MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC Green Switch Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review: Strong Rhythm, Cool Feel

At the CES 2022 exhibition, MSI launched the sub-flagship gaming keyboard VIGOR GK71 SONIC. This keyboard is equipped with a custom linear red switch and double-layer light-transmitting keycaps, and has a gray aviation aluminum metal panel and a floating design. Handfeel feedback and lighting effects have excellent performance. At the just-concluded CES 2023 exhibition, MSI also brought players the VIGOR GK71 SONIC gaming mechanical keyboard equipped with a new shaft body, and then follow the author to find out.


The product outer packaging continues the existing white main color packaging style. The front of the packaging provides brand LOGO, product model, product display diagram, shaft scheme, etc., and the back is a detailed introduction to product features, which is convenient for players to understand . The overall packaging style is simple and elegant, and the multi-color product icons can further attract players' attention.

The accessories provide cardboards such as a key puller, a separate hand rest, and a product manual. The content is simple and practical. The front of the separate hand rest is a soft support structure wrapped in artificial leather and memory foam, which is delicate and soft to the touch, and can bring comfortable wrist support performance for players. The main body of the bottom plate is made of ABS material, and provides multiple non-slip feet to ensure the stability of the placement.


MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC Blue Switch gaming mechanical keyboard continues the original standard 104 layout with a multimedia area solution. The body size is about: 442mm×138mm×41mm. The overall size is controlled properly and has a good space occupation performance. The keyboard adopts a metal panel with a floating shaft solution. The metal panel made of aviation aluminum is treated with sandblasting technology, which is cool and delicate to the touch, and has a full metal texture. It can also bring players a different look and feel at different angles. The metal panel is strong and durable, taking into account the function of the shaft positioning plate, and also makes the knocking feel more solid and tough. The suspension shaft scheme and the double-layer light-transmitting keycap can also improve the divergent refraction effect of the keyboard light, bringing players better lighting performance and desktop lighting atmosphere. The overall color scheme of the fuselage continues the dark metallic color scheme, and the cold and deep collocation style also makes the keyboard look more unique and hardcore, which is still very pleasing to the eyes of players.

The position of the keyboard indicator light is designed above the direction keypad, and the three oblique status indicators provide the status of the numeric keypad, uppercase and lowercase, and game mode status, which is very convenient for players to identify daily. At the same time, in order to facilitate the players to control the keyboard functions, this keyboard also provides a wealth of combination key functions, and the illustrations are also added to the keycaps, so that the players can control the keyboard lights and switch configuration files more quickly and easily, which is convenient for the players in daily life. operate. The upper right corner is the multimedia control area, which provides up and down track switching, play/pause, volume adjustment and one-key mute functions, which is very convenient for daily use. The right knob also provides a double-layer operation mode, which is more convenient to operate and has a higher fault tolerance rate. The knob adopts a stepless rotation scheme, with light damping and a clear sense of scale, allowing players to precisely adjust the volume. At the same time, a light guide strip is added to the bottom knob, which further improves the lighting effect and recognition performance of the keyboard. The knob part also supports operating lighting effects. When players use it, there will be dynamic wave lighting effects in response to the operation, which is quite cool.

The corners are treated with polygonal and chamfered corners, which can avoid damage caused by accidental collisions of players, and the design is very user-friendly. There is also a section of the bottom shell material exposed at the bottom of the left panel. The double overlapping design makes the layering richer and the look and feel better. This keyboard is equipped with a set of light-transmitting double-layer design keycaps. About two-thirds of the bottom area is treated with transparency, which has higher light transmission and looks more colorful under the light. attention.

The bottom of the keyboard adopts a symmetrical layout style, and there are grooves for wiring on the left and right, allowing players to easily organize other wires such as earphone cables and charging cables, improving the cleanliness of the desktop wires. There are also corresponding grooves on the hand rest for convenience. In use, the details are still very careful. The keyboard wire is a non-detachable solution, and a three-way wiring slot is provided on the top, which is convenient for players to adjust according to their personal desktop layout. The one-piece foot supports on both sides can make it easier for users to find a more suitable input angle to ensure comfort during use. Multiple non-slip foot pads can also ensure that the keyboard is placed firmly, avoiding mistakes caused by keyboard slipping and displacement under intense operations. The wire part is a braided wire with a length of 1.8 meters. It has a slightly harder texture, is resistant to bending and dragging, and has no problem with daily pulling and bending. The wire is also equipped with an anti-interference magnetic ring, which can reduce the interference of electromagnetic interference in the use environment on the keyboard signal transmission. The rubber cable tie also makes storage and organization easier and more convenient for users, and it is very thoughtful and considerate.


In terms of the switch body solution, this keyboard is equipped with a brand-new customized MSI Sonic green switch, a segment feel solution, a trigger force of 45gf, a total stroke of 3.5mm, a trigger stroke of 1.4mm, and a lifespan of about 70 million clicks. This switch body adopts light trigger pressure, moderate trigger key travel and round and clear paragraph feel. The percussion sound is relatively good in terms of hand feedback and noise control, and it can also make players have a more rhythmic sense of percussion and improve their mood. The large key position adopts the satellite axis scheme, the feel adjustment is also relatively simple, the abnormal shaking and noise are properly controlled, and the appropriate grease can further ensure the durability of the feel, and the overall performance is relatively good.

The keycap is a set of OEM-height double-layer light-transmitting keycaps. About two-thirds of the side wall of the keycap adopts a transparent scheme. With the suspension shaft design, it has better light-transmitting performance. It is very important for the appearance of the keyboard, Lighting performance has been greatly improved. The upper half of the keycap is treated with a coating process, and the laser engraved character scheme supports the light-transmitting effect of the characters. The touch is gentle and delicate, and it can also increase the recognition accuracy in dark environments. The character size of the keycap is moderate, and the light transmission effect is relatively good, and the recognition and appearance are more online under the light.

RGB backlight:

MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC Blue Switch gaming mechanical keyboard provides a global RGB backlight solution, supports color adjustment of about 16 million colors, and has a variety of built-in lighting effect modes for users to choose. Players can also quickly realize lighting effect switching, brightness adjustment, color change, dynamic lighting effect speed adjustment and other functions through the combination of keys, and it also has good playability in the drive-free state. The double-layer light-transmitting keycaps also bring more brilliant RGB lighting effects, the lighting atmosphere is full, and the sides of the keys look more crystal clear, and the look and feel is excellent. Players can use the MSI Center driver software to realize detailed settings and adjustments to the lighting, and realize lighting linkage with compatible devices, game synchronization lighting effects and other functions, making the lighting performance of the player's desktop more immersive and atmospheric.


Through the MSI Center driver software, players can customize the key functions and lighting effects. The design of the driver page is simple and intuitive, and the functions are relatively complete. Players can easily find the options that need to be adjusted. In the keyboard function page, players can record macro keys and assign them to the desired keys. At the same time, it also provides 3 built-in configuration storage functions. Players can save preset configuration files to the fuselage. The replacement keyboard can also be quickly called out for use, and it can also be quickly switched in response to different usage scenarios and different games, which further optimizes the user experience. The lighting effect setting page provides a wealth of lighting effect options, which is convenient for players to choose freely according to their preferences. Players can also adjust the color of the light, the brightness of the light, the direction and speed of the dynamic light effect, etc. The lighting effect is rich in gameplay, the setting is simple and intuitive, and it also has a good performance in the setting experience.

MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC blue-axis gaming mechanical keyboard supports two schemes of full-key no-dash and 6-key no-dash, and the built-in smart chip will automatically recognize and switch according to the connected device. Mistakes can bring players a more stable and assured experience. The 6-key rollover mode is compatible with XP and MacOS-specific operating systems, so as to avoid the keyboard being unrecognizable or the keys being confused. The keyboard provides a wealth of combined key functions, which can switch configuration files, lock the WIN key, call MSI Afterburner software, recharge the keyboard settings and other functions, and also allow players to easily and quickly realize the functions they want. The independent multimedia control area in the upper right corner can also easily realize one-key mute, track switching, volume adjustment and other operations. It is still very practical and can also bring players a better experience.

As the representative switch body of mechanical keyboards, the green switch has been highly praised and recognized by many players for its two-stage tapping mechanical feeling and crisp tapping sound. The brand-new MSI Sonic green switch also brings a more crisp and comfortable tapping feel, light and smooth pressing performance, clear paragraph feel and clean and thorough "Click" sound, which also makes players feel more rhythmic when tapping . The sound control of this green axis is relatively good, and the sound will not be too obvious at a little distance, but it is still not recommended to use it in dormitories or offices, and it is easier to disturb others. Good feel feedback and soft and comfortable full-size palm rest will not bring obvious fatigue after long-term use, and it also has good comfort under continuous gaming or office typing. With the support of the metal panel and double-layer light-transmitting keycaps, the global RGB also makes the lighting performance more colorful, creating a more immersive lighting experience for players.


MSI VIGOR GK71 SONIC Blue Switch gaming mechanical keyboard has a simple and stylish appearance design. The metal panel and double-layer light-transmitting keycaps have better performance in terms of hand feel feedback, lighting performance and durability. The rich lighting effects play a role in the appearance of the fuselage. There is also a small improvement. The custom-made MSI Sonic blue switch feels lighter and smoother, with clear paragraphs, solid feel, and quick button response. It can bring players a brand new feel experience, and it is worth a try. This keyboard will be officially released in the near future, and interested users may wish to pay attention.

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