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Mushroom Play Peripherals Article 191: Extremely Quiet and Stable, 100% Personalized Customization, Keychron Q1V1 Customized CNC Mechanical Keyboard In-depth Review

After playing 7788 on all brand keyboards, Mushroom gradually became stable and felt a bit Buddhist. I kept a main keyboard with a good handle and continued to use it, and basically put away other keyboards. I have also learned about some customized keyboards before, but many parts still need to be done by myself, which takes time and energy to solve various problems. After work has gradually become the mainstream of life, there has never been customization.

With the gradual development of customized mechanical keyboards, there are also specialized brands to produce customized mechanical keyboards. Keychron is such a brand that specializes in customized mechanical keyboards.

Keychron’s product line is very rich. There are not only keyboards with different specifications and different key positions, but also customized keyboards with different steps. You can start assembling from the very beginning, or you can directly buy the finished keyboard, but you still have There are enough customized functions, such as hot-swappable shafts, various details of the feel, and even the noise level can be adjusted.

Moreover, Mushroom believes that the most important thing is that Keychron has its own persistence in some aspects, and what it insists on is years of experience in playing mechanical keyboards. For example, almost all of its customized mechanical keyboard shells are made of CNC aluminum alloy, sound-absorbing cotton is equipped as standard, and the keyboard PCB is fixed flexibly. above a very high standard.

After Mushroom bought Keychron's Q1V1, he was deeply overwhelmed by the feel of this keyboard. He is going to buy a 108-key Q6 customized mechanical keyboard as the main keyboard. After using it once, he will be deeply impressed. Deeply in love.

▼The carton of the mechanical keyboard is super heavy, a weight that is completely unexpected.

▼The paper box adopts an all-black color scheme, and there is a keyboard model and the appearance of the keys on the front.

▼There is a color-printed picture of the keyboard on the back of the carton, and various features of the keyboard are introduced on the left.

▼Open the carton, the inside is dense and thick foam, and the customized keyboard body is firmly fixed in the middle of the carton.

▼In the paper box, in addition to the customized keyboard body, there are instruction documents, data cables, and some small tools. Using these tools, you can easily disassemble, install the keyboard, replace the keyboard keycap, shaft body, etc. .

▼The appearance of the keyboard is very beautiful, the overall color is white and gray, and the color matching is very good.

▼The ESC key in the upper left corner of the keyboard is red, which is very conspicuous.

▼The function keys around the keyboard are all gray, and the size of the keys is very standard. The function keys next to the space at the bottom are designed for the Mac system by default. If you want to use the Win system, you can replace the keycaps.

▼The top of the keyboard is a row of F keys. By default, some shortcut keys are set, which can quickly set some functions of the keyboard, and can also realize system functions such as volume and song switching.

▼The middle of the keyboard is the letter area. The pure white keycaps and black fonts are very beautiful, and the material is all PBT. It looks a little rough, but it feels very dry at a glance.

▼ On the right side of the keyboard, the function keys are still the familiar gray color, and a set of arrow keys is placed in the lower right corner of the keyboard, and a volume adjustment knob is placed in the upper right corner.

▼This volume adjustment knob is also made of aluminum alloy, and the workmanship is very delicate. The side of the knob is knurled, which feels great.

▼The shell of the keyboard is made of a whole piece of aluminum alloy, which has a superb texture.

▼The details of the workmanship are also very good, the whole has a very delicate sandblasting treatment, and the trimmed part has a slight chamfer, which ensures the hand feeling and the visual perception is very unified.

▼The shell part of the keyboard is low at the front and high at the back by default, which conforms to the ergonomic design. The keycap part also adopts the familiar R1~R4 height, which can ensure that the force on the keycap is vertical when typing with standard gestures.

▼Behind the keyboard, there is a Type-C socket, and next to it is a keyboard system switching lever, which can quickly switch between Mac and Win.

▼The back of the keyboard is very simple, it is directly a whole piece of CNC metal backboard, and four very small rubber anti-slip pads are embellished on the four corners of the backboard.

▼The industrial flavor of this metal backplane is very strong, and the cutting surfaces of various CNCs are very tough.

▼The default standard cable for the keyboard is a Type-C To Type-C metal braided cable, and a Type-C to Type-A plug is provided as standard by default, which is convenient for daily use by users.

▼All the keycaps of the keyboard are made of PBT material, and simply look at the back of the keycaps, you can clearly see that the double-material injection molding process is used to ensure that the fonts are clear and never worn out.

▼The keycap made of PBT material has a frosted visual impression, and the actual touch is also like this.

▼Finally, simply weigh the naked weight of the keyboard, which is about 1957g, almost 2KG. This weight is very solid, and it is stable wherever it is placed.

▼Mushroom is very curious about the internal details of this customized mechanical keyboard, here we are going to take it apart and have a look.

▼ Simply unscrew a few fixing screws on the back of the keyboard, and the keyboard can be easily divided into three main bodies, two of which are the upper cover and the lower case of the CNC.

▼The top cover of the keyboard is very beautiful, with a large hollow design in the middle.

▼Come closer and look at the details. The workmanship of CNC is very good, and it looks very mechanical.

▼The PCB part of the keyboard and the shell are not hard-connected, but gaskets are used to make the keyboard PCB and the shell part softly connected, so that the bottoming feedback of the keyboard keys is more Q-like, which is amazing.

▼In addition, on other parts of the metal cover, there are also some limit posts covered with rubber pads, which can assist in fixing the PCB of the keyboard.

▼The bottom shell of the keyboard has a large area of ​​black foam material in the middle. The foam in this part is mainly for sound absorption and fully absorbs the noise generated when the keyboard is in use.

▼In addition, the CNC aluminum alloy bottom shell is also very exquisite in workmanship, and there are chamfers in some grooves, and the touch is very delicate.

▼In order to ensure the fixation of the CNC upper cover and the bottom case, metal posts are designed in some corners to assist in the fixation.

▼In addition, the sound-absorbing foam in the middle of the bottom shell adopts a double-layer design, which seems to have different thicknesses, and cooperates with each other to obtain better sound-absorbing effects.

▼The main PCB part of the keyboard, all kinds of keycaps are integrated on it.

▼The structural part is still familiar with the steel plate design, but a thick layer of foam is filled between the steel plate and the PCB to ensure the feel and mute effect.

▼In addition, on the protruding corners of the steel plate, thick foam is pasted up and down, which can not only play the role of assisting in fixing the steel plate, but also have a certain effect of absorbing vibration. In addition, the box is also equipped with several foams, which can be filled in the appropriate position to obtain different handles.

▼The back of the keyboard PCB is densely packed and looks very delicate.

▼Look closer, the shaft body is the familiar three-way shaft, the upper black one is the fixing part for supporting hot swapping, the milky white one in the middle is the auxiliary fixing foot of the shaft body, the bottom is the SMD LED, and the side is the diode. To prevent accidental touch.

▼The front of the shaft body looks the same as an ordinary keyboard, and the main body is fixed on the steel plate.

▼However, with special tools, the keyboard shaft can be easily removed, and other shafts can be replaced according to individual needs. Different brands of shafts and shafts with different handles can be easily replaced, as long as it is a standard tripod shaft.

▼After the keyboard shaft body is removed, clear foam can be seen between the PCB and the steel plate, and the details are well done.

▼During normal use, the keyboard defaults to RGB lighting effect, which is very beautiful.

▼The keycap of the keyboard is not transparent, but the upper shell of the switch body is transparent and has a soft light effect, which allows the RGB light effect to shine through the middle of the keycap.

▼The lighting effect of the keyboard is mainly concentrated in the lower part of the shaft body, and the SMD LED is at this position.

▼Turn a little sideways, and you can easily see the soft light shaft upper shell.

▼The effect of RGB lighting is very good, especially with this exquisite CNC aluminum alloy casing.

▼The keyboard defaults to be low at the front and high at the back, with an ergonomic design. With an ordinary wrist rest, the hand can be placed on the keyboard very easily, and the height is just right.

▼The feel of this customized mechanical keyboard is superb. If you use a few words to describe the feel, it is light, quiet, stable, and elastic.

why light , because Mushroom chose the silver shaft as the shaft body, the triggering torque itself is very small, coupled with the CNC aluminum alloy shell of this weight, it provides a stable enough base for the shaft body, further amplifying the light weight of the silver shaft. a feeling of;

why quiet , because the interior of this keyboard is covered with sound-absorbing foam on the bottom, middle, and sides of the shaft body, which can fully absorb the vibration and noise generated by the shaft body itself due to bottoming out, making the overall sound very small and smooth very crisp;

Why is it stable? , because the shell of the keyboard is very solid, which makes the keyboard very stable as a whole. The thickness of the steel plate of the keyboard is very strong. The visual measurement is about 2mm, which can lock the shaft firmly. The standard shaft is the G-Pro shaft. The dust wall can not only prevent dust, but also further stabilize the axis, making it more stable up and down;

why play , although the structure of this keyboard is traditional, it adopts the design of steel plate, but its PCB is fixed in a flexible way, and the PCB is elastically fixed by the pads around it, so that when the shaft touches the bottom, it can get a certain Slight displacement, so there is this kind of elastic feel, which is very good.

▼The feel of the big key is also very good. Although the structure is a very traditional satellite shaft, the structure of the satellite shaft is directly fixed on the PCB, which will further improve the stability of the satellite shaft and make the overall force transmission more stable. Fast and fast, it also makes the large keys of this keyboard feel super good, almost no different from single keys.

▼The upper right corner of the keyboard is also equipped with a volume knob as standard, which is very convenient for daily volume adjustment. In addition to rotating to adjust the volume, it can also be easily pressed to achieve one-key mute, which is easy to use.

The overall experience of Keychron's Q1V1 customized mechanical keyboard is very good, especially the feel part. It has finished all the products of traditional mechanical keyboard brands that Mushroom has used before. Because of the customized mechanical keyboard, the design of the overall materials, structure, and details of the keyboard is more free, and some customization and changes can be made in a targeted manner, so as to obtain a more suitable feel for you. Therefore, the upper limit of the overall experience will be lower. infinitely high.

In addition, Keychron has a very rich experience in customizing mechanical keyboards. It is very rich in experience in creating a perfect feel, and it is bold and innovative. Although the structure of the keyboard is still traditional, it has been extremely polished in terms of details. The only one is the same as the traditional keyboard. Yes, that is, the structure of the PCB with steel plate, and the rest are different.

This accidental experience with this Q1V1 customized mechanical keyboard completely opened the door to a new world for Mushroom. When Mushroom thought that the feel of the mechanical keyboard was already that way, the customized mechanical keyboard raised the upper limit again, and a brand such as Keychron launched a semi-finished customized mechanical keyboard, while ensuring the ultimate customization. It can save a lot of trivial things in other aspects, and the experience is great.

In the next step, Mushroom is ready to start with Q6, and build a mechanical keyboard for main use according to its own needs and preferences.

thank you all!

The End

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