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Multi-mode connection + nostalgic retro design, paying tribute to the Dujia Fushion hands-on experience report in the 1980s

When it comes to domestic brands of mechanical keyboards, everyone must have heard of DURGOD, right? In addition to the pursuit of the feel, Dujia has launched the Fushion model full of nostalgia with the starting point of paying tribute to the classics a long time ago. The dexterous 68-key design and retro-style color matching made Durga Fushion all the rage abroad at that time. Recently, taking advantage of the 618 holiday discount, I couldn't help but bought the retro white color scheme to experience it.


After receiving the package, you can see that the keyboard is packaged in a kraft paper box with a perfect retro atmosphere. The American-style retro font is paired with a simple kraft paper box. It seems casual, but it easily captured the hearts of retro style lovers at the beginning. It seems that Du Jia really intends to implement the word nostalgia from the inside out to the end.

Inside the carton are keyboards, USB data cables, USB adapters, key clips, Velcro storage belts and other things. The content of the box is not rich, but there are all the necessary items.

For example, the key clip in the box looks ugly at first glance, but it is just a small accessory that comes with the keyboard, but it is actually very easy to use, which is a bit surprising.

After removing the keycap, you can see that this keyboard uses a satellite axis. In the process of daily use, after repeated adjustments, the satellite switch can better restore the feel of the key switch.

appearance design

The color I have on hand is vintage white. The entire keyboard is mainly in white, orange, and gray, combining retro elements with modern technology without any sense of disobedience.

First, the switches on the top right side of the keyboard are retro in style. Whether it's the raised texture or the fun design that can slide left and right, these details can't help but remind people of the video game consoles of the 80s.

Secondly, on the premise that the large area is dominated by white and gray, several small areas of orange are also very cute and cheerful, which reminds people of the carefree childhood.

Furthermore, the edges of the keycaps have been rounded. Viewed from the side, the curve of the keyboard is very smooth and graceful. Combined with the matte material of the entire keyboard itself, it has a high-end look and a good texture.

multimode connection

The Fushion mechanical keyboard supports three connection modes: wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth. You know, for digital enthusiasts with a lot of digital equipment, multi-mode is simply needed. So the design of Fushion is quite good.

In terms of wired connection, the Fushion mechanical keyboard adopts a key line separation design. At the same time, it has been seen in the front unpacking that the official has configured two data cables, Type-C to USB and Type-C to Type-C.

In terms of 2.4G wireless connection, this keyboard stores the 2.4G receiver in the hidden storage compartment under the LOGO mark, which perfectly realizes concealed storage. After accessing and using after accessing, I didn't feel any delay. And, most importantly, this keyboard supports automatic recognition and connection of Windows and OS dual systems.

In terms of Bluetooth connection, this keyboard also supports Win 8 and above systems, OS systems and Android systems. For MAC users and dual system users, device switching is undoubtedly more flexible and convenient when working and studying.

Long battery life

As a keyboard that supports multi-mode connection, the endurance performance of the Fushion mechanical keyboard is also worth mentioning. Personal experiments have found that when the keyboard battery is fully charged, the power of the Fushion mechanical keyboard does not seem to change after heavy use for more than a week (office + entertainment, computer + tablet + mobile phone multi-terminal devices) in a wireless connection state.


After using it for a period of time, DURGOD's Fushion mechanical keyboard left a good impression on me. In addition to the comfortable touch of the keyboard and comfortable typing, its multi-mode connection, automatic recognition of Windous/MacOS dual systems, long battery life, and especially its appearance make it very bright compared with similar products.

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