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My [computer] Mouse Sometimes Locks When I'm Moving It Around, What Could Be Wrong with It? [see Det

My [computer] mouse sometimes locks when I'm moving it around, what could be wrong with it? [see details]?

My [computer] Mouse Sometimes Locks When I'm Moving It Around, What Could Be Wrong with It? [see Det 1

if you have cleaned the mouse with no effct then the next step is to buy a new mouse. sorry


Why does the light on the computer mouse look like a monster?

It's just the irregularity in the plastic over the LED in the mouse. I've looked at the patterns on different mice and they are all weird looking. Mostly, I suspect, because the manufacturers do not care enough to make the plastic optically clear.

My [computer] Mouse Sometimes Locks When I'm Moving It Around, What Could Be Wrong with It? [see Det 2


If I get a cat, will it try to eat my computer mouse?

Only if its a tabby


Other than your computer and mouse, what is the closest item to you?

My stuffed panda


Computer mouse isn't working well?

Click on start button in lower left corner, go to control panel click on that, fund your mouse and adjust your settings. If that does not do it for up date the driver for it


How do you remove semen from a computer mouse and keyboard?

my guess is that lysol wipes would do it...computer keyboards are prety durable and clean up easily i spilled ethanol in chemistry class on my laptop and its fine


What is the plural of a computer mouse?

"Mice" or "mouses"? The fourth (current as of 2006) edition of The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language reports both "computer mice" and "computer mouses" as correct plural forms for "computer mouse". The traditional form "mice", however, is the most common choice, whereas some technical documents authors may prefer the form "mouse devices".


how do i use my computer mouse on a toshia laptop?

get a mouse that is made for laptops or a cordless one that uses a USB for hookup


What's wrong with my computer mouse?

It's broken. Get a new one. I recommend Logitech and Razer brand laser mice


hey ......does any 1 know how to clean a computer mouse thing ???

the mouse, generally most all manufacturers, have a threaded button with a hole in it that the ball can stick through just enough to allow the ball to ride the surface you move it over, you can most always push upward on this button while turning counter-clockwise and it Will allow you to remove it and any foreign debris. It will go back together by reversing the process. The ball is standard rubber as to create friction just wash it with warm water. .....let it dry for at least an hour then re_install the ball and button. Good luck and God bless


My Computer mouse is sticky :/ ?

Wet a paper towel and get the sticky out but after a wet paper towl use a dry one to dry it off also!


roller wheel of my computer mouse(laser type) does not work can i fix it?or need to buy new one?

the Scroll wheel of a computer mouse uses a laser and a disk with little holes in it to work, when you turn the wheel it spins the disk and the laser either shines through the holes in the disk or reflects of the disk, there may be dust stuck in the little holes on the disk that the laser is supposed to shine through


What do I do? My computer mouse stops working sometimes?

go optical. wired, wireless, scrolly or whatever you like, but the OPTICAL will never require getting inside it to clean the ball.


What are the functions of a computer mouse?

I am sorry to say but f*ck computer track pads. Once you use a decent computer mouse, you will never go back to the standard waste of space track pad. they are useless and take up unnecessary space. back to the original question, a computer mouse serves the function of making it easier to do many things. for example try playing an fps with a track pad, then compare to a wired or wireless mouse, you will never go back to the track pad, if you do you are mentally insane


What is wrong with my computer mouse?

you might have something under the wheel or something might be on the mouse pad. Check where the wheel is and shake it. Also wipe off the mouse pad., Hope this helps

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