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Neo's Pragmatic Peripherals Guide Article 118: The strongest within 500? "Whirlwind axis" blessing, full playability - skyloong GK75 three-mode mechanical keyboard

Hello everyone! I am Young Master Shen! When I posted on my desktop not long ago, many friends were interested in this new keyboard. While having a good appearance, the knob in the upper right corner is also very eye-catching. But this GK75 three-mode mechanical keyboard from skyloong is indeed very interesting. In particular, the high-end player version of plastic case stacking that I use, the kit is 399, and the price of the finished product is only 489 yuan. With high playability and excellent detail control, I personally think it is very "rolling". Specifically, let's talk about it in detail.

First of all, the factory configuration of this keyboard is very easy to use. I chose the glacier mechanical silver switch, which is quick to trigger, feels good, and is quiet. With skyloong's signature Lite Gasket three-dimensional noise-cancelling cushion, the keyboard has a moderate rebound feeling, which not only has a soft and comfortable feedback, but also does not cause a loose feeling because it is too soft.

The OEM two-color keycap adopts PBT technology, which is relatively strong in oil resistance and long-term use. The font printing is also beautiful and elegant. Unlike some entry-level products that still use some old-fashioned fonts, the aesthetics and printing quality of this font are very satisfactory.

The workmanship is also very good, the incision is neat and round, there is no nozzle for cutting hands, and the printing quality on the inside of the keycap is also very good.

This keyboard is also very playable. In the accessories that come with it, there is a set of "whirlwind shaft" knob modules. To put it simply, this function allows us to replace the shafts of several specific keys on the keyboard and turn them into knobs, and customize the corresponding knob functions in the driver software.

In this way, if you need multiple knobs, or are not satisfied with the default position of the knob in the upper left corner, you can adjust it according to your needs, which is convenient and practical.

In addition, the split space module in the customized keyboard has also been added to this keyboard. Only need to replace the attached module, you can change the default long space module into 3 separate keys. This can not only increase the function, but also solve the cavity sound of the long space satellite axis in one fell swoop.

In addition, the keyboard also provides a very rich replacement keycaps.

For example, I am not satisfied with the 3 function keys on the right side that come with it. If I want to change to PgUp and PgDn, which are more convenient for daily text input, then I only need to find these 2 keycaps.

Remove the original keycap with the built-in key and shaft two-in-one tool.

Then make a gesture to replace the height of the keycap, and then install it back.

Then use the wired connection method to open the driver software of the keycap on the driver software of the computer, select these 3 buttons, and then customize the function of my newly replaced keycap. Then select "Save", and then "Apply" to the keyboard and it's OK.

So if you are dissatisfied with the key position of the existing keyboard, but also suffer from the fact that there is no suitable keyboard for you on the market? Then the ultra-high degree of customizability of this GK75 is very suitable.

On the back of the keyboard, there are 2 mode switching keys. One is to choose the connection method, including USB wired connection, BT Bluetooth wireless connection, and 2.4GHz wireless connection. It is worth noting that skyloong chose Nordic’s wireless solution this time. Like the flagship models of Logitech and Razer, it performed well in terms of stability and delay of wireless connections. Another switching key is to switch between Win and Max systems, which is also very convenient.

The built-in 4000mAh battery, the built-in RGB lighting effect, including the interesting stepped Esc key that can assist touch typing positioning, also let us continue to feel the intentions of this keyboard.

In general, skyloong's GK75 is a three-mode mechanical keyboard that is very geeky at the same price on the market, and it also takes into account mainstream users' ready-to-use three-mode mechanical keyboard, which is very cost-effective.

In addition to the one I use, there is also a plastic case youth version. This wired model is equipped with a customized 3rd generation light switch. At a price of 299 yuan, it is very suitable for entry-level users and gamers who only use the wired mode.

In addition, I saw the introduction, and there will be an aluminum alloy high-end version in the future, which is suitable for keyboard players and friends who have sufficient budget and care about texture.

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