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My Dwelling Office Desktop Equipment (with a list of expenses)

The above price is the actual price paid

The red letter part in this set of desktops will not be replaced later (unless it is broken), and the remaining parts are more or less replaced, and will be "replaced" slowly once conditions permit. I'm a "visual" animal, so a lot of products cost a lot more to look good.

Every category of product will be mentioned, and I hope my thinking can give you a little inspiration.

The table in the cover picture is my second table. The first table is a finger-jointed solid wood table that I bought on Taobao for 225 yuan during my internship in 19 years.

The table on the cover is the second table I bought. It is almost the cheapest solid wood table I can buy on Taobao. I am not very satisfied after it arrives, because before placing the order, I repeatedly emphasized that if it does not meet the effect of the details page, it will not be shipped. , the seller said no problem, in fact, whether it is the edge grinding or the board is not satisfactory, but there is no way to return it, so it can be used flexibly. If you know in advance, you may add money to replace it with cherry wood or beech wood.

But one thing to say, if you don’t have any requirements for wood, don’t care much about details, or just use it temporarily like me, it’s still a good deal to buy a solid wood table at a price of more than 400. In the future, if you don’t want Xianyu, you can sell it for 300 or nothing. The problem, (my first table has been used for more than two years, I bought it for 224 yuan and sold it for 130 yuan)

first table

My third table must be an electric lift table. Changing the table means that I already own my own house. Otherwise, it is impossible to change it in the place where I live now. Functionality, lifespan, and aesthetics meet the requirements of the decision. This is the one before there is no better one. Because the life of the table is very long, it is worth spending four or five thousand, not to mention that as related accessories become more and more comprehensive. There are many additional effects.


The first mechanical keyboard I bought was ikbc. At that time, I knew about the brand of Cherry, but I didn’t know much about it. I searched for “Cherry Mechanical Keyboard” on JD.com and found this brand. Later, I found out that it uses a cherry switch, so there is Cherry. Keyword: At that time, it was ikbc’s W210 all-black tea switch with 108 keys. I bought it in April 2020 for 449 yuan, and now it’s about 359 yuan. It’s still in use, but it was sent for repair once during the period. Relevant (a small amount of water in the wrung wet towel has entered the inside of the keyboard, causing some keys to malfunction)

User experience: The workmanship is not fine enough (Virgo obsessive-compulsive disorder), and there is no problem in the experience. I am not satisfied with the typing experience of veterans. At that time, I bought the tea switch because I used it in the office, and the rebound was almost meaningless.

The keyboard I am using now is also of the same brand, the same model W210 Time Gray, the order was placed on JD.com on May 25 this year, student discount, 343 yuan in hand,

I decided to change it because I am a person who likes novelty. Some keys on the keyboard have been coated. There are no special black keycaps that can be replaced, and better keycaps can buy a new keyboard. I think it does not match. Secondly Even the company needs a keyboard, so I replaced it with a relatively fresh one. Because I am currently living in a residence, I deliberately changed to a green switch keyboard. The overall experience is similar to the previous one. The improvement is mainly the improvement of the switch body and appearance, and the rest is similar.

At that time, I wanted to change to the IQUNIX brand, but the wallet was not big enough (in fact, the demand for this is not high, and I will consider changing it only after I have spare money.

【3】Mouse pad

This actually doesn’t cost much, but there is currently no “resistant” mat. The one I’m currently using is SkipperTech’s Kevlar 90x40 mat. Also OK. But I didn’t throw away the old mouse pad that I had used for several years, because I was afraid that it would lose its appearance. I live in an apartment and there is not much space, so I eat and so on in front of the computer desk, which leads to takeaway or some It takes a long time for the bowl to recover after eating it. I didn’t pay attention when I first got it. It really took a long time to recover, and it can’t be pressed, which will cause deformation, but ordinary pressure will slowly return to normal, so now it is this mouse. Put it on the bottom, put the old mouse pad on it, and take it off when you take pictures or some small products, otherwise it won’t take long, you don’t want it, and the texture of Kevlar will drop a lot.

If there is no need to eat, this mouse pad will not have these problems. In a word, these "dirty things" cannot coexist with it.


I have used several mouses. Before that, the longest one was a wired mouse from Shuangfeiyan. The quality is too good. After using it for several years, the keys are covered and still not broken. I really want to change it, too. Because of this reason, I still have a good impression of Shuangfeiyan, but it is too ugly. After changing the wireless, the good impression is gone, and the texture is gone. At that time, I also used Xiaomi’s wireless mouse, but I was not satisfied. I bought the first one. The Logitech mouse was bought in November 2020, G304 from JD.com's second-hand spare parts warehouse for 141 yuan. Looks good! The game features are not high, the pure white is very simple, the size is not small, and it is also very comfortable for people with big hands. The only problem is that it can only connect to 2.4 and there is no Bluetooth. At that time, I knew the Logitech MX master series and was very tempted. But it was too expensive for me at the time. It was not until June 21 that I finally bought the master 3 home through the 618 event and spent 534 yuan.

The main reason for buying it was that my own computer was a MAC mini and I couldn’t carry it with me, and sometimes I needed to take my notebook out. The G304 can only be connected to one device, and I often forgot to unplug the receiver. Now this can connect three devices, and now that the Mac mini is sold, I only use a Mac book pro when I go out. Sometimes I don’t even need to bring a docking station, just connect it directly via Bluetooth.

Secondly, some of its functions can indeed improve efficiency. The side wheel, and the infinite scroll wheel. The other buttons are not used much, mainly because other brands cannot enjoy this experience. deficit. And there is no need to consider the issue of replacement, because there is no better choice.


The one I am using now is the LG 27 UL I bought in October 2020650

At that time, I looked at many brands and models, tried ViewSonic and BenQ, and finally chose this one. Because the most important thing is the display, and then it doesn’t look ugly, and other things are not important. Of course, I still bought BenQ regardless of the money, but at that time, there was a price difference of more than 1,000 yuan. 2,500 yuan is still very tempting, and now you can get it for less than 2,000 yuan.

LG 27 UL650 experience:

There are two mdmi and one dp interface, no pd interface, and does not support monitor audio (can be adjusted in the monitor settings, but there is no sound)

The display effect, I will not talk about those data, the saturation is not good, the display is OK; the color temperature is adjustable, and there are multiple modes to choose from. There is no Apple mode, but it can be fine-tuned. It will not be more than 2000 like aoc, not warm. It is greenish. ViewSonic tried two models with the same price at that time, and the clarity and color were almost meaningless.

But after changing the Mac book pro and looking at the mini led display, and then looking at this IPS display, I can feel the obvious difference. I want to buy a mini LED display, haha ​​? But the price of 4K is basically more than 5,000, no matter how high the requirements are Go straight to 7 or 8 thousand at one o'clock.

But one thing to say, don't use the two monitors together, this difference is quickly adapted, and the other difference is that you really don't want it.

Supplement: LG monitors had stroboscopic flickering in June and August this year, just like a bad connection, but after a period of time, it got better again, as if it hadn’t happened before now, the cable is fine, and there is no bad contact.


Friends who are interested in playing table games or who are interested should know Mr. Beesir. This bracket was purchased from the Taobao store opened by him.

I also searched for several companies, and I was worried that it would be difficult to return if there was a defect, and some did not match the actual product, or the design was too ugly, so although it was a bit expensive, I still placed an order. The table is now 1.4 meters, from the perspective of matching It is more appropriate to match the length of 1 meter, but considering the need for a 1.6-meter desk in the future, I bought a length of 1.2 meters. The texture and details are still very good. If you like it, you can buy it directly if you can accept the price.

The colors are currently beech and walnut. I prefer light-colored logs. If you are interested in the situation of walnut, you can check the list in the product review area.

【7】Wireless Charger

This one is made by Netease Smart, tens of yuan, there is nothing to say, it is mainly for charging the earphones, so I didn’t buy too expensive ones

【8】Desktop speakers

Now I use Swans D1100

So far, apart from being ugly, there are no other problems. Originally, the audio engine A2+, Genelec G1 (a pair), and KEF Q150 were to be selected. Then Audio Engine went to a friend’s house for a trial listening, and decided to give up, because the effect is not as good as mine. The sound engine I use now is half a catty. If you change it, you will pay for it purely for its appearance, which is not worthwhile, so there is only Zhenli one to choose, and it can be done in one step. There is no better-looking one. KEF’s several white models It's nice, but not as good looking. So there is nothing to worry about after changing the desktop speakers.

Let’s talk about Huiwei’s situation:

The size is moderate, and it supports all the current audio link methods. Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time. To change the device, you need to disconnect the connected device. The connection speed is very fast, and it can be connected within 1 second. Then speaker volume and bass can be adjusted. I am currently satisfied with the loud sound. If it is the same size, it may be worth more than 2,000. Otherwise, the improvement will be useless. As for the ugliness, just bear it if you have no money for the time being! When you can only choose one of the two, practicality is more important. Even if you don’t need it at that time, you can still sell it at a 50% discount price, or use it as a TV speaker. After all, the volume is also very powerful. I live alone, and the sound insulation is good. The sound does not exceed 50%, no matter how big it is, it will disturb the people.

The shortcoming in use is that Bluetooth can only be dragged one by one; if it is a desktop or Mac mini device, you can plug in the 3.5mm interface, but if it is a notebook, you can only connect with Bluetooth (too troublesome to plug in and out each time) As a result, if the iPad needs to be connected, it has to be disconnected and switched, and the mobile phone will be disconnected after practice. Sometimes I lie on the bed and want to listen to music, and I have to get out of bed and disconnect the computer. I really can't find anything wrong with it, except for being ugly.

【9】Docking station

At present, there are three types of docking stations that are suitable for use in this scenario. The first is the integrated style, such as integration with heightened shelves, or wireless charging integration. The other is the traditional wire plus docking station. The last one is The Mac-specific form, that is, there is no wire, only a small strip, plus a protruding type-c interface, which is also what I am currently using.

I use Baseus, which has 2 USB ports, a TF card and SD card slot, and a Thunderbolt interface.

The main reason for choosing this one is that the personal needs are that except for the keyboard and mouse, USB is needed, and the rest of the scenes are not used. My mouse is also a Bluetooth link, so the two USB ports on the docking station are respectively plugged into the receivers of the two keyboards. (One is the keyboard at the company and the other is at home). Therefore, only the two scenarios of home/company need to use the docking station.

Currently used problem: Mac has two lightning ports on the left and one on the right. This docking station can only be plugged into the left side of the Mac, and it can only be plugged into the lower port. The protruding position of the interface is at 1/5 of the docking station. No matter which interface it is inserted in, the other interface will be blocked. Then, if the docking station is inserted on it, it will block the interface of the charger and cannot be plugged in.

If you insert the docking station on the right Thunderbolt interface, it will block the HDMI interface, so every time you put the computer under the table, if you need to insert the card to guide the data, you can make up the picture: I need to climb under the table, put the Insert the card reader or hard disk into the right interface of the computer. If you don’t want to drill, you must create a folder in advance, and then unplug the docking station to perform data transmission. In addition, I don’t know if it’s a bug or something. The lightning port of the docking station It is not available, and it cannot be recognized at all when it is plugged in. The experience of using other sd card and tf card slots is normal, and the speed problem is not a big problem.

【10】Screen Hanging Lamp

The display screen hanging lamp has been paid attention to for a long time, and there are few brands to choose from. Only in the past two years, some brands such as Xiaomi and Baseus have also entered this product, but they are not in the same line as BenQ. BenQ is still the best choice in this field. I bought it once in 2019, but I returned it later because there was no environment to match it. Although the experience is much better than that of a desk lamp, the environment does not allow it. It was not until the second half of 2020 that I bought it again on Double Twelve and have been using it until now.

There are currently three types of BenQ hanging lamps. When I bought it, the latest wireless version had not yet been released; the latest model mainly solved two problems.

Question 1: Change the controller of the hanging lamp from wired to wireless, completely wireless

Question 2: Add an LED light behind the counterweight of the hanging light. This solves the problem of no light behind the screen, because most of my friends will not turn on the main light when using it. Only the small light source in front of me is focused. But it is not friendly to the eyes. Many people don't understand why those table bloggers mainly use background lights, not just for the sake of looking good.

How do I solve these two problems?

The improvement of the wireless controller is not just needed for me, and the new model does not completely solve this problem, because of battery life, and surface mirroring (more difficult to keep clean)

For the background light, I changed the position of a long cep desk lamp I bought in July 2019 to the back of the screen, with the light source facing upwards, which can just solve the problem of the background light

This light is really recommended. It has been with me for more than three years. I bought the 9w3 section version. I bought it for 169 at the time, but now it only costs 139 yuan.

I bought it because I was just an intern at that time, and I lived in the project department. In my room, there was only a light switch at the entrance. It was very inconvenient to use the light at night. This light has a remote control (its remote control is not ugly. , the appearance is not bad) the price is right, the color is also versatile, so I bought it. After that, I was no longer in the project department, and it has been used as an atmosphere light. Now I live alone at home and use it at night.

Let’s talk about its functions again: cold and warm color temperature stepless dimming, brightness stepless dimming, plus one-button switching of several default scenes, dual control of the lamp body and remote control, whichever is more convenient to use. What's more, the way it is fixed is also very space-saving. If it can't be fixed, it can be placed anywhere on the table.

11. Monitor stand

I bought the bracket in November 2020. The brand is North Arc. I don’t recommend you to buy this one. Although the price won’t be 170.99 yuan, I recommend that you do it in one step. It’s better to buy it. If you really don’t need it, If you don't want to spend money, you can also look at other models of the same brand.

The monitor stand is very resistant to construction. If your monitor is broken, it may still be the same as the new one. It is not a problem for me to use this stand for another ten or eight years, but the biggest problem is that it is not smooth and there is a lot of room for shaking at the connection with the monitor. It feels like putting a pair of chopsticks into the chopstick barrel, and it is still very loose. It takes a little time to level it each time, and then I will not touch it if I can.

Then the rotation is not smooth enough, and the height of the base is low. Many brackets have this problem. Too low is not friendly to friends who place the desktop on an elevated shelf, because the cantilever under the bracket cannot move, otherwise the bracket will be pushed against come out.

Sooner or later in the future, I will still replace it with this one from Egger. Although the price is much higher, it is around 800, not much money.

In fact, if you have higher requirements for your items, such as not only being practical but also beautiful, you are destined to spend more on design and appearance. Like this kind of not very expensive (expensive here refers to only a few thousand yuan or tens of thousands at the top) just-needed items (items that will be bought sooner or later) directly in one step will save money and energy.

12. Macbook pro

Just a brief mention here. There will be a special article in the follow-up. My feeling after buying it: non-video editing users and light editing (the video file material is not large, and the time is not long). Buying a 16-inch low-profile 16g+1tb is more than enough, and there is a video demand. Dependent, 32+1tb (the price difference is not much), if the requirements are higher, then it is more economical to buy a low configuration plus studio, and the low configuration is enough for going out.

personal opinion:

1. If you have certain requirements for your desktop or items, I suggest that you can do it in one step, which will save money, time and energy; and even if you sell it, you can buy it at a good price, and the life of a good thing It is also longer and the buying experience is better, and it is actually cheaper than buying a cheap one when you look back.

2. If there is an item that you want to buy sooner or later, then buy it as soon as the economy allows.

3. Don’t pursue the best, just enough is enough. My principle is; buy the lowest price when the requirements are met.

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