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Neo's Pragmatic Peripherals Guide Part 69: My keyboard can "shift gears"! Shuangfeiyan Bloody Hand Ghost 3 Players 3 Variable Speed ​​Optical Axis Mechanical Keyboard T98

Hello everyone! I am Young Master Shen! As a keyboard player, if there are novel and interesting products on the market, I will try my best to test them as soon as possible. What I brought today is a very special gaming mechanical keyboard, Shuangfeiyan's "Blood Hand Ghost 3 Player 3 Variable Speed ​​Optical Axis Mechanical Keyboard T98", I have to say that the name of this model is really a bit long. The biggest highlight is naturally the adoption of the LT variable speed optical axis, which realizes the effect of one button and three speed changes. Let's take a look at the details together!

First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance of this keyboard. Personally, I feel pretty good. The overall 98-key design can take into account the compact shape and comprehensive key functions.

The workmanship and materials used in the details are also quite good. The keycaps and the keyboard shell have been finely chamfered, which feels good in daily use. In the lower left corner, there is also the recognizable logo of Shuangfeiyan Bloody Hand Ghost series and the slogan of BLOODY ONLY FOR GAMES.

The overall design of the keyboard is very integrated, and the most eye-catching thing is the red "LT" key. Let's talk about it later.

The interface on the back uses a Type-C interface, and there are three-way cable management slots. In this way, everyone can choose the most suitable wiring method according to the layout of their own desktop, which is very useful.

In addition to its own ergonomic tilt angle, there are also 2 sections of feet to choose from. It should be said that this keyboard provides us with a lot of space in terms of placement.

Let’s take a look at the keyboard accessories. First, there are 25 game-oriented PBT keycaps, OEM height.

Because it adopts the sublimation process, it not only has a delicate feel, but also is not easy to oil.

In addition, there are 3 switches and a key puller, so that you can feel the details of this special switch, and replace the keycaps by yourself to create a personalized keyboard.

Of course, the most anticipated thing about this keyboard is the actual experience. First of all, this 3-speed trigger stroke is really magical and easy to use. The three different gears can be distinguished by the color of the keycap backlight, which is very intuitive. For example, when I play games, I will switch to red, that is, to trigger the super fast 1.0mm stroke. In CSGO and other competitive games, the continuous jump, emergency stop, and strafing transfer are all more handy. No matter how I operate the keyboard, I will respond.

At the same time, for the relative operation of writing code, which is relatively fast, but not as extreme as playing FPS games, I can easily use the middle gear, that is, the yellow light. With a trigger stroke of 1.5mm, it is still faster than the common standard 2.0mm stroke, and you can record it immediately when inspiration comes.

As for daily surfing, chatting, etc., just use the standard gear, and the 2.0mm stroke of the blue light is enough.

In addition to being able to switch freely between the three gears, Shuangfeiyan Bloody Hand Ghost specially made this "LT" button, which is very convenient to easily switch with one button.

It is indeed very convenient and intuitive to cooperate with the prompt of the keyboard backlight just mentioned.

At the same time, this keyboard is relatively small and compact among the full keyboards. When the light is good, the color is that kind of grass green, very fresh.

In low light, it is a darker green color, and it has a "combat sense" when playing games with the backlight. Thanks to the 98-key design, the number lock, caps lock, and game mode indicators are not reduced, so it is quite convenient to use.

Seeing this, there must be many friends who are very interested in this magical LT optical axis with 3-speed trigger travel.

The other principle of this shaft is to define the position of the trigger point and reset point through 3 gears, and then use the curve change of the trigger pressure of the shaft itself to create 3 different operating feel. It also achieves the goal of being able to switch directly and quickly between the 3 kinds of feel without changing the axis of a keyboard.

In addition, the stability of the shaft body itself is also good, and it is still a light-transmitting design, which is indeed very interesting.

In addition to its own variable trigger stroke, this keyboard's shaft body has another feature, that is, the reset is almost at the same point. For our use, the combo speed is super fast. In CSGO, the quick gun or props can be cut. Very smooth and feels full in the hand. This is why it is said that this keyboard is especially suitable for hardcore gamers, and it really fully exploits our operating level.

At the same time, in terms of the specific feel, I personally feel that this switch body belongs to the mechanical feel of the red switch + the smoothness and quietness of the pink switch. It is quieter than most mechanical keyboards, and it is not easy to disturb the surroundings. It is also very suitable for people who write code quietly at night alone.

In addition, due to the use of a very stable shaft core, the swing angle is small and the deflection angle is only 0.5°. Moreover, the shaft body has a life of 100 million keystrokes, which is very durable.

In addition, there is a sound-absorbing material inside, which further reduces the noise. It is equipped with splash-proof water, all keys without punching, Windows lock, and multimedia shortcut keys. These special functions can be said to be not only suitable for playing games, but also a very versatile mechanical keyboard. .

If there is room for improvement, I decided that the lighting effect of the keyboard can be more varied. For example, after the LT key switches modes, the current working status can be prompted through a monochrome backlight, and then it can be replaced with a mixed light or RGB marquee light. The effect is to give players more choices. In addition, it would be even better if the function of wireless connection can be added in the future.

Generally speaking, the keyboard of Shuangfeiyan Bloody Hand Ghost is really interesting, and the 3-position adjustable gameplay brought by the LT optical axis is also eye-catching, and it is really easy to use. Coupled with its good feel, key experience, and compact full keyboard design with 98 keys, it is a mechanical keyboard with excellent gaming experience and quite versatile. In terms of specific choices, mine is a pixel green color scheme, which is very beautiful.

If you like a more cool style, there is also a pixel gray color option, and the functions are also rich, and it is worth starting.

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