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Multi-mode optional, "quiet" to enjoy its success, Pennefather MT510PRO wireless multi-mode mechanical keyboard

The 75% combination has a lot of new products recently, and it is likely to replace the 98 combination and become the new favorite. Rapoo has also recently released a new MT510PRO wireless multi-mode keyboard with a 75% configuration. The cute appearance was spotted by the daughter-in-law at first glance. She originally planned to get it for her own use, but now it is about to change hands. While the keyboard is still in my hand, I would like to share my feelings about using it during this period. Friends who have purchase needs during this period can also simply refer to it.

Exquisite and compact appearance design

The outer packing box feels heavy in the hand, and the accessories include a mechanical keyboard, key map, manual, key puller, Type-C data cable and 2.4G wireless receiver.

The keyboard adopts an 84-key layout design, and the overall size is 310*120*35.5mm. It is small and compact and will not take up too much space, especially suitable for small desktops.

In addition to this "navigation diary" in my hand, there is also a "meow meow holiday" keycap. If it is determined to be for the daughter-in-law at the beginning, I guess I will choose the "meow meow holiday" that is more suitable for girls, so boys Is there another good choice for gift giving next time?

The keycap is made of 5-sided heat-sublimated PBT material. The pattern incorporates seagulls, compass, lighthouse, sailboat and other nautical elements. In terms of color, white is used as the main color, and sea blue is used as the auxiliary color, which visually gives people a quiet and deep feeling.

The buttons adopt a suspended design, which is convenient for later maintenance and cleaning. The shaft body comes from the linear fast silver shaft developed by Rapoo, which has a clear sense of paragraph.

The base is surrounded by a high-strength aluminum alloy frame that has been anodized and CNC-trimmed. The upper part of the frame is a USB-C opening, and the key and wire are separated. The wireless mode is more concise, and only needs to be connected to the data when charging or wired. line.

The keyboard switch is located at the bottom, so you need to lift the keyboard to turn it on/off, which is cumbersome to use. Personally, I think it can be set on the frame or in the keyboard panel, which may be more convenient to turn on/off.

Anti-slip strips and a tripod are also added to the bottom surface. Users can adjust the angle of the tripod according to their own needs to bring a better input experience. The tripod also has anti-slip feet to eliminate the worry of slipping when using the keyboard.

Self-developed shaft body, easy to use

In addition to the appearance, choosing a mechanical keyboard is actually choosing a "switch". The trigger pressure of Rapoo's fast silver switch is 45±10cN, and the trigger stroke is 1.3±0.5mm. It feels similar to a traditional mechanical switch, but it rebounds faster and the sound is clean and crisp. The feeling of typing is very smooth, and the sound of tapping is relatively small. It will not bring a very strong trigger sound like the green axis isometric body, and it is more suitable for daily office use.

Rapoo MT510PRO also supports four connection methods: Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G and wired connection, which can be changed through "Fn" + "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" in the upper left corner, and can be flexibly changed according to different scenarios and needs. And it supports connecting to five devices at the same time, just select through "FN" + "F1"~"F5" on the keyboard, satisfying users who use across devices to quickly switch.

For those who have gaming needs, the short stroke and light trigger of the Rapoo Silver Switch allow players to take the lead in the game, and the character's skills are released with every press of the keyboard, which enhances the immersion in the game. Moreover, in the wired mode, there is no conflict of all keys on the keyboard (there is no conflict of 6 keys in the wireless mode), so there is no need to worry about missing the opportunity to kill the enemy if the ultimate move cannot be released.

For games like League of Legends that I often play, the excellent feel and lower latency of the mechanical keyboard add a lot to the gaming experience.

When it comes to games, it must be inseparable from the light effect. The Rapoo MT510PRO is equipped with an ice blue light effect backlight system. However, due to the light transmission of the keycaps, the backlight will only shine through the gaps of the keycaps during use. For those who don’t like light pollution It is very friendly to players, and the soft light effect is good for night scenes. It acts as an atmosphere light to adjust the atmosphere, and its appearance has been further improved.

I personally like this breathing light effect mode the most. It feels great to code at home at night.

In addition to controlling the light effect through the "Fn" + right Ctrl key on the keyboard to freely change the seven groups of light effects and 4 levels of brightness built into the keyboard, it can also be set more intuitively through the supporting driver. The driver also includes other rich definable settings, such as custom buttons, setting macro functions, etc. The 84-key independent programming function in wired mode allows you to get the same operation as the master at any time, and you can save the settings to the cloud and call them to other devices, which improves the user experience.

Visualization is used for various settings, which is simple and clear. I have to praise Rapoo's driver, the integration and optimization are very good, and the interface is also very beautiful. But currently connected to Rapoo MT510PRO, the driver interface shows V700-8A, I don’t know if it has not been optimized yet.

In terms of battery life, the keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh battery. The maximum battery life can reach 225 hours when the backlight is turned off, and it supports charging while using. There is basically no battery life anxiety in use.


Rapoo MT510PRO's unique appearance, color matching and comfortable feel are unmatched by other membrane keyboards, and it is adapted to multi-system and multi-device switching functions, and its low-key percussion sound also makes it suitable for use in the office. The addition of the backlight system and the full-featured driver support also make the MT510PRO have the functional experience that only a gaming keyboard has. It is not an exaggeration to play a game and relax after working overtime at home.

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