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Multi-mode wireless gaming mechanical keyboard, the first choice for cost performance, Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard evaluation

In the blink of an eye, it has been more than a month since I graduated. When I was in school, I always dreamed of having my own workstation after work, fishing and playing games in my spare time, or taking notes and reading books. But the busy work has made me no longer interested in games, and I spend more time processing text data.

But long-term text input makes me more and more picky about the keyboard. I can use a wireless connection when I am typing, and use a wired connection to make the delay lower during the game. At the same time, it is best to connect multiple devices, so that you can Seamless switching between PC and iPad satisfies my idea of ​​fishing in multiple scenes. Of course, more recognizable appearance and belief lighting effects are indispensable. In the end, the price should not be too high. After all, I have just started working and the budget is relatively low. In summary, it is indeed difficult to find a keyboard that meets my needs on the market.

A long time ago, we saw that Rapoo launched the scene-based concept of the game peripheral family barrel. We have seen the actual effect on the VT960S dual-mode wireless mouse, such as long battery life and low latency. The 75% series keyboards in the series also came into my sight.

The relatively affordable price also allows young people like me who have just entered the society to find their own set of equipment and switch freely between work in the workplace and leisure and entertainment. And the keyboard I'm talking about is the V700-8A three-mode mechanical keyboard that Rapoo just launched.

This set of V series keyboards launched by Rapoo has a variety of colors and shafts to choose from. Whether you are a newcomer to the workplace or a beautiful urban beauty, you can find your own style among them. The reason why I choose the keyboard of Lonely Warrior is that it can be well matched with my mouse. At the same time, the orange and black color matching can not only meet the calm and low-key work scene, but also the orange ESC button shows There are some playful, highlighting personality.

The keyboard adopts 75% of the 84-key layout arrangement. Although it lacks a numeric keypad, it can still meet the needs in most cases of pure text input. The key-line separation design greatly reduces the problem of desktop space occupation, and it is more unrestrained in use. When playing FPS and other games that require high keyboard delay, this problem can be solved perfectly after connecting the cables, which is very convenient.

The main body of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy material with sandblasting and oxidation process, which greatly enhances the overall sense of quality, especially the Apple-style high-speed CNC trimming process around the edge of the fuselage. The brand V series logo moved out of the key body can be said to be The finishing touch is that when the battery is full or low, we can more intuitively identify it through the indicator light of the logo. The picture below is the charging scene.

The reason why the price can be controlled within 300 yuan is that the most important point is that Rapoo uses a self-developed mechanical shaft. The official promotion of a single shaft has a service life of 60 million times, and there is no obvious change in the back force and stroke, and the long-lasting The feel naturally brings a more stable keyboard quality. The Lone Warrior I chose uses a black shaft body, which gives me a more tactile feedback, the feeling of going straight up and down, and the rebound is also very strong, feeling like typing on a spring.

In terms of connection, you can switch between up to 5 devices. There are four connection methods: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4G and wired, which fully meet my needs for multi-device connection. There is no need to buy an additional keyboard to use it. A keyboard can be invincible .

Built-in 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery, connected with Type-C interface, it can be used for up to 225 hours when fully charged, so even if we travel on business trips, there is no problem carrying it. Of course, different backlight modes will also affect battery life. .

The pure white backlight system is elegant and clean, and the lighting effect can be customized through the driver, which I did not expect. At the same time, not only the key lights, but all 84 keys are programmable, onboard or stored in the cloud, to meet the needs of different game scenarios, so that I can swim more freely in the ocean of games.

This is the V series mechanical keyboard launched by Rapoo, no matter in terms of appearance design or user experience, it is no different from the keyboards produced by international first-tier manufacturers, and the more personalized programming and backlight adjustment make this The keyboard becomes more unique, everyone's keyboard should be different, only the keyboard that can be customized is more suitable for you.

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