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My White Moonlight MX Keys mini

The MX mini that I have been thinking about day and night is finally available. Her charming color and graceful body are indeed the white moonlight in my heart.

I have been clicking on the mini lady before, but it has been hovering around 600, and the force (jiaage) is firm, making it impossible (meiqian) to start. In the morning, I swiped my aunt, and suddenly saw the price of 499. I was shocked and couldn't help but want to start. Seeing a brother's comment that you can redeem the coupon for another -30, I rushed straight away without hesitation.

There are flowers that can be folded straight, don't wait for the flowers to fall and break the branches

I am half a keyboard collector. I bought many mechanical keyboards and sold them out one after another. Overseas Amoy’s Japanese version of the giant hard ergonomic keyboard is the longest keyboard in the market at present. It is really a very comfortable keyboard.

The ancients said: There are wild flowers in the home flowers . The huge hard keyboard comes with a wrist rest, but it really takes up too much space. The table provided by the company can't fit it. Comparing the size of the two, it can be seen

Bai Yueguang and the eldest wife

Let's have a family portrait first

family bucket

The box is a bit old, and it feels like it was targeted by second-hand stuff, but the keyboard is still relatively new, so bear with it for her body

The main body in the box: keyboard, charging cable and useless small pieces of paper

I have been using anywhere3, and I am also a macho fan. I have always had a good impression of Logitech’s peripherals.

a pair

Just used it, the key travel is good, much better than the Apple keyboard

The shortcut keys on the keyboard are complete, and can also be replaced by software, which won my heart

It can be replaced, okay?

many choices

To be honest, because I just switched from Juhard, I still feel a little uncomfortable. Microsoft's keyboard is really comfortable.


Small footprint (my main reason for choosing)

Comfortable key travel, no illusion of knocking on the floor

Shortcut keys can be replaced, good

The scalability and playability of Logitech Family Bucket


In terms of comfort, it is a bit worse than Microsoft's, and it needs to be run-in and run-in

Double 11 is coming soon, if you feel the need, you can rush

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