanical shaft independently developed by Rapoo, which provides four different shafts of blue, black, red, and tea to choose from, all of which have a long service life of 60 million times. And this mechanical keyboard is equipped with a red switch, you can get feedback with a light touch, the trigger is very sensitive, it is more comfortable to play in the game, and the wrist will not be very tired when typing for a long time in daily office.

For those who don’t like colorful lighting effects, this mechanical keyboard that supports monochrome backlight is very friendly. It provides 7 lighting effect modes for switching, which can meet the needs of daily use. It is also designed with 4 sets of backlight brightness , which can be adjusted according to different scenarios.

The Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode mechanical keyboard has a fresh and simple appearance, and the 84-key layout is small and compact. It not only provides four connection modes, but also can connect to 5 devices at the same time, saving space on the keyboard and desktop. It can also customize and program any key, 7 Various lighting effect modes, long battery life, taking into account the needs of office and game use. If you are also interested in mechanical keyboards, it is worth trying.

Things to improve: There is no RGB colorful lighting effect.

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