Multi-device office artifact, low-axis Keychron K1Pro keyboard unboxing experience

As a dual-wielding user of Mac system and Windows system, there is a very troublesome point in the daily use of computers, that is, the keyboard keys do not match. In the case of only a single keyboard, switching computers requires reconfiguration and adaptation. Head is big.

Fortunately, keyboard manufacturers have noticed this pain point. For example, the Keychron brand has launched a keyboard that is compatible with multiple devices and supports QMK/VIA key changes at the same time. It is more convenient and quick to switch devices. Keychron is very popular overseas, and its customized keyboard has received a lot of praise. I also bought a Keychron K1Pro for an unboxing experience.

Keychron K1Pro continues the consistent "dark" style of the K series, with a pure black base color outer packaging, and uses laser fonts to display the keyboard model and map the keyboard pattern. The packaging of the mechanical keyboards purchased in the past is very thick, but the first impression of the Keychron K1Pro is that it is ultra-thin, which is a bit of a surprise.

After opening the outer package, you can see the keyboard wrapped in sponge. Keychron K1Pro adopts an 80% simplified layout of 87 keys. The keycaps are combined with black, shadow blue, and tomato red. The overall color scheme is slightly low-key. , but very attractive.

Keychron K1Pro is equipped with Mac version keycaps by default, which shows its friendliness to Mac systems. In addition, it also comes with Win system keycaps for replacement. The keycaps are all made of LSA-height PBT material two-color injection molding Technology, and the PBT content ≥ 40% is more wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, does not oil, and has a longer life.

In addition to the keycap, the package is also equipped with shaft puller, key puller, data cable, shaft puller, instruction manual and other accessories.

Keychron K1Pro is a dual-mode keyboard that supports Bluetooth and wired connections. On the top of the keyboard, there are two switches. The first one is to switch between Mac/Win/Android systems in wired mode. Use the wired mode through the Type-C connector to switch between different systems. You only need one key to turn it on. Fast button adaptation. The other switch is the Bluetooth mode switch, with built-in 5.1 Bluetooth, you can turn on Bluetooth pairing by pressing a combination of buttons, and connect to different devices. Personally, I am more accustomed to operating in this way, and I will introduce it in detail below. In addition, the keyboard can also be charged through the Type-C connection port. It has a built-in 1550mAh capacity battery, which can work for 33 hours on standby after 4 hours of charging.

The bottom of the keyboard provides a two-stage foot support, which supports three ergonomic height supports, which can be adjusted according to your own needs, and the wrist will not be sore after long-term use.

Keychron K1Pro provides three types of switches to choose from, which are Jiadalong's short switch 2.0 green switch, red switch and brown switch. I chose the red switch version, and the keyboard also uses steel satellites on some large keys. The shaft design reduces the swing when the big key is pressed, and the trigger is more stable.

Jiadalong’s low-axis 2.0 red axis has a trigger pressure of 50±15gf, a conduction stroke of 1.7±0.4mm, and a total stroke of 3.2±0.2mm. As a low-axis linear axis, the trigger is smooth and fast, and the height of the shaft body is only 12.2mm, the height comparison with other switches is still obvious, which is one of the main reasons why the keyboard is thin and light.

The keyboard also uses an anodized aluminum frame body, which has an excellent texture, and further controls the thickness of the keyboard. It can be seen that the thickest part of the keyboard is only as high as a one-yuan coin.

Keychron K1Pro supports hot-swappable design, the shaft body can be easily pulled out for replacement through the shaft puller, and the entire keyboard can be used as a shaft tester to freely replace the shaft body.

Keychron K1Pro supports the adaptation of up to 3 devices. When connecting, turn on the Bluetooth switch on the top, and then press and hold Fn+1/2/3 for 3 seconds to pair and bind the devices. After binding for the first time, long press Fn+1/2/3 to switch between the 3 devices, which is very convenient. The built-in AT chip solution also allows Bluetooth to wake up seamlessly without waiting.

Keychron K1Pro has two backlight versions: RGB and white light. The one I bought is RGB, which supports 22 kinds of lighting effects. You can quickly switch the lighting effects through the light setting button on the upper right corner of the keyboard.

Of course, Keychron K1Pro can do more than that. The reason why it is so popular is also because of its high degree of customization. In addition to hot-swapping and replacing the switches, you can also remap keys through the VIA page, and even create macros, so you can create a super-handy keyboard according to your personal preferences.

Keychron K1Pro really surprised me, especially the switching between multiple devices. For users of multiple computers like me, it is a blessing. You need to press a combination of buttons or flip a button to switch immediately, which is fast and convenient. In addition, the thin and light keyboard is also easy to store and carry, which is friendly to office workers. Hot-swappable switch replacement, as well as custom keys, all endow this keyboard with a high degree of DIY attributes and high playability.

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