My mouse, my new expression of mood! A high-value mouse with replaceable keycaps, Luofei Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse unpacking and trial experience sharing!

We can customize our own keyboard as we like, making it the expression of our thoughts and emotions. However, friends, have you ever imagined that today your mouse can still be customized according to your preferences, it is no longer a static mouse, but an elf who has learned personalized expression through replaceable keycaps! It is the new mouse from Luofei, Xiao Qiao! However, before introducing the Xiaoqiao mouse, let me recommend its keyboard of the same series. It is unique and takes into account the beauty of retro and fashion design, and it also stands out among many mechanical keyboards!

We have heard about Luofei, a brand known for its unique designs. When I first came into contact with this small mouse, I also felt its unique design.

When I saw Xiaoqiao for the first time, the deepest impression it gave me was the age-like buttons. It's like the feeling of the hardcore industrial style of the early mouse, with two large and square buttons, an ancient scroll wheel and a close-fitting box frame. There is only an OLED display screen and fine digital display, telling us that it is just wearing "old clothes", simple but not rigid.

The tofu color allows Xiaoqiao to blend into the home without any violation, and it brings us a warm feeling. It can calm our impetuous mind gradually.

When we gently put our hands on it, we will suddenly find that although retro makes it look very hard, but in the place where it fits the palm and fingertips, it has made an ergonomic design that is hard to detect, whether it is Grip or tummy grip, it feels great!

One of the biggest features of Xiao Qiao is that it can replace the left and right keys with a key puller just like a customized keyboard. For example, if we are interested in the mysterious ancient Egypt, we can replace it with our favorite style. The replacement is very simple, just like replacing the keycaps of a mechanical keyboard, it is not difficult to get started, but it will make your personality immediately public.

Although the focus is on appearance, Xiaoqiao's core is still very hard! It is below the right mouse button and is equipped with a multi-function display screen. Not only can we see the working status of the mouse, but also can intuitively adjust the DPI of the mouse through the buttons below it.

Xiaoqiao is equipped with a 3805 sensor (same level as the Logitech Master series), with a high precision of 4000DPI, which can provide us with accurate motion feedback when used on a variety of surfaces. Even on the glass surface, it can be silky smooth, which is something we rarely experience with other types of mice. As we can see from its large Teflon foot stickers, its operation feel is bound to be great!

Xiaoqiao mouse supports three connection modes: Bluetooth, 2.4G, and wired, and can connect up to four devices. We can switch through the buttons on the back of the mouse. Its wireless mode connection is not only fast but also stable, which is excellent!

Without a grim appearance, the packaging of Luofei Xiaoqiao looks more like a "perfume", only the sketch on the cover reminds us that it is a mouse.

On the back of the package, there are simple parameters of the mouse.

The above is a family portrait, including the data cable, 2.4G receiver, mouse body, warranty card, manual and other paper materials.

The main body of Xiaoqiao is a warm tofu color, and the contact surface is made of PBT material with a better hand feeling. Its OLED display screen is located in the center to the right, and a DPI adjustment button is located below it.

On the left side of it is LOFFEE's LOGO and two buttons for forward and backward.

On the right side is a line of words such as "TOUCH" and "CONNECT OUR MIND WITH EVERY TOUCH", which are quite literary, and the upper side is a TYPE-C interface.

On the back of the mouse are sensors, mode switching buttons and a 2.4G receiver that can be stored magnetically, and Designed by Loffee is on the side.

Use a key puller to gently pull out the keycap, and we can see Luo Fei's intentions. It not only designed a structure similar to the "satellite shaft" for the large key, but also marked LR on the top of the micro-movement and the inside of the keycap.

In addition, this time with the mouse, there is also a "Pharaoh's Gold Parade" keycap cover with a key puller inside.

Let's also let Xiaoqiao do a one-second cross-dressing!

Being able to customize the buttons as you like may usher in an era of mouse customization. According to Luofei's practice, we should also see more different styles of keycaps and mice with various colors in the follow-up. As far as this experience is concerned, Xiaoqiao can not only change clothes at will, but also has very powerful performance. Especially the setting of the display screen greatly facilitates our adjustment of DPI. All in all, this is an excellent personalized mouse that is worth a try!

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